Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 160: Sean Will Take Care Of Cindy!

Tomas Smith’s eyesight became gloomy, he stared at Sean Smith.

Sean Smith had a plain sarcasm on his face, and Tomas Smith worried that if he watched his son’s face again, he could not help but beat this unsatisfied son to death!

He moved his head and saw Amber White who was holding Cindy White, then he frowned and said:

“The mountain is difficult to walk, let Cindy follow this stinky man! You can go back and change your clothes quickly.”

Amber White unconsciously squeezed Cindy White’s hand, the interpersonal relationship of the Smith family was complicated, and Sean Smith had a prejudice against Cindy…

“Cindy is too young to be sensible, so I should take her with me.”

She took a deep breath and turned her head to meet Sean Smith’s smirking eyesight.

How could he not know what Amber White was thinking?

He just accidentally fed some ice cream for Cindy White and she got a stomachache. Amber White didn’t trust him so much? !

Did she think that he wanted to take care of a child to her? !

Did he seem so idle? !

Sean Smith was unhappy, and walked up to Amber White in two steps, stretched out his hand and held Cindy White firmly into his arms.

The more things Amber White didn’t want him to do, he still did!

“Director White, are you still worried that I will lose your daughter!?”

Amber White’s palms became empty, and she raised her head subconsciously. Even if she was embarrassed, it did not reduce her beauty. She was injured. Instead, she had a lovely temperament now.

Sean Smith ignored the beauty of Amber White, holding Cindy White, stepping on a pair of slender legs, and strode towards the mountain.

Cindy White waved her little hand in the direction of Amber White: “Mom, don’t worry, I will be obedient and will not run around!”

Amber White felt warm because of her daughter’s words.

“Lady, although Young Master has never taken care of a child, but in my opinion, he likes the little girl There are many people who come to worship the third Young Master. Cindy will be fine, don’t worry.”

Amber White licked her lips and nodded.

“Let’s go.”

The fact that Shen Ruyun pushed Amber White down the stairs was just an episode of worshipping Johnson Smith.

Amber White went back to change clothes, and the rest of the Smith family went up the mountain to the ancestral hall.

Only Shen Ruyun glared fiercely at Cindy White who shrank into the arms of Sean Smith.

Cindy White noticed something, she met Shen Ruyun’s eyesight, and she pouted and made a face at Shen Ruyun.

“Bad woman!”

The expression on Shen Ruyun’s face became stiff, and her eyes were stained with hideousness.

Hearing Cindy White’s words, Sean Smith turned his head, just in time to see Shen Ruyun’s expression.

Sean Smith raised his eyebrows and asked jokingly: “Sister-in-law, are you planning to get even with a three-year-old child?!”

“I am so stingy in your heart?”

Sean Smith smiled inexplicably, did not answer her question, and walked away with Cindy White in his arms.

Shen Ruyun stomped her feet, instead of following them up the mountain, she found a mountain road and walked over.

She had been to the Smith family ancestral hall more than once, and she was very familiar with this place. She made a few random turns to make sure that she would not be found where she was, and then took out her mobile phone and made a call.

“Hello? Mr. Qian, it’s me, Ruyun!”

Shen Ruyun and the man knew each very well.

“Ruyun, you are calling to settle your gambling debt, right? You should know my old rules, just bring the money to the old place.”

Shen Ruyun’s expression became stiff, and she smiled embarrassingly: “Mr. Qian, you are not an ordinary person. You should understand that the Smith group’s stock has fluctuated greatly during this period. In the past week, I can’t pay the money!”

As soon as this sentence fell, the harmony between the two people was instantly torn apart, and Mr. Qian lowered his voice and sneered: “Bitch, do you think I’m an idiot? If you owe me the money, you must pay it back. I gave you a week, it is already for the business of the Smith family!”

“If you don’t pay the money back, I’m going to find someone in your Smith family who can charge this matter. And I’ll tell them that you pledged Johnson Smith’s house!”

Shen Ruyun’s body shook. Johnson Smith’s character dictated that he did not fight or grab, and he’s weak. He was not like the first child and the second child of the Smith family. After his death, there’re only a few houses were left.

If Mrs. Smith knew it…

Shen Ruyun suddenly remembered what Tomas Smith did to Sean Smith before!

Tomas Smith did not let his biological son go. She had no blood relationship with them, she would die!

Her lips turned pale, and a fierce flash of eyesight flashed: “Mr. Qian, don’t be angry, I haven’t finished speaking yet!”

“Although I don’t have any money yet, I have a good opportunity to make money right now, but I don’t know if you dare to do it!”


Seeing Mr. Qian interested, Shen Ruyun smiled, she looked around, and after confirming that there was no one, she continued to say: “Today is Johnson’s death date, you send a few prudent people over to the Smith family ancestral hall, I will help you taking Amber White’s daughter away, it is enough for you to blackmail a lot of money!”

“Amber White? Why is this name so familiar?” Mr. Qian twisted his eyebrows for a while, and his eyesight widened suddenly: “I remembered, Amber White and Sean Smith married three years ago!”

“Damn, Shen Ruyun, what tricks do you want to play with me?! Do you think that I’ve lived long enough? How dare you to let me offend Sean Smith?”

“Mr. Qian! You don’t know that Amber White’s daughter has nothing to do with Sean.”

Shen Ruyun fluffed up her hair. This action made her hair fall on her face, making her expression even more vicious.

“The daughter of Amber White is just a bastard she brought into the Smith family, but now the master support Amber White, think about it, if you have found someone to kidnap Amber White’s daughter, then Amber White will ask the old man for money.”

“The Smith family is going to investigate this matter, but it’s not a child of their own, so they won’t go into it!”

“After it’s done, wouldn’t it be easy to find a replacement for crime with your ability?”

There was silence on the phone for a while, and then it took a while before he replied: “Mrs. Smith will tell me about such a secret thing, there must be a request from you?”

Shen Ruyun’s expression became darker, she smiled, gritted her teeth, and said bitterly: “Of course! I only have one request, I don’t want to see that little bastard at the Smith family anymore!”

“As soon as you get the money, you sell that small bastard, the farther the better, and it’s best to let her never come back, I don’t want to see her anymore!”

The mountain road was slippery, and Sean Smith had big steps. He didn’t bother to accommodate Cindy White’s short legs, so he hugged her and didn’t let go.

Sean Smith’s arms were strong, even if he was supporting a child, his steps were exceptionally steady.

Sean Smith walked slowly, and the father and daughter fell behind the crowd.

Cindy White’s little hand pinched the top button of Sean Smith’s shirt: “Dad, why didn’t you help my mother when the old woman bullied her?”

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