Please Go Away, Mr Smith!-Chapter 164: Cindy Isn’t Here!

As soon as the worship event was over, Amber White hurriedly stopped Sean Smith.

“Sean, you promised me…”

Sean Smith felt that Amber White was too nervous. She just didn’t see her daughter for a few minutes, and she panicked like this!

Maybe she wanted to cause the problem between him and the old man!

He moved his shoulder, the injury on his back still aching.

Sean Smith glanced contemptuously at Amber White and took her back to find Cindy White.

Walking to the hiding place of Cindy White, Sean Smith took out a cigarette from the cigarette case, he pointed at where Cindy White was hiding, and said: “Your baby girl is inside, go to find her!”

Sean Smith didn’t mean to go any further, lit his cigarette, and stood carelessly on the spot, looking at her!

Amber White directly looked for the stone pointed by Sean Smith, but Cindy was not here at all!


Amber White called her daughter’s name. Although this place was small, there were only a few stones in total. She went around and made sure that there was no one inside.

The panic in Amber White’s heart was stronger, and she came out and locked her eyes tightly with Sean Smith:

“Sean, Cindy is not here!”

Sean Smith was surprised, although Amber White’s daughter was not very adorable, there was one thing that other children can’t compare with her, and that was obedient!

When he hid Cindy White here, he told Cindy White not to run around. How could she not be there? !

“I’ve searched for such a big place in total, and she was not here! Sean, did you remember the location wrong?”

Amber White’s face turned pale, and she looked at him with suspicion.

Sean Smith didn’t believe it. He passed by Amber White and said as he walked: “My sense of direction has always been good. I said your daughter is here, she must be here!”

Sean Smith was sure, but Amber White bit her lip and followed Sean Smith to look for the girl.

The two searched separately, and they re-traveled the places they had walked. In the end, let alone a child, they didn’t even find anything!

Amber White’s expression was a bit ugly, but when she talked to Sean Smith, she was still patient:

“Sean, stop playing, okay? Such a joke is not funny at all!”

“I beg you, let Cindy go! She is timid. If you let her stay alone, she will be afraid!”

Sean Smith’s expression became gloomy, he ignored Amber White, his eyes locked in front of the stone clusters of different sizes.

With just this small place, he didn’t believe that Cindy White could still be lost!

Everyone in this city knew that their Smith family’s ancestral hall had been built here, and others wouldn’t come here!

If Cindy White was not here, it can only explain one problem.

She must have left on her own because she was playing for a while!

Thinking about it, Sean Smith glanced at Amber White with a worried look, and said in an angry tone:

“What are you worrying about? Just wait here. Cindy White will come back naturally when she gets tired after playing!”

“Playing? What can you play on such a big mountain? Besides, Cindy has been obedient since she was a child. She is not the kind of kid who is playful!”

Sean Smith didn’t care: “Of course, she is!”

“Direc tor White, maybe it’s because you don’t let Cindy White play, so she deliberately hid!”

“It’s so unfortunate to be your daughter!”

Amber White’s expression became indifferent inch by inch.


Cindy White was lost once, and since she remembered, Amber White had been teaching her not to run around!

She can’t go by herself!

“Sean, I know you are dissatisfied with me, but Cindy is just a three-year-old child! She doesn’t understand anything!”

“This mountain is so empty all year round. There are moss and small puddles everywhere. What if she is not careful, what would happen to her? Don’t make trouble, give me Cindy quickly!”

Amber White was anxious, his voice raised involuntarily, and what she said became anxious.

She worked hard for the position of director in the Smith Group’s marketing department. If she got angry and her expression would be terrible!

The servant Tomas Smith sent to seek them was taken aback.

“Young Master, Young Lady, Master let us down the mountain…”

Amber White’s expression was even more gloomy: “Now that our parents are letting us down the mountain, you can’t let Cindy continue to hide! Are you going to leave her alone in the mountain?!”

Sean Smith sneered slightly: “Director White, don’t you think you are too fussy? Your daughter ran away by herself, how can you blame me!”

“I said, Cindy, is not the kind of kid who is playful!”

There was a fierce quarrel between the two, and the sound of the quarrel echoed in the empty mountain, which soon alarmed Tomas Smith.

When he arrived, Amber White’s eye was red, and her lips were so pale. She was despaired and confronted Sean Smith sharply!

“Sean Smith, I don’t want to quarrel with you, give Cindy back to me, I can do everything for that!”

Hearing this, Tomas Smith took a step forward. He stared at Sean Smith and asked indifferently: “What’s the matter? Why did Amber ask you to return Cindy to her? Isn’t Cindy with you?”

Sean Smith’s expression sank: “Cindy White is missing.”

“How?!” Tomas Smith darkened his eyes, “What the hell?! Call the kid out soon!”

“How do I know why she lost it?! Children love to play, isn’t it normal?”

Sean Smith curled his lips impatiently and asked, “So? Dad, are you going to mess around with Director White?”

“Damn you, what kind of attitude do you have, she’s your child!”

“I told you already, I am not such a big child!”

Tomas Smith endured his tolerance and slapped his backhand on Sean Smith’s face!


His strength was so great that Sean Smith’s face was pulled to one side, and his hair was messy, only showing his handsome face that had been slapped, with a distinct slap print!

Sean Smith grinned, his right cheek hurt!

“Tomas, so many people are watching us, even if you are angry, you can’t slap your son in public!”

Mrs. Smith was a little anxious, and Tomas Smith became even angrier: “It’s because you always spoil him that he would be like this!”

“Sean didn’t say anything wrong…”

“Shut up!” Tomas Smith screamed, and said with a calm face: “Let everyone search the child!”

He was very angry, shaking slightly, and pointed at Sean Smith and cursed: “You better pray to find Cindy quickly, otherwise, I will punish you without going down the mountain! “

Sean Smith stretched out his hand and pressed the corner of his lips, the palm print on his face did not affect the man’s beauty in the least.

Hearing this, he narrowed his eyes and sneered.

What a coincidence, he just hid Cindy White within a few minutes, and she was lost!

If it had nothing to do with Amber White, he didn’t believe it!

This was just a trap, the set given to him by Amber White and her daughter!

Amber White wanted to avenge her revenge because he was standing at the bedside of Cindy White with scissors last night!

It’s better to let the old man flick him another whip! Then she would be satisfied.

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