Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 165: There Will Be Heavy Rain Tonight

Sean Smith thought maliciously, his stare at Amber White getting more and more gloomy!

He was sick, so he would almost believe that Amber White’s daughter had something to do with him. Even if she called him father, the little girl wasn’t close to him at all!

There was no possibility of being his daughter!

He shouldn’t do the damn paternity test. When he went back, he would destroy her hair!

Standing in the crowd, Shen Ruyun smiled. When her eyes touched Amber White, there was a flash of pleasure in her eyes.

She rolled her eyes and said with a smile: “The ancestral hall is not a big place, Amber, would it be that your daughter went down the mountain by herself! By then, the slap of Sean will be suffered in vain!”

Mrs. Smith’s movements stopped and she subconsciously glanced at Sean Smith’s face.

Sean’s skin was white, and Tomas Smith used a strong strength when he slapped Sean. The red mark on Sean’s face was much heavier than those on Shen Ruyun’s face!

Mrs. Smith felt distressed for a while!

Her son, she loved him so dearly, at first, the atmosphere between Sean Smith and Tomas Smith was not so tense!

Since Amber White married Sean, their family had changed!

It’s all Amber White’s fault!

Mrs. Smith took a look at Amber White. Amber White even didn’t lift her eyelids. Now she just wants to find Cindy. It didn’t matter what others thought of her or what she was thinking now!

Amber White ignored Shen Ruyun’s sneer, she just said to her indifferently: “Get out of the way!”

Shen Ruyun’s complexion became stiff, and he secretly hated Amber White for embarrassing her!

She stepped aside and watched Amber White angrily.

She didn’t talk nonsense, at this time, Mr. Qian might have brought that small bastard home!

Even if Amber White had been searching here for three years, she may not be able to find Cindy White!

Amber White had just walked two steps, and a servant said with embarrassment: “Master, just now the weather station announced that there will be heavy rain tonight…”

This sentence, like a thunder on the ground, exploded on the heart of Amber White.

She subconsciously raised her head and glanced at the sky, which was covered by lush trees. The environment here was already gloomy. The sky was already overcast, and it looked like it was about to rain!

Shen Ruyun panicked: “Dad, you know, there have been landslides in the back mountain. Heavy rain is very dangerous! We need to go down before it rains!”

Tomas Smith frowned, he glanced at the weather forecast on his phone, and the servant’s words were true.

This mountain was old and there was moss on the steps. If they didn’t go down the mountain before the rain came, the road would become very slippery even if the mountain did not collapse.

And it was very possible to roll down the mountain!

This was a very serious matter. Tomas Smith weighed the pros and cons and decided to let everyone go down the mountain!

Amber White’s heart was like an ice cellar instantly, she was almost crazy.

This was not the first time that Cindy White had been lost. Her daughter was timid, Amber didn’t dare to think about leaving Cindy alone on the mountain with the rain, what would happen to her? !

She just came out of the hospital!

“No, I want to stay here and find Cindy.”

Amber White’s eyes were red, and her eyes were full of tears. She didn’t even have the strength to deal with the Smith family. Her heart was covered with panic and despair, she’s almost crazy.

“Leave her alone, she can’t ask all of us to stay with her and wait for death, right?”

Sean Smith sneered, and said slightly.

Tomas Smith was angry: “Sean, if you could take care of Cindy well, would something like this happen?!”

Why did he lose the child? If Cindy White stayed here obediently, how could there be so much trouble to deal with!

The old man and Amber White were still struggling, did they have to push Cindy White lost on him?!

Did they think that he was free enough to fight against Amber White?!

“Dad, Sean is right. When we come to worship Johnson, most of the servants in the family are here. Isn’t her daughter important, aren’t we?”

“We can help her find her daughter, but we can’t die on the mountain!”

Shen Ruyun suddenly said. Although she was suspected of taking revenge on Amber White, she was right!

In this situation, no one wanted to stay and help Amber White find Cindy White.

What’s the difference between this and die?!

Tomas Smith frowned and sighed: “Amber, it’s too dangerous to stay on the mountain. Let’s go down the mountain to discuss countermeasures. I will help you find your daughter!”

The expression on Amber White’s face faded: “Dad, you said that staying on the mountain is dangerous! I can’t just worry about my safety, but ignore Cindy’s life and death!”

“You can go down the mountain with them, I have to stay and continue to look for Cindy.”

Cindy White’s condition was still returning, and Amber White can’t feel at ease if she can’t find her!

Tomas Smith still wanted to persuade Amber White, but was stopped by Sean Smith’s words: “Dad, since Director White said so, we don’t need to stay here longer, let’s go down the mountain. The safety of so many people is more valuable than her life!”

Sean Smith said this was extremely angry!

Amber White was shameless enough. When it ca,e to this, she still didn’t call out Cindy White, wasn’t she just trying to get him Sean Smith to death? !

That being the case, he fulfilled her wishes!

Sean Smith said something bad. Tomas Smith changed his expression when he heard it. He lifted his foot and kicked it towards Sean Smith and kicked it on Sean Smith’s knee.

The painful feeling came from the leg, and Sean Smith’s figure stagnated.

“You bastard, I want to kill you!”

Tomas Smith was still planning to do something, Mrs. Smith suddenly stood in front of Sean Smith, she said with a sullen expression, “Stop! If you want to hit my son again, kill me first!”

“Kill both of your wife and your son, then you can help your good daughter-in-law!”


Tomas Smith was very angry, and the Smith family was in a mess. The servants who had been in the Smith family for several years stopped Tomas Smith.

There was probably only Shen Ruyun who was glad to see this!

Tomas was so angry because of Sean’s words, he took a few deep breaths before pointing his finger at Sean Smith, and said: “Okay! I won’t hit him again. This mountain is so big. It is difficult for Amber to find Cindy alone!”

“Let this bastard stay here and accompany Amber!”

“The mountains are so dangerous, ten Amber White and Cindy White added up are not as precious as a son of mine! I disagree!”

Tomas Smith glanced at Mrs. Smith sideways and said, “That’s it, you don’t want to go down the mountain, stay with your son here!”

Amber White had already left to find Cindy White when they started to quarrel. Tomas Smith pointed in the direction of Amber White, and stared at Sean Smith, he said:

“Why haven’t you gone to chase her! If Cindy is lost, you will be the one who would regret it afterward!”

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