Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 155: Why Is Dad Sleeping on the Ground?

Amber trembled violently, and she kept resisting, but Sean seemed to be tired of this kind of catch-up game. He used a big force, and the button on Amber’s skirt broke.

When the skin was exposed to the air, Sean touched the skin.

The rough fingers made Amber pain.

Amber took a deep breath and stopped struggling.

Sean’s kiss seemed to be the marks and fell on Amber.

Sean sneered and thought that Amber was a chaste girl. He didn’t expect she stopped struggling quickly. He really looked up to Amber!

She must be very proud, wasn’t she?

After all, she would get what she wanted.

As Sean’s hand went down all the way. because Amber didn’t struggle, his pressure on her became smaller.

His hand was just on Amber’s thigh. Amber suddenly lifted her leg. It was already late for Sean to be on guard.

With all her strength, Amber kicked Sean out of the bed, then pulled the thin blanket on the bed and covered herself up!

Sean didn’t prepare. It was so hurt when his back touched the ground.

He opened his eyes. Amber, that dead woman!

She dared to kick him out of bed!

When her daughter was ill, he ordered a VIP ward for her and he even accompanied them in the ward. She was so ungrateful and dared to kick him out of bed!?

Sean was just about to get angry, but he stopped.

If he questioned Amber now, was it not equivalent to admitting that he did it on purpose just now?

It was so embarrassing!

Amber said she didn’t love him, but he kissed her and wanted her?

Was he crazy?

Sean’s face turned bad, and his back was painful, but he could only control his anger. What a terrible feeling!

Lying on the ground, Sean was furious.

Amber, a woman, can seduce him. But he can’t touch her?

Did she really think he cared about her?!

Amber hid in the thin blanket for a few minutes and looked at at Sean on the ground.

This was a big move, but Sean had no sign of waking up. Amber was worried that Sean would have a fever.

After what happened just now, she didn’t dare to go to check on the situation of Sean, for fear that she would be regarded as Lin Man by Sean again.

Amber leaned against the head of the bed and couldn’t sleep. Her heart beat abnormally. Her lips were pale!

In this world, no one can hurt her so much except for Sean!

Lin Man…

Man Man…

He has held her and called out the name of another woman more than once.

Amber sat down until dawn. She couldn’t put on her clothes. She had to send a message to Xiao Shen, asking her to buy clothes for her and Cindy in the nearby shopping mall when she passed by.

When Xiao Shen arrived, Amber grabbed her skirt to get clothes outside the ward, and then asked Xiao Shen to go to work first.

Amber went into the bathroom and washed and changed clothes before coming out.

Cindy was awake. She looked at Sean on the ground and asked, “Mom, why is Dad sleeping on the ground?”


She took a look at Sean and licked the corner of her lip: “the bed is too small…”

When sleeping on the ground for several hours, Sean awoke after hearing Cindy’s question.

He didn’t open his eyes in a hurry. As soon as he heard Amber’s words, he knew that Amber was going to lie to Cindy again.

Well, Amber was good at it.

Before Amber finished, Sean sat up from the ground.

His eyes were lowered and he slept on the ground all night. He had a lot of anger and he wanted to vent now.

Sean licked the corner of his lips, and a trace of evil spirit flashed through his long and narrow eyes. He looked around and finally fixed his eyes on Amber,

“Director Qin, do not explain why I lie on the ground?”


“Don’t tell me, the bed is too small so that I deliberately make room for you!”

If Amber didn’t know that Sean was angry, she wouldn’t get the position of the marketing director of Smith group.

Cindy also looked at Amber with a puzzled face. The father and daughter had the same eyes and wanted an answer.

Sean has gotten up from the ground, slapping the dust carelessly. His face got more worse.

After thinking for a moment, Amber said:

“Mr. Smith didn’t behave well when you slept. You must roll and I can’t stop you.”

“Can’t stop me? If I remember correctly I slept between you and Cindy last night, right? Director Qin didn’t have to take care of you daughter in the middle of the night and slept soundly? “

Sean ground.

No matter how bad his actions were when he slept, he can’t get out of bed over Amber!

Amber’s face was pale.

Should she tell him that he became a rascal last night, so she kicked him out of bed?

Sean may not believe. Amber was mainly afraid that Sean would kill her in front of Cindy!

Silent, Amber took out a pink and white skirt from the handbag brought by Xiao Shen and waved to Cindy: “Cindy, come on. Change your clothes, and mother will send you to school!”

Cindy answered, got up and walked to Amber.

The shopping bag was not big. After Amber taking out Cindy’s skirt, it shrank.

Amber didn’t prepare Sean’s clothes.

Sean’s face was darker.

Amber said to Cindy that they were a family. She didn’t let people take clothes for him and didn’t share the bed!

Was that family?!

Amber’s lie was clumsy and can only cheat Cindy this three-year-old child!

He was curious. When Cindy grew up, how can Amber cheat Cindy!

Sean sat on the bed, reached out his strong arms and interrupted Amber changing clothes for Cindy.

“Mr. Smith, what do you mean?”

“Director Qin let me lie on the ground for a whole night, and you didn’t even prepare clothes for me? You want me to dress like this and go to work? “

Amber’s face changed.

Sean had a habit of cleanliness. He always kept himself clean and tidy. Since that scandal happened, reporters all stayed under Smith group’s building and looked forward to the next headlines.

If Sean went to work like this, maybe the headlines would be that Smith group’s stock was overburdened and Sean’s clothes proved that Smith group went bankrupt!

“What do you want?”

Sean reached out and held Cindy in his arms, with a fierce smile on his face.

His emotions were unpredictable. When he looked at people, his eyes were sharp.

Amber moved her lips and compromised,

“I’ll call Secretary Xu and ask him to send you a suit. You can wait here for a few minutes. Mr. Smith, Cindy is going to school. I have to send her now! Otherwise, she will be late. “

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