Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 154: Sean, I Won’t Love You Again.

Amber really thought he liked to be cuckolded?!

He sneered and said, “I got the room, and director Qin want to drive me away for the second time?”

“Why, do you want me to make room for you and director Lu to have sex?”

The pupil of Amber shrank violently.

“Mr. Smith, you can humiliate me! Why do you humiliate another innocent person every time?”

Amber has been hurt by Sean many times. Naturally, she wouldn’t think that Sean was jealous!

Sean was unhappy.

He just said Lu Yi, but Amber couldn’t help but refute. She dared to say that she and Lu Yi were innocent?

Sean touched his head, and his face was more worse.

“Since you are innocent, don’t you come here?”

Amber frowned. It seemed that if she was not sleeping in bed, she had something to do with Lu Yi!

Sean moved in. Amber hesitated and had to lie down beside him.

The lights in the ward were not turned off, and Sean smiled and leaned sideways.

Amber lay beside him, motionless, like a sculpture.

Sean looked at Lu Yi who was outside the ward. His arm moved. He put his hand above Amber’s body and put it behind her.

This gesture was particularly intimate, which closed the distance between the two people. The light fragrance of Amber filled Sean’s nose in an instant. His eyes were deep and he suddenly laughed.

Amber didn’t expect Sean’s sudden approach, and her body became stiff, especially when Sean’s hand was placed so close to her. Amber didn’t know what he wanted to do.

It seemed she was in his arms. She can smell the breath of Sean!


Lu Yi sat for a few minutes, stood up and left the hospital in a gloomy mood.

Sean looked coldly, smiling sarcastically, closing his eyes and breathing evenly.

Amber, who had not been intimate with Sean for many years, suddenly got so close to him that she felt a little flustered and couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t sleep at all.

After being awake, Amber counted the sheep with her eyes closed.

She heard the movement, and opened her eyes subconsciously.

Cindy had a fever. It should be time for her to sweat. Amber was worried that Cindy would kick the quilt because of the heat.

She raised her body slightly, looked at Cindy and frowned.

Sean’s breathing was slow, and he was obviously asleep soundly.

It was obviously impossible for him to reach out and help Cindy cover up the quilt.

After all, Sean has made it clear more than once that he didn’t want or was willing to help her take care of Cindy.

Amber raised up her body finally. There was Sean between her and Cindy.

She leaned over, over Sean’s body.

As soon as Amber had finished covering up Cindy with the quilt, she was suddenly dragged down. After a while, she fell on the hard chest of Sean.

She was dizzy, and Amber blinked.

The hormone breath of a man filled Amber’s breath instantly. Being stimulated by this breath, Amber struggled subconsciously. However, Sean was a little strong, and she can’t get free.

Amber was a little confused. She huddled in front of Sean’s chest and listened to the strong heartbeat of this man. Her heart rate was disordered for a time.

She raised her head slightly, and looked at Sean’s chin.

It was just a silhouette, revealing Sean’s charm. Amber blinked and stopped struggling.

Sean’s eyelashes moved.

After dragging Amber into his arms, Sean had some regrets.

But he thought Amber moved at the night without sleeping. She must want to seduce him!

He was laughing at her in his heart. Next second, a touch of tenderness fell on his lips.

Sean was shocked and controlled the impulse of opening his eyes. His hands tightened.

He smelled Amber’s light fragrance. Her body was very soft and close to his body. Sean felt thirsty and hot for no reason.

The corners of his lips curled up, and his heart was filled with sarcasm.

Just now, Amber asked him to stay in the hotel nearby. She couldn’t control herself so quickly. Amber secretly kissed him when he was sleeping.

It was because of his charm or she can’t control herself!

Amber was a bit two-faced!

If he fell asleep, he would have missed the good play!

“This is the last time. Sean, I will not love you again.”

When Amber said, her heart trembled. Her voice was very peaceful. She didn’t feel excited. She didn’t cry. But Sean’s hands suddenly tightened.

Something seemed to be out of control.

Sean frowned.

Amber gave up so easily?

Didn’t she love him very much before?!

Sean sneered. Last Friday night, Amber was in a coma but she still called his name.

What was the trick this time?

She was playing hard to get?

She found out he wasn’t sleeping?

Amber was cunning enough to not miss every opportunity to show in front of him!

Sean was annoyed by the smell of Amber. Her breath was very light and had a subtle rose fragrance.

As soon as he got close to her, he was filled with fragrance and seemed to be able to be swallowed up.

Sean still closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. Then he pressed Amber under his body with a slight force!

He pressed the head of Amber with one hand and kissed heavily. At that moment, Amber opened her eyes.

Her mouth were open, and Sean was quick to attack. His breath was cold and he was overbearing.

Amber’s body trembled violently, and her fingertips even began to get cold. It was out of her expectation, and she even forgot struggling. She was pressed by Sean, and the kiss left her lips and fell on her neck.

The kiss was hot and gave Amber a sense of suffocation.

Sean smiled.

Didn’t you love me?

She did not even struggle when he kissed her.

The director Qin ws really cheap. Sean was afraid she would like him to have sex with her!

Or, Amber can have sex with anyone?!

Sean’s eyes were dark and he was a little angry!

He opened his mouth suddenly and bit in her white neck,”Man Man…”

Amber suddenly recovered from shock and fear, and she trembled.

Her heart seemed to be torn off and Amber reached out to against Sean’s chest.

She cried in horror: “let me go! Sean, stay away form me!”

Amber struggled hard, but there was a great disparity between men and women. Her struggle was useless under the suppression of Sean.

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