Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 166: Director White, What A Perfect Actress You Are!

Sean Smith snorted, he patted the dust on his trousers.

“Mom, go down with sister-in-law. I am young and strong. If the mountain really collapses, I must run faster than Amber White, at least I can live two more minutes than her!”

He said this because he intentionally wanted to make Tomas Smith angry. He knew that it must be Amber White and Cindy White who made a trap for him!

Even if Tomas Smith did not ask him to stay, he still had to stay to see what was Amber White going to do!

As soon as he finished speaking, Sean Smith moved and chased in the direction of Amber White. Tomas Smith was so angry, and he took a long time to react.

Amber White went crazy, she kept looking for Cindy White on the mountain. She felt guilty and regretted to death. She only hated that when she went down the mountain to change clothes, why didn’t she take Cindy White back with her!

Following the mountain road all the way, Amber White directly crossed the crowded place like the ancestral hall. After searching for more than an hour, no one was found, but the sky became darker and darker.

The big raindrops fell from the sky, and the torrential rain came fierce and urgent. Amber White was soaked and her skirt was attached to her body, forming a slender and beautiful outline!

As she walked further and further, Sean Smith tugged at his shirt irritably, narrowing his eyes.

“Going forward is the reservoir of the back mountain. With such a long distance, a three-year-old child can arrive at this place? Director White, are you serious!”

Amber White pursed his lips and said nothing.

She lowered her head, and the wind and rain couldn’t stop her.

Walking all the way around the reservoir, Amber White did not find Cindy White.

Going forward and crossing the reservoir was the way down the mountain.

Amber White’s voice became hoarse, standing by the reservoir, she choked:

“Cindy! Cindy!”

The road next to the reservoir was slippery, Amber White stepped on the moss wet by the rain and almost fell into the river.

Fortunately, she stabilized herself in time and fell to the ground.

Sean Smith saw his veins jumping, the rain-drenched his clothes, and the raindrops slipped off his face. Not only was Sean Smith not embarrassed, but the unique stiffness between his brows set off the man’s extraordinarily sexy and sultry!

He frowned, and the toe of his shoe touched Amber White’s body with a bad tone:

“Did you die?”

Amber White sat up from the ground, her arms were stained with river moss, and there was a strong smell of fish.

She reached out and picked up something. It was dark, but Sean Smith could also tell it was a pair of children’s shoes.

“Cindy’s shoes?”

Amber White murmured, her heart seemed to be shackled by a pair of big hands, her breath broke, then she looked into the boundless water.

She took out the phone from her pocket and quickly called the rescue team.

As soon as the call was connected, Amber White’s tears flowed out.

The rain was heavy, and Sean Smith stood not far away, and could hear Amber White’s conversation.

“My daughter may have fallen into a reservoir in the eastern suburbs!”

“Three years old!”

“Please save her!”

Amber White reached out and wiped the drops of water on her face that she didn’t know if it was rain or tears.

“Isn’t the Dongjiao Reservoir on the mountain? Why are you going there? Now it is raining heavily outside, and our rescuers can’t get up to that mountain!”

The road on the mountain was slippery. On weekdays, this mountain was off the beaten track except for the Smith family to worship the old man!

In addition to the previous landslide, if they came to the mountain under the heavy rain, wouldn’t it be that they seek for the death in person?

Even if the rescue team wanted to help her, they can’t!

After hanging up, Amber White did not give up, she called the police.

Cindy White was missing. It was a case of missing children. The police checked the time when Cindy White was missing.

“Miss White, your daughter lost less than three hours of time, which does not meet our requirements for filing a case!”

Amber White sat on the bank of the reservoir and said to the phone: “But my daughter is only three years old. I found her shoes on the bank of the Reservoir. I am worried about her, please, please, help me find her!”

The police still said the same thing. It was not that they didn’t help her, but that this kind of situation happened frequently. There were too many cases of children being lost. Many times, the police went out of the police station and were told that the children had gone back by themselves!

The string of reason in Amber White’s heart was completely broken. She couldn’t swim, and she cried out desperately with her arms around her knees and her legs.

Cindy White was her only support. As long as she thought of what might happen to her, her heart, like being torn in half by someone, was in pain!

Amber White had always shown her maturity and stability in the company, and Sean Smith was the first time he had seen her look like this.

She was crying hysterically, even if Sean Smith had always hated her, he couldn’t bear it.

The big raindrops hit people’s skin with a distinct pain. The cry of Amber White penetrated the sound of rain, and it had been transmitted into the eardrum of Sean Smith.

Sean Smith couldn’t help but panicked with Amber White.

Cindy White was missing when she was with him after all. Could it be that she was really lost because of him!?

The twists and turns on the mountain road were not easy to walk, if Cindy White left because of fun and got lost here, maybe something really happened!

Sean Smith glanced at Amber White, who was crying almost to death, and then paused.

No, something’s wrong!

Amber White had always loved her daughter so dearly. He lost Cindy White for no reason. She can handle it calmly and self-sufficiently.

This must be a trap from Amber White.

The old man went down the mountain. She couldn’t ask the old man to do anything to him now, so she turned to win his sympathy!

Otherwise, how could Amber White have such a clear purpose and come directly to the reservoir?

The whole mountain belonged to the Amith family, and no one would usually come here. When Amber White changed her clothes and came back, Cindy White was missing. How could it be such a coincidence?

The shoes were left on purpose. Cindy White might have been taken down by Amber White’s people and settled down!

Sean Smith licked the corners of his lips, his eyesight became dark and gloomy.

When Amber White cried anxiously, Sean Smith couldn’t help but sneered: “It’s useless for you to squat there. It’s been two hours. If Cindy White really fell in the reservoir, she must be dead long ago!”

Amber White cried, and she lifted her head from the crook of her legs, looking bitterly at Sean Smith.

Sean Smith was unhappy.

During the three years of marriage, Amber White was seldom when she met him, but every time, her eyes were either respectful or gentle!

For the first time, Sean Smith saw hatred in her eyes!

After he was stunned for a moment, Amber White had already climbed up from the ground, and leaped towards him.

Amber White was very emotional, pulling on the collar of Sean Smith and said dumbly: “Sean Smith! You give me my daughter back, you give her to me back!”

“Sean Smith, Cindy is only three years old! You can kill a child, are you a human, are you still a man!”

The grief of Amber White was serious, her nails hit Sean Smith’s chin, and the pain made him gasp!

Next to the reservoir, Amber White involuntarily fought against him, and Sean Smith almost slipped.

He squinted his eyes, staring at Amber White contemptuously, and said sarcastically:

“What a nice actress you are!”

“Shouldn’t you jump into the water to save your daughter at this time?”

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