Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 153: Feng Chen

At the gate of the hospital, there was only Lu Xiangxiang left.

At four o’clock in the morning, there was almost no one on the street. The lights were bright and had a delicate halos.

The lights were on Lu Xiangxiang’s heart. In this hot and dry night, her heart was particularly cold.

Tears fell from the eyes and the heart was ache.

There was no taxi on the road. Lu Xiangxiang wore a pair of high-heeled shoes and waited for a taxi by the green belt.

She bit her lip and the night wind was getting hotter.

Lu Xiangxiang’s brain was in a blank. She was staring at the other side of the road. She didn’t find a car stopping in front of her.

Feng Chen cleared his throat. Hearing the sound, Lu Xiangxiang reacted and took a look at the person in the car.

She reached out and wiped the tears on her face: “Mr. Feng?”

Feng Chen pressed the painful forehead, and narrowed his eyes. This subtle action showed his mysterious atmosphere.


“So coincidentally. I can meet Secretary Lu even if I go to hospital?”

Lu Xiangxiang licked her lips and winked. Her mood was somewhat complicated.

She was called by Sean to help, and argued with Gu Jinyan just now because of Feng Chen.

It was a coincidence?

But Feng Chen was her boss. Lu Xiangxiang pressed her lips and said,

“My friend’s daughter is in hospital, so I come here. Mr. Feng have a stomachache again?”

Feng Chen did not answer.

In his opinion, what Lu Xiangxiang asked was all nonsense.

He raised his chin to shotgun, and the expression on Feng Chen’s face was meaningful.

“Get into the car and I send you back.”

“No need…”

“I don’t want to say it again!”

Feng Chen interrupted Lu Xiangxiang. She stopped for a moment.

The jerk Feng has always been domineering. She was disturbed by Feng Chen, and her sadness almost disappeared.

It was already four o’clock in the morning. Lu Xiangxiang didn’t think she can take a taxi and then she didn’t refuse.

Gu Jinyan strode to the parking lot of the hospital, drove the car, and directly stepped on the accelerator to the bottom. He drove fast in the quiet street at night.

He frowned and the color of his lips was light.

If it was not for the angle of his lips, his anger would not be able to be seen.

The smoke gray Bentley ran quickly on the road. At the next second, the sharp sound of the brake sounded.

Gu Jinyan licked his lip, hit the steering wheel heavily, turned and drove towards the hospital.

As soon as he got to the hospital gate, Gu Jinyan turned around and looked at the roadside. There was a beautiful Lamborghini super run car stopped next to the green belt.

Gu Jinyan frowned.

Few people can get this car. At this time point, it can be driven.

What attracted Gu Jinyan’s attention was the woman bending over to get into the car. She wore a white skirt, which can show the outline of her body.

It was Lu Xiangxiang.

When she opened the door and got into the car, Gu Jinyan looked at the driver’s seat.

With the lights on in the car, Gu Jinyan can see clearly enough it was Feng Chen’s handsome face.

Gu Jinyan tightened the hands holding the steering wheel, and there was a trace of cold in his eyes.

And the cars passed, Feng Chen seemed to feel Gu Jinyan’s eyes. He turned his head and found Gu Jinyan.

Feng Chen raised up his eyebrows and a trace of provocation leaked out.

Gu Jinyan stepped on the brake and parked the car on the side of the road. His handsome face was covered by the night.

After Gu Jinyan left, Amber licked the corner of her lips.

The atmosphere in the ward was a little awkward because she had driven Sean out before.

But the person who was on the hospital bed changed his posture and went to the bathroom.

When Sean came out of the bathroom, he glanced at the door of the ward.

As Gu Jinyan left, the door was not closed. After all, it was at night. Sean did not want to share his privacy with strangers, so he got up neatly.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Sean saw Lu Yi sitting on the bench of the hospital.

Sean raised up his eyebrows.

When he woke up, he sat in that position. If there was a light in the room, he could see the whole ward.

In the middle of the night, director Lu did not go home to sleep, but stayed outside of Mrs. Smith’s ward.

He was really a good cousin of Sean.

Sean frowned and closed the door.

Turning back, Sean lay down on the bed against Cindy. His movements were very big, and his hair were slightly disordered.

Sean hooked his finger at Amber: “come here. Go to bed.”

This sentence was very ambiguous. Amber’s eyelids jumped and she stood still.

“No, I’m not tired. Mr. Smith should have a good rest.”

Sean sneered, “have a good rest? Director Qin don’t come to sleep because you want me to take care of your daughter? “

“And then director Qin is going to go out and be close to my cousin?”

Amber was a woman who had no other skills but she can seduce men.

Even his clever cousin was fascinated by Amber.

He the husband was still in the ward. Lu Yi stayed in the hospital corridor.

Amber must attract Lu Yi deeply!

“Mr. Smith, don’t you think people are too dirty in your mind?”

Amber frowned and stared at Sean.

Sean’s eyebrows pressed down and the anger appeared on his face

“If you want me to have a pure mind, director Qin and director Lu should do something pure!”

“Smith family is a big family. Every action of Mrs. Smith affects Smith group’s stock market! You can’t be shameless, can you, Mrs. Smith? “

Mrs. Smith two words were stressed by by Sean. It was meaningful!

Amber was silent. Sean reached out and patted the empty position on his side. The meaning was obvious.

Amber pressed her lips and took two steps towards Sean.

Amber looked at the position which Sean pointed at. Once she lay down, her body touched Sean.

If they were normal husband and wife, it was OK. but after three years of marriage, let alone intimate actions, even if they met, they also looked like strangers.

Amber’s lips moved: “Mr. Smith, I want to sleep inside, next to Cindy. It is convenient to take care of her!”

Sean didn’t move. He didn’t mean to give a place to Amber.

“Mr. Smith?”

Sean opened his eyes and glanced at his side.

“The room is too small. You want me to sleep there?”Sean pressed his lips “Sorry, I’m afraid I’ll fall off in the middle of the night.”

“The bed is so small. Mrs. Smith know that my family’s bed is more than three times the size of this bed!”

The big bed on the third floor of the old house flashed in Amber’s mind quickly.

Amber,”… There’s a hotel next to the hospital. Mr. Smith don’t have to be so aggrieved to sleep with us! “

Sean was stunned

She still wanted to drive him away. Was Amber trying to let him give room for her and the one outside?

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