Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 16 Don’t have to work torromow

When Amber White came to the door of the tea room, she heard the sound of talking about her.

“Hey, the bonus of the marketing department has something wrong, and it’s said that the bonus of the director White is not as high as a small sales lady. Yao Yao, that’s ridiculous, isn’t it?.”

Amber White knew the voice, a small employee of the public shut-in department, Wang Jing, she had the impression of her, because the Wang Jing, in the company is a famous big mouth, she dare to say everything and dare to gossip.

The one named Yao Yao has not spoken, Wang Jing said: “I see, her position in the company is at stake, perhaps in a few days, she will be fired!”

Heard that, Yao Yao said, “”What fire. She, is the president’s wife, even if it’s going to expel people, it can’t be her, who’s so bold, even the president’s wife dares to fire the president’s wife.”

In the tea room, there was a sound of a fine stream of water, and Amber White would have to push the door directly into the water to pick up the water, but when she heard it, the raised hand was put down again.

After hearing Yao Yao, Wang Jing sneered and said, ‘”Oh, my God! What’s the president’s wife? She’d got her status by climbing president’s bed. If it hadn’t been for our Director White, would President Smith like to break up with his lover?”

“if you want me to say, maybe for this bonus, Mr. Smith didn’t go through the trial there. Look, so far, the gossip in the company has spread out, in addition to Amber White’s money has been reduced by a large amount, whose else has been reduced? This is clear, there is no room for Director White at all! “

Yao Yao thought about it, she said. “I’ve heard about the president and her. I’ve heard that she was married three years ago, and Mr. Smith left her alone at the wedding, and at that time, she was pregnant.”

“pregnant? ! And, isn’t she getting rid of Mr. Smith’s love? To me, I’m not giving her any money. It’s like we, we’ve worked hard every day, though the job is different, but how much do we pay for our wages? The director of White’s light is about thirty thousand.”

“incentive policy is not desirable, and our income with Director White is seriously out of balance.”

Amber White was a little unable to listen. Just as she was about to go in, she suddenly heard Lu Yi’s voice.

His tone changed, not as gentle as before, and his voice was cold and dumb: the “The principle of the employment of the public department is keeping a secret, and don’t talk about others. If you two can’t, go to the HR Department for this month’s salary, don’t have to come to work tomorrow!”

Yao Yao and Wang Jing were talking, and they didn’t expect a sudden appearance of Lu Yi, and Lu Yi would be so serious.

But his character is always peaceful, so neither of them was afraid, and Yao Yao was coquettish with Lu Yi,”Mr. Lu, we know we are wrong, and you do not fire us, and we promise not to say it again. “

Lu Yi turned a deaf ear and his voice was colder: “during work hours, not only stay in the tea room to be lazy, but also talk about your boss, discredit your boss’s reputation, Smith’s company is too small to accommodate two big Buddhas, immediately settle a clear salary for this month, and leave Smith’s!”

Yao Yao and Wang Jing saw that the anger on Lu Yi’s face was not fake, they began to panic: “Mr. Lu, we really know the wrong, and give us one more chance.”

“the opportunity was not given to you by others, but by yourself!”

Lu Yi’s words were meaningful. Yao Yao and Wang Jing knew that he has to drive them away!

Amber White waited for a minute to open the back door of the tae room, and went in, and Yao Yao and Wang Jing were still ere, and should still think how to plead with Lu Yi.

When she came in, the desire to speak has become a complete silence. She took a glass of water and left the tea room. Lu Yi made a cup of coffee, followed her back to the marketing department, and sat down in her office.

Amber White glanced at him, Lu Yi is very handsome and gentle, ichang is very handsome and gentle, coupled with his gentle personality, he has a good relationship with many people. He is the company’s many women’s favorite object.

“what are you so angry? you don’t have to do it for me. It’s not easy for the public relations department to hire a girl, and they didn’t make any big mistakes!”

Lu Yi took a sip of coffee, put the water cup on the table, and said, “do it for what. I’m taking the matter on its merits! With a slacken work attitude slacken, what can they do in the company? “

In that heart of Amber White, she knew Lu Yi, and every time he helped her, he would say something that let her have no psychological burden.

This time is no exception.

She is really grateful to Lu Yi, because if there is no Lu Yi, three years ago, she and Cindy White might have drowned in a small bathtub.

She remembered the three years, and if there was Lu Yi, she and Cindy would not have such a safe life.

At that time, lu yi sent to the hospital after the rescue, she immersed in the news that Sean Smith played with his new lover. It was Lu Yi accompanied by her side, running up and down in the hospital to guard her and Cindy.

At that time, she still had a few of the girls’ dreams, and she thought, as long as she told Sean Smith that Cindy was his child, he could change the prejudices of Sean Smith.

She had repeatedly against the wall in front Sean Smith. Maybe there is obsession in everyone’s heart, and because of Sean Smith, she ignored Cindy w, and the Cindy had a high fever.

It was the first time Cindy had such a high fever after birth, and it snowed. She had no car, lived far from the city, and could not get a taxi outside.

It was the Lu Yi, rushed to see the Cindy in the snowy day, and sent them to the hospital, and then Cindy took a turn for the better and be out of danger.

Lu Yi helped her many times. At that time, she was first to go to work. When she was created difficulties by the people in the Smith, could not get off work normally, it was Lu Yi, painstakingly accompanied her to work overtime.

The times of he helped is uncountable.

Expect for Sean Smith’s parents, most people in the Smith family do not know the origin of Cindy, like the outside world, once thought that Cindy was her deliberate climb into Sean Smith’s to get.

The Smith familly said her tried her best to get a child, but it was only a girl. What’s more, there’s someone in front of her saying that Sean Smith is going to divorce her one day. Sean Smith agreed to marry her only for her bone marrow!

She, Amber White, was infamous, he, Sean Smith played cheerfully. No matter how to see it, it did not look like it will be a fruit!

Instead, every new love of Sean Smith, there was a shadow of Lin Man. At first, only some people knew that Sean Smith loves Lin Man. Later, the whole Tongcheng knew that the Lin Man is his true love.

People who watch the excitement will never think the matter is too big, but Li Yi is an exception. Not only he didn’t mock her, but also helped her with her embarrassment many times as much as he can

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