Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 167: Sean, I Regret It

Hearing Sean Smith’s words, Amber White paused, she glanced at him faintly and felt that her world had collapsed.

If she didn’t give Cindy to him, how could Cindy be lost? !

It’s ridiculous!

Sean was Cindy’s father!

How could Sean make Cindy missing? !

Amber White choked.

“Sean, I regret it!”

“I regret meeting you.”

“Regret falling in love with you.”

“I regret marrying you more!”

She smiled, her eyesight was miserable, her tone was full of determination.

Sean Smith disagreed and sneered.

Amber White said the same thing last time in the hospital, saying something like “I don’t love you anymore” every day. If she didn’t love him, she could divorce him. Wasn’t it much easier? !

Amber White looked at the man’s indifferent face and moved slowly back.

Sean Smith noticed her movement, raised his eyelids, and glanced in her direction.

The rain was heavy, but it was strange that Sean Smith could still see the tears on her eyes.

Amber White’s eyes lost all luster, with a bit of hollowness, hatred broke away from love, and poured out from it.

Tears mixed with cold rain fell on her face, and Amber White’s heartache was numb to the point of no consciousness.

“You…what are you doing?!”

Sean Smith sensed that there was something wrong with Amber White. Almost when he spoke, Amber White smiled sullenly… She didn’t hesitate, turned around, and jumped into the reservoir!

Sean Smith’s eyes widened to the extreme, and his dark pupils suddenly tightened!

Wad Amber White crazy? !

In heavy rain, the river was unstable. Besides, this was a reservoir, not the swimming pool in the backyard of the Smith family! How can Amber White jumped in directly?!

Sean Smith took a step forward subconsciously, then he stopped.

Something’s wrong!

Was it Amber White’s show again?!

Her daughter may fall into the reservoir, and if Amber White wanted to jump into the reservoir to find her daughter. When this matter was known by the old man, the old man would blame him!

Sean Smith guessed that Amber White must be able to swim, otherwise she can’t have the courage to jump into the reservoir, right? !

Amber White fell heavily and eagerly, and huge splashes of water splashed. The current sealed Amber White’s breath, passed through her nose and mouth, and poured into her respiratory tract.

It choked her internal organs and made her aching.

But all this can’t compare with her heartache!

It’s like someone was holding a knife to cut her already fragile heart, the wound was deadly, and the bone was visible!

She bore the pain every minute, for Sean, she had lost everything!

If it weren’t for Cindy’s disappearance, she could still live on and survive!

What did she do wrong to be punished like this?

Amber White slowly blinked her aching eyes, her eyelashes burst open in front of the mist.

Fortunately, fortunately… she can finally be free!

Cindy, mommy was going to accompany you!

A string of blisters leaked out of her mouth, and a strange sense of familiarity lingered in Amber White’s heart.

Her consciousness dimmed, and she suddenly remembered what happened eight years ago.

It was a yacht party.

When she was invited to participate in, she unexpectedly met Sean Smith.

She stared at Sean Smith’s face, and her feet seemed to have taken root, tracing his eyebrows greedily.

After three years of absence, Sean had lost weight, but his temperament had taken a qualitative leap.

He had become mature and stable. In short, he was more handsome and more attractive!

However, before she could be happy, she was frightened by the indifferent glance of the man.

It seemed that a basin of cold water was poured down. In the scorching heat of May, she felt cold because of his indifferent gaze!

She was stunned, and watched Sean Smith gently hug a woman into his arms, not knowing what they were talking about.

Later, the woman turned around with a chuckle and met her gaze before she could see her face.

It’s Lin Man, who hadn’t seen her in three years.

She snuggled in the arms of the man with a smile, handsome man, and pretty woman, they were like a match couple!

At that time, she was standing on the deck shivering, afraid to ask Sean Smith why he ignored her, for fear of getting an answer that she couldn’t accept.

She was desperate, clutching the corners of her dress, looking at the endless deep sea, tearing down her heart and tears.

The speed of the yacht was getting faster and faster, and the detection radar at the bottom of the ship had scanned the reef. If it’s really about to hit it, all the people on the yacht would fall into the sea and drown.

Just when she was unprepared, the yacht made an unexpected turn and threw her into the raging sea!

She didn’t know how to swim.

After falling into the sea, her breath was instantly deprived of cleanliness, she struggled a few times subconsciously, her body stiffened, then she slowly fell.

She didn’t want to die, even if she would die, she had to say something to that man!

He told her, no matter where she was, in the crowd, he would find her.

She raised her head and waved vigorously at Sean Smith on the deck, but…

“Mr. Smith, you can’t go down, the sea is rough and dangerous!”

“Manman! Manman is there!”

The water passed over her head, and she watched Sean Smith jump off the yacht, watching him pass her indifferently, swimming in the direction of Lin Man.

At that moment, her heart seemed to be drowned in the sea, and all previous commitments and love seemed to become a joke.

Her body kept falling with her heart.

The coldness of the sea eight years ago was mixed with the dryness of the pond water right now!

Tonight and yesterday eve, like a dream.

Sean Smith, Sean Smith, the man she loved for so many years.

He changed and didn’t love her anymore!

He didn’t love her anymore…

Since the change eleven years ago, Lin Man was the only one that he can see!

He did not go into the water to save her, let alone now? !

Amber White was so dispirited, her strength was emptied!

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and Sean Smith can see Amber’s situation because of the rain.

He suppressed his irritability and reached out his hand to wipe the rain off his face.

Suddenly, Sean Smith glanced in the direction of Amber White, the water was splashing fiercely, as if the woman was struggling.

Sean Smith licked his lips, the water in his mouth was a bit salty, and he frowned uncomfortably.

Although Amber White’s struggling movements were not great, she never stopped struggling. Sean Smith frowned.

Amber White’s show was decent!

She even knew how to struggle in the water!

If she really can’t swim, then this was another trap!

Didn’t she want him to jump down and save her?

Sean Smith’s brows tightened.

If he jumped to save her, wouldn’t he be fooled by this cunning woman again!?

Since Amber White was so self-confident, it must mean that she had a Plan-B!

She hadn’t won this game yet!

He didn’t believe that Amber White was willing to give up all previous plans, and die like that!

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