Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 159: This Is What You Learned In The Shen Family?

Tomas Smith’s expression was dyed with a thick layer of anger.

“Shut up. This is what you learned in the Shen family? Who taught you that? You dared to frame your sister-in-law. After Johnson’s matter, you are not allowed to go out to prevent doing anything ridiculous!”

“The Smith family can’t afford to lose our reputation like this again!”

Shen Ruyun cried this time, because Johnson Smith died, and she kept being a widow for several years. Whether it was the Smith family or others, they all respect her!

This was the first and only time that she was humiliated in public!

Shen Ruyun glanced at Cindy White with hatred.

She was cursing this little wild species!

If it wasn’t for her, if it wasn’t for her, who didn’t know her father was, how could she be scorned by Tomas Smith in public!

She would get even with her sooner or later!

Shen Ruyun wiped away her tears, covered her face, and lowered her head, covering up the craziness and unwillingness in her eyes.


This matter should have been turned over, but Cindy White blocked Shen Ruyun’s road and looked up at Tomas Smith: “Grandpa, the teacher in our class taught us that if you did something wrong, you should apologize or be punished!”

“She hasn’t apologized to my mother yet!”

Shen Ruyun’s pupils shrank.

She felt shame. If she apologized to Amber White in public, how can she face others when she returns to the Smith family in the future?

However, Tomas Smith, no matter what Shen Ruyun thought, he stood on the rugged mountain road with majesty.

“Apologize to Amber!”


Shen Ruyun was aggrieved: “I have been slapped, and I have to apologize to her? I am not convinced! If Johnson was there, he will not let me suffer such a grievance!”

Although Shen Ruyun was beautiful, the palm prints on her face were too heavy, which affected the effect of beauty.

“Don’t mention Johnson with me. If he was there, he can have different kinds of women? You might have divorced with him!”

Mrs. Smith frowned and glared at Shen Ruyun, “Stop crying! Amber White didn’t cry even after falling like this! Only you have so many tears!

Without others’ support, Shen Ruyun can only apologize to Amber White.

“Sister, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t push you…”

Sean Smith watched as Shen Ruyun apologized to Amber White with a pale face, and was surprised.

With his words, Amber White can win this fight, what a strong ability!

His third sister-in-law’s strategy was exhaustive. The only accident was Cindy White!

Director White was Director White. At the critical moment, all difficulties can be easily solved by her!

There was a flash of admiration in Sean Smith’s eyes, and then his eyesight deepened.

Amber White offended all his sisters-in-law. He didn’t believe that Amber White wouldn’t have expected that Shen Ruyun would attack her on the way up the mountain!

Perhaps this was something she had arranged in advance, but it was a little bit painful, and with bitterness, she could overwhelm the third sister-in-law who had valued a lot in his mother’s heart!

Why not do it?

Sean Smith thought so, and glanced contemptuously at Amber White.

Cindy White stood in front of Amber White. She tilted her head, staring at Shen Ruyun, and said childishly:

“You pushed mom on purpose, and I heard it. You just scolded me wild species! Mom and I won’t forgive you!”

“I’m not a wild species, I have mom and dad!”

Shen Ruyun was going crazy.

This was the first time she hated a child so much!

“Are you kidding me?!”

Shen Ruyun’s gaze was so ferocious, and she was repeatedly refuted by a three-year-old child in public!

No matter how well-educated she was, she couldn’t hold on. What’s more, Shen Ruyun had not been well-educated at all, and she was impulsive and irritable.

Amber White saw her reaction, and subconsciously pulled Cindy White back.

The people Shen Ruyun knew different kinds of people, and their minds were vicious. Amber White did not want Cindy White to offend Shen Ruyun too much.

“You bullied my mother! Besides, the teacher said, it’s not a sincere apology, I don’t have to accept it!”


Amber White stopped Cindy, and Cindy White stopped talking reluctantly!

Shen Ruyun pushed Amber White, but Sean Smith did not expect to be involved in such a big show!

Cindy White was still young after all, so she didn’t plan everything so carefully.

Being able to refute Shen Ruyun in front of so many people was indeed Amber’s daughter!

After the incident, if Amber White didn’t let Shen Ruyun go, in the hearts of the White family, she may leave the bad impression.

But if it was Cindy White, it would be not the same, no one would judge child!

Amber White won the beautiful battle without any effort!

Mrs. Smith glanced at Shen Ruyun, who was trembling with anger, and sighed before turning her gaze on Amber White.

She had misunderstood Amber White just now, and she was a little guilty. Seeing that the clothes on Amber were a bit tragic, she pressed her lips and spoke awkwardly:

“Amber, in this way, I will let Auntie Zhang help you down, go back to home and change clothes. You should also deal with the wounds on your body by the way, and then come up again.”

Hearing that, Sister Zhang took a step in the direction of Amber White, and Sean Smith had only raised his eyes briefly and caught her old face unexpectedly.

What happened the night before jumped into his mind again, and Sean Smith’s expression turned gloomy, and the feeling of nausea rose again.

Here, following Mrs. Smith’s gaze, Amber White glanced down. The place where the white skirt was torn was just a bit embarrassing. There was a big hole in the base of her thigh.

The collar was also torn, and she looked miserable.

Amber White pursed his lips, lifted her legs and feet, and said, “Mom, I’m fine. I don’t need to deal with the wound. It is important to worship the third brother. Let’s go up first!”

“Are you okay? Are you planning to wear this torn skirt to worship the third brother?”

Sean Smith was having an angry fire in his heart, he interrupted when he heard what Amber White said, and his anger poured out, his eyesight swept over evilly, fitting Amber White. Her skin and her whole person seemed to be able to be analyzed clearly through the thin cloth by his eyesight.

“You can show your arms and legs to a living person, but you will face a dead man soon, can you show your respect?”

After listening to Sean Smith’s words, Shen Ruyun also glanced at Amber White, and said:

“You are like this, don’t smear my husband’s eyes when you go up!”

“Shut up! What did you say?!” Tomas Smith snapped, “Is Amber’s the clothes torn on purpose?!”

Sean Smith tightened his eyelashes: “I’m not sure!”

Tomas Smith’s expression became gloomy again: “Amber has been wronged, you didn’t comfort her, but blame her?”

With that, he walked in the direction of Sean Smith angrily.

Amber White: “…”

Amber White did not want to delay worshipping Johnson Smith because of her own business. Seeing Tomas Smith getting angry, she hurriedly stopped him:

“Dad, please calm down, the purpose of our visit to the ancestral hall today is to worship the third brother! Don’t disturb the ancestors of the Smith family because of this little incident.”

She leaned over and took Cindy White: “Dad, I’ll go back and change my clothes!”

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