Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 158: Dad, You Are So Smart

The gloat on Sean Smith’s face was so obvious. The buttons on his shirt had not been tied to the top one, and his unpretentious clothes can’t stop his innate temperament and his handsome face.

Tomas Smith immediately blushed: “Sean Smith, explain it to me! How did Amber fall?!”

“You are a rebellious son, you are still not a big man, you are so malicious that you push Amber down the mountain!”

The expression on Sean Smith’s face froze, his tall figure stayed in place, and his eyesight was even indifferent.

He licked the corner of his lips, his eyesight was gloomy.

“Dad, your eyesight is so sharp, you can see me pushing Amber White down when you walk in front?”


He glanced at Amber White with a faint smile. He found it. Now as long as anything happened to Amber White, the old man would habitually put the responsibility on him!

Amber White’s status in front of the old man was important enough, at least he can’t catch up even if he was riding a horse!

In his eyes, the stars were gleaming, like a deep well that could not be touched, Amber White was terrified by his eyesight.

Seeing that Tomas Smith was about to get angry, Amber White licked the corner of her lips and said in a low voice: “Dad, you are misunderstanding, it is not Sean, he didn’t push me.”

“Tomas, what do you mean? Amber White fell, it was my son who pushed her, and my son fell, shouldn’t he admit that he is unlucky?!”

“You don’t trust Sean so much. Looking back at this home, is there still a place for Sean and me?”

Mrs. Smith said something serious, and Tomas Smith sneered: “Trust him? Did he ever do something to make me trust him?!”

“Amber, don’t be afraid. Tell me the truth, did this rebellious son did this to you? After Johnson’s matter, I will kill this bastard and give you an explanation!”

Sean Smith’s expression became darker.

The old man can dare to say that! If Sean was killed, he didn’t even have a son?

Did Amber White witch him so that he can believe her?

Being among so many people, Amber White was not feeling well, she can only say in a low voice, “Dad, Sean stands far away from me, he can’t push me!”

Tomas Smith’s eyebrows moved. This meant that it wasn’t Sean Smith, but someone else?

He frowned and his eyesight fell on Shen Ruyun who was standing not far behind Amber White.

A middle-aged man who was over fifty years old, although his face was somewhat old-fashioned, Tomas Smith was all the first batch of people in this country to go to the sea for business. He had been in the market for decades.

There was a high-level aura that young people didn’t have on his body, and a look came over him, it was so heavy that Shen Ruyun was trembling.

Her face turned pale, and she couldn’t help but bluff and said: “Sister, do you mean, I stand closer to you, so it was me? I pushed you?”

“You can’t talk nonsense! How can I have such a vicious thought?!”

With that, teardrops hung on her face, seeming to be wronged. She knew that because of Johnson Smith, Mrs. Smith had always treated her better, so she looked at Mrs. Smith with tears:

“Mom, I was wronged! I just gave way to the fourth sister, and she fell! Usually, she can slander me anyway, but today is the day of Yunci’s death. I am too sad, so why would I push her? ?!”

“Yunci is my husband, and I don’t want to mess up this sacrifice because I don’t want him to be uneasy when he’s in heaven!”

Shen Ruyun cried when she said so, and Amber White was caught off guard by her crying.

Not seen for a day, her acting skills became better, she was not so impulsive, obviously she had been smarter!

Amber White frowned. If she wanted to be an actress, she could gain an Oscar prize!

“Don’t be angry, someone just rely on dad, dad will protect her. She likes to frame others!”

Sean Smith’s lips curled up, adding fuel to the fire.

As soon as he spoke, Shen Ruyun cried more and felt wronged.

The two cooperated, and directly removed Shen Ruyun from the mortgage of Johnson Smith’s property!

Everything Amber White said had turned to be deliberately framed on others!

Before Amber White had time to sneer, Mrs. Smith was so angry that she didn’t even give Tomas Smith a chance to speak. She glared at Amber White, and scolded:

“Amber White, stop causing troubles for our family! What’s wrong with you? You are not satisfied that Sean has suffered the whip, you even can’t endure my daughter-in-law?”

“Since you married into our family, the peaceful life has nothing to do with our family! So? You are a human, but we are not?!”

Amber White’s heart trembled, and her eyes become red.

Mrs. Smith intended to convict her without asking what happened?

“Stop, I understand Amer, she is not such a person!”

Mrs. Smith was about to be grinned by Tomas Smith: “What do you mean!?”

“Dad, the fourth sister is not this kind of person, you don’t trust us?” Shen Ruyun choked: “I have been married to the Smith family for so many years, and Sean is your child.”

“What kind of people are we, can you not know that?”

Shen Ruyun gritted her teeth, Amber White threatened her with the mortgage of the house under the name of Johnson Smith at every turn!

She just wanted to teach Amber White a lesson!

But they were all his daughters-in-law, Tomas Smith was too protective of Amber White, too eccentric!

She stared at Amber White. Amber White kept quiet because of the identity of Mrs. Smith, but Cindy White was different. She only knew that her mother was bullied, and got scolded.

The three-year-old girl stretched out her hand and wiped her tears, pointed at Shen Ruyun’s trembling body, and argued loudly: “I saw it, it was this old woman who pushed my mother!”

“She did it on purpose!”

A three-year-old child was innocent and would not lie innocently!

What’s more, Cindy White still grasped the corner of Amber White’s clothes, and her chubby hands were stained with other colors, a little dirty, but she didn’t dislike it at all.

Her eyes were firm, and they had to be convinced by her!

She was still young and not very tall, but she abruptly supported Amber White.

Amber White was heartbroken, and a cloud of mist was in front of her eyes.

“Mom, you just said that dad didn’t ask the cause and effect, and he misunderstood Sean, right? Now, what is the difference between you and dad?”

“Shut up! This little wild was talking nonsense! Mom, Dad, she is just a little bitch, she is the daughter of Amber White, of course, she will speak for her mother…”


Shen Ruyun’s words were slapped back by Tomas Smith’s slap. At a very fast speed, her face instantly turned red. On her white cheeks, a slap print was especially vivid!

She screamed, covered her face involuntarily, and looked at Tomas Smith in disbelief. It was the first time she had been slapped in the face since she married Johnson Smith for so many years!


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