Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 163: Sean, I Don’t Wanna Threaten You!

Was Amber annoyed?

Was it so serious that she even wanted to let his father know?

Who knew if she was really worried about her daughter or if she was just currying favour by claptrap!

Sean looked at Amber with contempt and said in a low voice, “This is not so big, and Cindy is no longer a baby, how can she disappear? “

“Your daughter, find out for yourself! What’s it got to do with me?! “

Hearing this, Amber found that her eyes twitched.

She was in a panic and all she wanted now was to see Cindy!

Amber licked the corner of her lips and tried to speak calmly, “Sean, Cindy is still young, and this side of the ancestral hall is full of moss and mud, so I’m mainly worried about her falling down! “

“If Cindy does get hurt a little, Dad will probably blame you then! Hiding Cindy isn’t good for you or me, is it?”

Sean tugged felt irritated.

He hated the way Amber spoke, making everything so serious and horrible, and acting like she was caring for his reputation!

Each time he saw her like this, he felt so disgusted.

If she really cared about him, why didn’t she explain it to his father when the wife abuse scandal came out in the first place?

Sean was standing in the same place, unmoved.

Amber suddenly reached out and clasped his small arm, with a bit of firmness in her eyes.

“Sean, I don’t want to threaten you! Don’t you dare make me!”


Sean sneered. Amber’s these words have no difference with threatening him!

He looked askance at her, his gaze cold and piercing.

“Worship to my third brother first! Don’t worry, no one will be lost! “

Amber then let herself calm down and tell herself that worshipping Johnson was the most important thing to do today, which wouldn’t take a long time.

Amber knew Sean’s character so much, and she knew that he wouldn’t take her to Cindy until she worshipped Johnson.

She could only suppress her panic, nodding her head and following Sean to the nearby shrine.


After Sean left, Shen Ruyun answered the phone.

“Mrs. Smith, we have arrived, and where’s the little girl you were talking about! Don’t be kidding us! “

Her eyes suddenly flashed with some surprise, because she hadn’t expect that in order to kidnap a three-year-old girl, Mr. Qian would actually come in person.

That’s a great surprise!

“How could it be? Mr. Qian, you come up from the back side of the hill, not far from the shrine, there are some big rocks, and that little bastard is behind the biggest one! “

“Mrs. Smith, you better take me with you! “

Mr. Qian had been experienced in this, and he’s not that easy to fool!

After all, this child, and Sean had an indirect relationship, Shen Ruyun and him was a mutual use of the relationship, if this woman was not involved, Mr. Qian couldn’t rest assured.

“Mr. Qian, today is the death anniversary of my huband, so if I don’t show up again, my in-laws will definitely look for me and… “

“If so, I don’t think you have enough sincerity in the cooperation with us. “

Shen Ruyun was stunned, because she knew that Mr. Qian had a hold on Shen Ruyun! That’s actually no less than a threat!

“Then move fast, I don’t have much time!”

Hanging up the phone, Shen Ruyun smiled. Cindy was hidden by Sean, so even if Amber found that her child was missing, the one who should be responsible was Sean!

As soon as Mr. Qian left, she would just watch the interesting show!

Amber and Sean were having a disagreement and lost their baby, so they couldn’t blame someone else, right?

In less than five minutes, Mr. Qian showed up, brought a few people with him, and met up with Shen Ruyun.

Shen Ruyun led people behind the stone, and when Cindy heard footsteps, she looked up in surprise, “Mama?! Is it Mom? “

Upon seeing that it was Shen Ruyun, the smile on Cindy’s face was instantly gone.

“Mom? Haha… “

Shen Ruyun smiled, nodding her chin telling the person behind him. “Mr. Qian, that’s her! She is the daughter of Amber! “

There were a bit too many people behind her, Cindy squeezed her hand in fear, she tilted her head and looked guardedly at Shen Ruyun.

Mr. Qian’s men smiled and stepped forward, “Little girl, let us take you to your parents, let’s go!”

“I don’t! Get away from me you bad guys!”

Cindy took a step back.

“You little bastard! How impolite of you! Shame on you!”

“I’m not a bastard! I have a mom and dad!” Cindy glared at Shen Ruyun and said, “You’re a bad woman, I’m not going with you!”

Shen Ruyun raised her hand and slapped Cindy on her face.

Her force was so strong that Cindy even fell to the ground!

Cindy’s eyes instantly reddened in pain, Amber had always protected Cindy since she was a child, much less hit her!

Cindy gritted her teeth and didn’t say a word, instead staring at Shen Ruyun with big, stubborn eyes.

“You are actually so brave!”

Shen Ruyun sneered, “Just a daughter of a bith, and you actually dare to glare at me! You really think you’re Sean’s daughter so that you can care for nobody?!”

“You’re the bastard! Bastard! Bastard! “

“Our Smith family would never give birth to an uneducated and dirty bastard like you! “

After teaching Cindy, Shen Ruyun stood up straight and said to Mr. Qian , “Mr. Qian, the back side of the mountain is not close to the ancestral hall, but later when you take her away, it is better to use something to cover her mouth to let her make no sound! “

Mr. Qian’s man had picked up Cindy and subconsciously covered her mouth after hearing Shen Ruyun’s words.

Cindy then bit him hard, making the man feel great pain and have to release her, “I want to find my mother, you guys let go of me! “

Her eyes filled with tears, and her small hands kept patting the person who was holding her.

Mr. QIan looked at another man by his side. The man nodded and pressed a towel against Cindy’s nose.

Soon, Cindy felt so sleepy and finally closed her eyes.

Shen Ruyun smiled faintly, and Mr. Qian looked at her face.

She subconsciously held her face. If it wasn’t for this little bastard, how could she be slapped!

Mr. Qian didn’t ask too many questions, and directly let people carry Cindy and leave from the back mountain.

Shen Ruyun saw the situation and took a detour, taking a different route to the ancestral hall.

The Smith family was already about to start worshipping Johnson, and from a far distance, Shen Ruyun could hear Tomas voice.

“Where’s Ruyun? “

“Dad, I’m here, I just got a call!”

Tomas took a glance at Shen Ruyun, knew that she had just been beaten and must be uncomfortable, so he did not say anything and just let her in to give worship to Johnson.

After all, it’s not the Dragon Boat Festival, the process of worship was very simple. Everyone just needed to light incense and pray in turn.

In just ten minutes, Amber had been greatly tormented, feeling that the ten minutes was as long as a century.

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