Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 162: Don’t You Like to Play Hide-and-seek With Your Mommy?

Sean narrowed his eyes and swept a glance at Shen Ruyun.


As soon as Cindy saw Sean, she ran a few steps towards him, reaching out her short hand and clutching Sean’s index finger tightly.

Sean didn’t want to ask Shen Ruyun that much, and as long as Cindy was alright, which could make Amber at ease, he would feel satisfied!

Sean reached out and picked up Amber, striding over towards the ancestral hall.

The Smith family members hadn’t all arrived, and the rituals hadn’t begun.

Fortunately, the ancestral hall was in a good location, built for ventilation on all sides, so it’s not too hot to stand here.

Cindy didn’t know where this place was, her small hands clutching Sean’s trousers and she blinking her bright big eyes staring straight at Sean.

It seemed as if he was afraid that he would leave her behind again.

“Daddy, when is mommy coming over?”

Sean didn’t move, his fingertip caught a cigarette, the ash layer sprinkled on the polished leather shoes, the rising smoke making Sean’s expression so vague and look a little lazy.

“Why do you ask this? She will naturally come over later, and do you think that she will run away?! “

Cindy nodded her head in plausible understanding as she looked to her left and right, looking curious, “Daddy, what are we doing here?”

“Watching the view!”

Sean answered easily, and it was too complicated to let a three-year-old daughter understand what a a memorial ceremony is.

“Can I play a game?”

Sean looked down at Cindy. Play a game?

He had just left this little girl on the hillside, and she still dared to play a game with him?

How dare you!

Sean raised his eyebrows and had some good ideas.

“The place here is so big, how about the two of us playing a game with your mother?”

Cindy suddenly got so excited and askd, “Can we? But is Mom here? “

“She will be coming soon! “

With a smile on his face, Sean led Cindy towards a hidden location.

Shen Ruyun had been watching Sean and his daughter since she met Cindy, and when she saw Sean walking towards a deserted place with Cindy, she subconsciously felt that her chance might be coming.

Sean managed to find a deserted place before letting go of his hold on Cindy’s hand and whispered, “Wait here and see if your mother can find you later! No running around, okay? “

Cindy was at a loss: “Why?”

“Don’t you like playing peek-a-boo with your mommy?”

“But Mom told me not to run around! She said she’d be anxious if she couldn’t find me!”

“Daddy, let’s play a game that doesn’t make Mommy anxious, okay?”

Sean didn’t know that Cindy had been once lost, let alone that Amber once almost went crazy because she couldn’t find Cindy last time.

When he heard Cindy’s words, he only thought that there is something wrong with Amber!

Did she really think that her daughter was so charming that everyone wanted to steal her?


He was still angry at the fact that Amber said that his Manman was his home wrecker. He had to scare her to give vent to the anger in his heart.

He slightly frowned and impatiently reached out and patted Cindy on the head, saying, “It’s just a game, she won’t be anxious about something like this! Don’t worry. “

“If no one comes to look for you, you can’t come out, okay?”

After Sean instructed Cindy, he light a cigarette for himself and returned the way he came, with a rare light smile on his face.

Last time at the hospital, he had wanted to make Amber anxious, but he ended up causing a wife abuse scandal!

This time, he wanted to see how Amber could find her daughter without his help!

Flicking the ashes from his fingertips, Sean took a few steps and met Shen Ruyun face to face.

“Hey, Sean.”

Sean gave her a faint glance, “What a coincidence, running into you twice along the way!”

Shen Ruyun was stunned for a while and a smile was shown on her face, “I came here on purpose to look for you, Mom and Dad said that Amber might be arriving soon, so you can go to the memorial ceremony now.”


Sean responded and headed out of the ancestral hall, Shen Ruyun then said, “Where is Amber’s daughter? Wasn’t she with you?”

“Why are you asking this?”

Sean took a glance at Shen Ruyun in a calm mood, his eyes seemingly carefree, but in fact, they were incredibly sharp, able to see into people’s hearts at any time!

“I am just asking casually, isn’t Amber always caring for her daughter so much? I was worried that she’d be angry with you later when she saw you weren’t with that child. “

Sean curled his lips, “Don’t worry about that, just mind your own business, especially the mansion under your husband’s name, you better redeem it quickly!”

“Otherwise if Mom finds out, you won’t be able to save yourself no matter how nicely you speak! “

The smile on Shen Ruyun’s face faded awat, she still wanted to say something, and the phone in her pocket rang.

At this time, there could only be one person who called her.

Sean threw away the cigarette butt, then twisted it out with the tip of his polished shoe, faintly reminding Shen Ruyun, “Hey, your phone is ringing!”

“Well, I’m going to take a phone call, and you go there first. “

Sean nodded his head and walked out straight away.

His stride was large, but instead, it was Shen Ruyun, standing in the same place, her face covered with a layer of tree shadow, gloomy for no reason.

She looked back at the direction Sean was coming from, a horrible smile was hung on her face.

Amber came so quickly. When Sean reached the shrine, she was already there. Amber had changed into a goose-yellow dress, the injuries on her elbows and knees had been treated, standing in the crowd, looking so cool and refreshing.

Seeing Sean, she tugged on her skirt and came over.

“Where’s Cindy?”

“You are asking me where your own daughter is? Don’t you think it’s funny?”

Amber became anxious, “Sean, don’t joke about it, you were obviously the one who carried Cindy to the ancestral hall, and I just asked, and everyone said you were with Cindy!”

“Where did you hide her?”

Shadow of the sunshine through the tree leaves made Sean look so gloomy.

He took a glance at Amber, and found that her hands were beginning to shake, and felt even more exaggerated!

Amber was really getting good at acting!

There’s even body movement!

He really didn’t know whether to admire her or to sneer!

“Director White, if you can’t find your daughter, go call the police! What’s the use of looking for me? ” Sean showed a faint smile, “It’s just that your daughter has only been lost for a few minutes, so I’m afraid the police station will not even file a case. “

Amber’s hand suddenly climbed up, she reached out and firmly clutched Sean’s sleeve.

“Sean, you quickly tell me where Cindy is! It’s the anniversary of your third brother’s death and I don’t want to make a scene at Dad’s! “

“Cindy is my bottom line! “

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