Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 157: “It’s my fault, Dad”

Amber White shivered her lips.

“Bias in favor of outsiders? A Ru, what do you mean? Amber was our family since she married Sean and she is a nice girl, I’m not going to let him humiliate her just because he’s my son.”

Sean Smith looked gloomy. How could Mr. Smith consider her as a good girl, did he blind? If she was, then was there a bad woman in this world?

He sneered with an expression of mockery. It was special today and Amber did not want to embarrass anyone, then she said, “It’s my fault for not answering the call, Dad. It was because that I was afraid of disturbing Cindy who was ill yesterday and I asked Sean to mute the phone as he accompanied us.”

“He would be there, which was amazing!”

Tomas Smith was suspicious about it. He knew his son very well and he did not think Sean would accompany someone who he hated to the hospital to take care of the children as he was always too hard to hold.

“Dad,it’s obvious that you have a prejudice against Sean. Anyway,he is the president of the Smith Group, so how could he have the leisure time to embarrass Amber?”

Shen Ruyun laughed, “What’s more, Cindy is okay now but I wonder that Amber did even no time to tell us even if she was worried about Cindy.”

Amber White glanced at Shen Ruyun and then met her gaze. Shen was stunned but suddenly laughed again, “Please don’t be mad at me, Amber,I didn’t mean that and I’m just worried that your daughter would have an incurable disease, which would make you sad.”

“You should think how to explain the thing about house to brother later.”

Hearing that, Shen Ruyun stopped laughing and seemed to say something but said nothing.

The son that Mrs. Smith liked most was Johnson. Now that the crisis of Sean had been lifted, then she did not have to be nervous and want to see them against each other.

“Well,stop talking nonsense! It is the death day of Johnson, so the most important thing is to go to the ancestral hall now! Besides, Don’t bother about too much lest there be a scandal about the disagreement between both of you, which would cause out stock turmoil again.”

Mrs. Smith glanced at Amber as she talking,which was obvious what she meant.

Amber tucked her hair and gently looked at Cindy White who was next to her.

The thing that she did not answer the phone finally passed.

Mrs. Smith was right. After all, the most important thing today was to go to the ancestral hall and worship Johnson Smith.

The ancestral hall in the Smith was built on the back hill of the old house, which was surrounded by mountains on three sides. Although it was not very far, they had to walk a long mountain road.

They would only delay the worship if they kept on worrying about other things. They got off at the foot of the mountain because it was a mountain road, the car could not go up. Amber held Cindy, following behind them. The mountain was not much more than people all the year round, so the steps were covered with moss, which made the road slippery. Amber held Cindy and walked slowly. Shen Ruyun was with them too, wherever Amber walked towards, she unconsciously walked towards the direction of Amber. Being stopped by Shen, Amber could not be quicker even if she wanted.Sean Smith did not walk fast, in other words, he knew that Shen would trouble Amber on the way as shen was petty and pungent. Sean deliberately slowed down and kept a short distance from Amber. He was not for taking care of her and her daughter, but for watching that how Shen would embarrass her.

Shen Ruyun was not the opponents of Amber White as Amber was a slick talker but Shen often was in some places like casino and she had a lot of bad means, which Amber would not bear. Within a few minutes, Amber fell behind far away from the crowd because of Shen.

“Ruyun, you are in the way of me and Cindy.”

Amber frowned and reminded her.

Shen pretended and said with a little embarrassment on her face, “Sorry, I just thought of Johnson, which made me sad and I did not notice you.”

“Well, you and my little niece go first, I will follow behind.”

Then Shen turned her body and let them go. Amber glanced at Shen with doubts and she did not think Shen would be so kind. After hesitating for a while, Amber took Cindy passed over Shen. With the only downward slope ahead on this road, for multiple times, Cindy almost tripped from walking down on the slippery stairs. Amber was focusing all her attention on Cindy and completely neglected what was happening behind her. In a short moment, someone pushed her from behind. Instantly, Amber White lost her balance and fell from the stairs. “Mommy!”

Cindy trotted towards Amber and steadied her, founding her eyes were red from fear and anxious. The noise alarmed the front people, she fell so badly that the moss mingled with blood from the cut on her elbows and knees. And the white dress she wore was also tore a big hole and full of mud. A look of surprise flashed across Sean’s face. Compared to floundering and fluster today, Amber at most looked scruffy when he found her in Ye Se.

Facing her severe lacoration, even as a man, he could feel clearly how much pain she was suffering. But Amber White not only said nothing, but also had energy to wipe the tears for Cindy. The front people stopped and Mrs. Smith frowned to Amber. She felt disappointed, she had thought Amber would bring the bad luck to her family since she knew Cindy was not the child of Sean. In her mind, Amber had made the family no peace, how dare she even to disturb the worship ceremony of Johnson!

“Why are you so careless? I have told you the road is slippery.” Amber White could not resist gasping to bear the pain, she knew her miserable situation that Mrs. Smith didn’t like her, so no matter how wonderful she was, Mrs. Smith still would regard her as nothing. But Tomas Smith glanced at Amber gently and then turned his eyes to Sean Smith who was standing there complacently.

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