Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 161: Why Did He Help Amber?

Sean raised his eyebrows.

Why was he responsible for helping Amber?

Furthermore, Amber was so powerful that she could reverse the tide under Shen Ruyun’s attack without his help, so if he alsp gave her a hand, would the others still have a chance to live?

Sean didn’t say anything and faintly took a glance at Cindy.

“Isn’t my mom your wife? How can you watch that old woman bully my mother? “

“Daddy, do you not love Mommy? “

Sean did not answer, and Cindy was a little anxious, her eyes red, and she asks a few more questions.

Is she making a punitive expedition against me?

It’s not easy to ask such level-headed questions at such a young age!

Sean sneered, he loves Amber, but it’s a lie made up by Amber!

He’s not blind enough to fall for a pretentious woman like Amber.

Only a three-year-old child like Cindy would believe such a clumsy lie!

“Did your mother make you ask?”

Sean had always suspected that some of the questions Cindy asked him were deliberately taught to Cindy by Amber!

But it was the first time he asked it directly!

Cindy blinked her eyes, shook her head, and said, “No one ever taught me what to say. “

“Daddy, do you like Lin Man a little more in comparison!?”

Sean’s body shook, he lowered his head, his sharp sight locked onto Cindy’s clear eyes.

Cindy’s eyes were very similar to Sean’s, especially with such a stare, the contours of her eyes, right down to the corners of her eyes, were similar to his to the extreme!

Sean was just about to admit it, but because of that glance, he hesitated!

He pursed his lips, and sounded out.

“You don’t like Aunt Lin Man?”

This question, to Cindy, is a kind of answer.

Cindy’s eyes got even redder as she pouted and said in aggravation, “But you’re already married to mommy, and Lin Man will be the mistress between you and mommy!”

“We are the family!”

Sean suudenly stopped smiling and his face got gloomy at once, “You say Lin Man is a mistress? “

He sneered involuntarily, who said that?

How many people in this city dared to say that Lin Man was Sean’s kept woman!

That must be Amber again!

She was really so scheming that she even cheated a three-year-old child!

Maybe Amber was the mistress.

Sean just turned around to go away, leaving Cindy here. His breath suddenly became chilled and he immediately went out of Cindy’s vision!

“Dad! Daddy, wait for me.”

Sean turned a blind eye, striding forward with a gloomy face.

There were many trees on the mountain road, and the shadow of the overwhelming boughs cast a layer of material chill over Sean’s face.

He walked very fast, and his hands were clenched together tightly because of anger.

The cries of the child in his ears have gradually become inaudible, and Sean stopped walking.

The maids have all followed his mother and Tomas up the hill, leaving only one Cindy behind.

Sean is not afraid of losing Cindy, as this is the Smith family ancestral hall, and the entire mountain is owned by Smith family.

His only concern was that if Cindy was left unattended, what if she stepped on the moss and rolled down the stairs?

Sean frowned.

Cindy called Lin Man the kept woman, and he now was actually worried about that Cindy’s safety?

He’s not sick, is he?

Sean cursed himself. He was worried about Amber’s daughter, but only if the watch that Lin Man had given him was still in Amber hands. according to the importance of Amber to Cindy. Smith was worried that if anything happened to Cindy, Amber would be so angry and even kill him impulsively!

Without hesitation, Sean turned around and returned the way he came.

Cindy’s tears kept falling down after Sean disappeared.

The surroundings were dark, and apart from the sounds of birds and insects, the only sound was the rustling of leaves as the wind blew.

Cindy was so scared that her eyes were red because of her cry, and then she rushed up the stairs to look for Sean, slipping and almost falling.

Shen Ruoyun came out after making a phone call, and when she saw Cindy, she seemed to think of something.

She looked around, didn’t see Sean, and sneered in her heart.

This little bastard was so unlucky that she actually met her here.

Shen Ruyun touched her pocket, there was a piece of chocolate inside.

She was used to going in and out of casinos, and sometimes when she was in the mood, she was not even willing to eat meals, and over time, she had some low blood sugar, so in her pocket, she always had candies and chocolates.

Shen Ruyun hadn’t really expected that it would come in handy at this time.

“Cindy, come here, I will give you some candy, go somewhere with me later, okay? “

Seeing tears on her face, Shen Ruyun was even more certain that Cindy must have done something to anger Sean, or else she wouldn’t be here alone!

Shen Ruyun looked proudly at Cindy, such an annoying little bitch, she would let Mr. Qian sell her far away!

Cindy reached for the chocolate, took a look at it, and then struggled to throw it to the floor!

“I’m not going to play with you, you bad woman, you bullied my mother, you…you’re the devil! “

Cindy reached up, wiped her tears, and used the words she learned from Sean to attack Shen Ruyun!

Afterwards, she pull a face to Shen Ruyub!

The hypocrisy on Shen Ruyun’s face stiffened, “You little bastard, how do you talk to me? You are as disgusting as your mother “

Cindy looked up sharply and glared at Shen Ruyun.

“You’re the bastard! You’re the bitch! I’m going to tell my grandpa that even though he’s taught you a lesson, you’re still so uneducated! You are a shameless adult! “

Shen Ruyun’s eyes were immediately full of anger as she heard the words.

Just now on the mountain road, just because of Cindy’s words, Tomas had slapped her!

If she said something else again, wouldn’t Tomas directly kill her at this time?

“You shut up!”

She subconsciously raised her hand and walked over towards Cindy.

After Amber and Cindy came to Smith family, Shen Ruyun hadn’t had a happy single day, so she couldn’t let them ruin her good fortune!

No matter how stubborn Cindy was, she was still a child, so seeing Shen Ruyun trying to hit her, how could she not be afraid?

She took a few steps back, the fear flashing across her face, “Mom…”

“What are you planning to do, Shen Ruyun? “

Sean’s voice came from above the two of them, Shen Ruyun’s movement was a bit awkward as she suddenly withdrew her hand.

“Sean… Well, I just saw that niece was here alone, so I’m worried about her falling and want to give her a hand. “

Sean actually didn’t see clearly what Shen Rupin wanted to do to Cindy because of his position, and the reason why he stopped Shen Ruyun was that he heard Cindy called mom and her voice was full of fear.

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