Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 156: The Death Day of His Third Brother

If Cindy was late, maybe Amber will be late for work!

Even if Amber didn’t say next words, Sean could guess.

But Sean didn’t care about Amber.

“As I said before, my secretary is not serving you to be hired at a high price.”

Sean was so aggressive that Amber almost thought he knew she kicked him out of bed last night!

Amber was helpless and said at last. “I’ll go to the shopping mall nearby to buy you clothes. Do you think it’s OK, Mr. Smith?”

Sean nodded.

Amber was worried about Cindy and was back soon.

She bought a shirt and a pair of trousers.

Sean took his clothes to the bathroom to change with his lips pressed tightly.

The clothes fitted well and cut properly, as if Amber had measured his body.

The style of the shirt was very simple. It can be seen that Amber had a good taste, and she didn’t buy clothes usually.

But last night, Amber said she would not like him any more.

Amber knew his size clearly. She must like him or she was abnormal.

He came out of the bathroom with a sullen face.

Amber has changed the clothes for Cindy. When Cindy saw him, her eyes brightened: “Dad, you are so handsome today!”

Sean smiled and it was a little ironic.

“Director White, is my father giving you little money? You bought me cheap clothes at will!”


She knew that Sean was very well dressed and chose a famous brand for him.

A shirt was up to ten thousand.

Sean didn’t like it and he even said it was from a street stall?

“Or, Smith group deducts the salary of Director White, making you so poor that you can’t even afford a decent suit!”

“Whether the company has deducted my salary or not, I think Mr. Smith knows!”

Amber looked up, and there was no expression on her face. Suddenly, facing her cold face, Sean remembered that he crossed off a zero of the bonus of Amber…

Sean felt guilty.

The bonus of Amber was highest in the whole company. He always stuck to the issue and crossed it!

What was more, he didn’t believe Amber would be short of money because of the old Mr. Smith’s support!

Amber held Cindy in her arms without saying a word.

Sean was just about to get angry. His mobile phone on the table rang.

He just answered directly.


Tomas’s voice was cold and there was a moment’s silence,”asshole! Get back to the old house now.”

Sean took a look at the screen of his mobile phone and realized that it was Tomas who was calling.

“What am I going back for now? I don’t have to go to work? “

His words can make people furious easily. Sean always had that kind of ability. The speaker suddenly changed.

For her only son, Mother Smith was not harsh as Tomas.

“Sean, you forget? Today is the death day of your third brother! Anyway, you and Amber come back first! “

“Forget it?! I think he just knows how to bully Amber. This jerk!”

After Mother Smith’s words, there was also the angry voice of Tomas on the phone.

Sean frowned.”Sean, you didn’t answer the phone yesterday. Your father is angry. Please come back quickly!” Mother Smith said in a low voice

After hanging up, Sean glanced at Amber, who was holding Cindy.

He stepped forward with long legs and stopped at the door of the ward.

Amber: “Mr. Smith, I can’t buy the high-level shirt you are used to wearing in the mall. I hope you don’t make trouble, OK?”

Sean was gloomy.

Was he so mean in Amber’s eyes?

Sean was upset. He suddenly reached out and took Cindy out of her arms: “call for leave. Come back to the old house!”

After that, Sean walked outside the ward. Amber was worried: “Sean, even if we have to go back, I will accompany you after work in the afternoon. I have a lot of work…”

“Director White is really busy, even forgetting the death day of the third brother!”

Amber choked.

Sean glanced at her with a cold smile.

On the death day of Johnson in the past years, Amber would finish her affairs two days in advance to spare the time of this day.

However, there were too many things happening this year. Besides, Amber was not a God. She can’t take everything into consideration.

As soon as Sean said it, Amber remembered.

The death day of Johnson was really a business. She must go back!

Amber lowered her head and asked for leave for Cindy. Sean walked ahead with Cindy in his arms.

“Dad, did you sleep on the ground last night, so you are in a bad mood?”

Sean had a cold face.

Cindy was not afraid. She reached out and pulled the corner of Sean’s lips and said with a smile, “mom said, frowning will lead to wrinkles.”

Sean held Cindy up and threatened Cindy: “if you are naughty again, I’ll throw you down!”

Cindy, smiling, wiped the sweat on Sean’s forehead.

“I don’t believe it.”

“Dad, can you not quarrel with mother in the future? Xiao Pang says that husband and wife quarrel with each other but they still love. However, Cindy is still afraid when you quarrel!”

Sean made a pause and then moved on.

Cindy and Xiao Pang were too young. How cand they say such words?

Sean glanced at Amber from the corner of his eyes.

She taught Amber?

Amber, this mother was really strange. She didn’t teach her daughter well, but taught Cindy all the mean ways she had!

Sean’s face was cold and did not answer.

Fortunately, Cindy has been with Amber for a long time. Even if Sean gave her a cold face, she was not unhappy.

Sean didn’t speak and she thought he agreed!

When Sean drove to the old house, everyone was there.

As soon as Tomas saw Sean, he stood up from the sofa: “Jerk! Come to the study with me!”

Mother Smith was shocked by what Tomas said.

The day before yesterday, after Tomas whipped Sean, he left the whip in his study. Now he asked Sean to go to his study. Mother Smith didn’t think that there was anything good!

When Sean moved, he was held by his mother. She glared at Tomas and asked, “what do you want to do?”

“You want to beat my son? Can you figure out the situation? It’s not only my son who doesn’t answer the phone!”

“Why are you partial to outsider?”

Sean frowned.

After entering the hospital last night, it was Amber who asked them to turn the phone on mute!

Sure enough, from the beginning, Amber, the bitch, had no good intentions!

Obviously, she didn’t think he was beaten enough. She wanted Tomas to whip him a second time!

He looked at Amber fiercely.

Amber suddenly understood the thought of Sean.

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