Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 151: I Broke My Skirt by Accident.

Gu Jinyan was an eyesore.

Sean just thought the smile on Gu Jinyan’s face was too brilliant!

Gu Jinyan knew what kind of person Amber was. In this way, he can still laugh?!

As Sean’s lips were pressed, Amber put her broken hair behind her ear and said in a low voice, “there were signs of relapse just now, but now it seems that the fever has gradually subsided. After dawn, if there will be no accident, Cindy should be fine. “

Although Amber was uncertain, it was almost right.

Amber, knowing medicine, dared to give birth to her baby by caesarean section in the Smith family’s bedroom three years ago.

Gu Jinyan took a look at the bed and saw that Cindy’s face was not so pale. Then he smiled.

He turned his head and just wanted to talk, but he saw the broken skirt on Amber.

He was stunned for a moment. The smile on his face brightened and he looked at Sean.

“Sean, you’re too impulsive. You’ve torn my sister-in-law’s skirt by accident.”

As soon as Gu Jinyan finished, Sean’s face suddenly turned terrible, and there was also a flash of guilt in his eyes.

However, Amber, with a thin pink face, explained for Sean: “it has nothing to do with Sean. I should have broken it by myself. It’s rude.”

Gu Jinyan said a meaningful word. “Oh”.

He didn’t miss the guilty in Sean’s eyes.

He didn’t believe Amber’s skirt had nothing to do with Sean!

Amber’s daughter was still sick. Sean was really a beast. If he got impulsive, he learned to do in any situations!

Gu Jinyan’s eyes have always been on Sean.

Tired of being seen, Sean frowned and the marks between his brows were deep, showing his strong anger.

“What are you looking at? Don’t go home so late? Or you want to stay in the hospital, and plan to sleep with me and Amber? “

Gu Jinyan,”…”

Sean gave Amber a vicious look.

Amber still blushed and Sean’s eyes were deep.

What was Amber’s expression?!

Was she going to let Gu Jinyan stay here to watch play?!

His embarrassment was so easy to see?!

Before Sean could get angry, he suddenly saw Gu Jinyan pointing to Amber’s skirt.

He was especially familiar with that posture.

Something flashed through Sean’s mind.

Sean suddenly remembered Lu Yi touching Amber’s leg when he entered the door…

His narrowed his eyes. So he misunderstood them just now?

Sean licked the corner of his lips, and this idea was rejected by Sean himself!

There was ambiguous feeling between Amber and Lu Yi, even if it was his mistake this time!

Could he have been wrong again and again?

Sean looked at other side. He was in a bad mood.

What he said just now was too ambiguous. Amber’s eyes darkened. She lowered her head and held back the emotion on her face and said in a low voice:

“Sean, even if you can’t trust me, you should trust Mr. Gu!”

Sean chuckled. Amber was a little self-conscious and knew that her credibility here was not high!

He didn’t say any more and glanced at Gu Jinyan who didn’t intend to leave.

The teasing in Gu Jinyan’s eyes was so deep that he seemed to continue to watch the play.

Sean’s eyes flashed, and he raised up his eyebrows. “What are you doing? Waiting for me to see you off? “

Gu Jinyan sat on the single sofa and smiled with slight provocation.

“Sean, don’t you know what it’s easier to invite God than to send God away?”

Disturbing his dream, Sean still wanted to have a good sleep with his wife and child?

Sorry, in this world, there was not a so good thing!

Gu Jinyan reached out and took up the magazine on the table. He turned two pages. He seemed to be interested in it.

Sean knew clearly what kind of person Gu Jinyan was.

Sean glanced at Amber’s skirt. His face turned cold.

Gu Jinyan was too dangerous!

Amber had Man Man’s watch. If Gu Jinyan said something that shouldn’t be known by Amber…

Such as the skirt. It was so shameless.

Sean sneered and said, “OK, you must stay!”

Sean strode to the table, took Amber’s mobile phone and sent several messages.

After a series of actions, Sean glanced at Gu Jinyan and gave a gloomy smile.

Gu Jinyan’s shoulder shook for a moment, and a bad premonition flashed in his heart!

About half an hour later, when Amber was drowsy, the door of the ward was knocked from outside.

Amber woke up.

It so late. Who was it? She can’t bear another Lu Jinyan or Song Jinyan and so on!

Sean, who was lying on his side in the hospital bed, said, “come in!”

The door of the ward was pushed open from the outside. The visitor was wearing a chiffon long skirt, beautiful and graceful. It was Lu Xiangxiang

“Xiangxiang, why are you here at this time?”

Hearing Amber’s words, Gu Jinyan’s face suddenly changed, and his face was cold and heavy.

As soon as Lu Xiangxiang entering the door, she glanced at Gu Jinyan on the sofa, and then looked at Amber again.

She strode to the bedside and took a look at Cindy.

The girl didn’t sleep well and looked bad.

Lu Xiangxiang’s face sank: “Amber, you don’t tell me that Cindy is ill! I’m not your friend?”

“It’s not a big problem. It’s just that she ate something cold and had a stomach. She is so young. Don’t make a little thing become bigger!”

Referring to Cindy, Amber’s face softened a bit. She held a paper towel and wiped the forehead for Cindy. She turned her head and looked at Lu Xiangxiang.

“Even if you know it, you shouldn’t come here at this time! It is a daybreak soon.”

Lu Xiangxiang stood up and turned to see Gu Jinyan.

Her voice was cool and playful.

“Someone has asked me for help, saying that Mr. Gu is playing cards with you and Mr. Smith in the hospital!”


Gu Jinyan’s face turned bad.

In addition to Amber and Sean, Gu Jinyan was the only one left in the ward. Lu Xiangxiang was obviously satirizing him!

He looked at Sean who was on the bed subconsciously.

Sean had a cold smile on his face.

Obviously, it was Sean who asked for Lu Xiangxiang’s help!

Gu Jinyan licked his lips and laughed.

“At least I am play cards with Sean and his wife. We are all acquaintances! But, Miss Lu don’t sleep in the middle of the night and run to man’s room. Even if you want to play cards, you don’t have enough people.”

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