Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 168: Amber, I Did It On Purpose

Sean Smith sneered, and he just stood still, his eyesight was calm.

He was going to see, after Amber White climbed ashore from the water, what she did plan to come up with the trick!

He let her jump into the water, and she just did so?!

Sorry, he didn’t see Director White had been so obedient before!

Sean Smith stood carelessly in the wind and rain, standing straightly, like a lifeless sculpture without fear of all-natural phenomena!

Gradually, Amber White struggled weaker and weaker in the water, and the water spread over her whole body.

The water in the reservoir was clear. Standing in the position, Sean can even see Amber White’s gradually falling.

The expression on Sean Smith’s face cracked, his eyebrows twisted tightly.

With the torrential rain, his chest concealed his anger.

Amber White, this woman, can’t be underestimated, she was amazing!

Sean Smith couldn’t help but sneer!

Now Amber White can take her own life and bet his patience!


He wanted to see how long Amber White could hold her underwater without breathing!

She was looking for death by herself, even if something happened, what did it have to do with him?!

Sean Smith still didn’t believe it. If Amber White had an accident, the old man can accuse him of murder, and then to pay the atonement for Amber White, he was thrown into prison by the old man!

Sean Smith’s eyesight was deep, and the storm was about to come!

Over the years, many people had played tricks with Sean Smith. Amber White was not the only one, or even the greatest one!

But it was undeniable that Amber White was the one who had been lasting for the longest time!

Probably his tolerance for her was too high!

Sean Smith stared at the water, and the falcon-like vision was indifferent.

Time passed by, Sean Smith paused a little anxiously, his lips pressed tightly into a straight line.

Time passed by, and Sean Smith paused a little anxiously, his lips pressed tightly into a straight line.

After a pause, Sean Smith glanced at the delicate watch on his wrist!

He didn’t know when the minute hand stopped. It was because the rain was too heavy and there was no shelter by the reservoir, so the water entered the watch!

He can’t see clearly.

Some people could hold their breath in the water for only a few minutes, and the ripples on the water surface spread out, and gradually only the water ripples splashed by the water droplets were left.

He licked the corner of his lips and his eyes were faint!

Wasn’t Amber White acting? She really can’t swim?!

As soon as this idea appeared, it was cut off by Sean Smith!

It’s impossible!

Amber White was not the kind of person who could give up easily. He knew from three years ago that she would not stop as soon as she got enough benefits. Similarly, she would not give up this time!

People like Amber White would not choose this method of death by jumping into the river and drowning!

He can’t be shaken so easily, as long as he saved Amber White, he would be fooled by her!

Sean Smith stood for less than two or three seconds, then he ran in the direction of the reservoir, and jumped into the water!

Anyway, the old man liked Amber White!

In case Amber White died!

According to the old man’s upright character, he could let him pay for Amber White’s death. Wasn’t he not worth the loss!

Amber White can’t die!

At least she can’t die this time!

Otherwise, Cindy White’s loss was inseparable from him, and her death was even more inseparable from him!

In comparison, reputation was worth a few dollars!?

As soon as Sean Smith entered the water, his eyes became clearer than on the shore.

He soon saw the shadow of Amber White, the woman’s body slowly fell, and Sean Smith swam in the direction of Amber White and stretched his hand around Amber White’s Waist, her body was hard and cold, without any temperature.

She seemed to be dead.

Sean Smith’s expression changed and he quickly helped Amber White out of the water!

On the shore, Sean Smith patted Amber White’s cold cheek angrily and cursed.


He pressed his hands against Amber White’s chest, pressing down hard.

Sean Smith’s face was covered with a layer of condensation, and was concealed by the rain. That handsome face was full of gloom and coldness!

Amber White spit out a sip of water, her eyelids were lifted, the sky was full of heavy light, and it was so dark, huge raindrops fell on her face, her strength was exhausted, she closed her eyes again, and the world became dark.

Consciousness was drawn into the boundless dreamland.

The tip of Amber White’s nose smells of salty seawater.

She saw Sean Smith holding Lin Man back on the yacht, and she was floating in the sea, giving up the struggle, and slowly falling!

If it were not for the lifeguard on the yacht, Amber White would even think that she would be buried in the boundless sea.

After the party, Amber White wore a white gauze skirt. After falling into the water, the white gauze covered her body. Not only did she outline the beautiful body lines, but even the outline of her underwear was like a shadow!

Standing on the deck, Amber White was particularly embarrassed.

She and Lin Man were the only ones who fell into the sea, and they were all rescued, but it was a false alarm.

The passengers on the yacht reacted and whistled at Amber White.

Amber White’s face turned completely pale under their eyesight.

She had never regretted attending a party so much.

Amber White was not afraid of being laughed at, but her embarrassment formed a sharp contrast with Lin Man not far away. Lin Man was held in his arms by Sean Smith, dressed in his generous suit, and looked lovely.

Her boyfriend, her lover, the care that once belonged to her, were all given to another woman?

Amber White shivered, she was covered by an ice cellar, and the mocking voice intensified. Amber White bit her lip and shrouded her shoulders and shrank on the stool. The clothes on her body seemed to be stripped for people to watch.

She felt ashamed, and her heart seemed to be torn apart by a huge hole.

Until she was handed a bath towel in front of her.

Amber White froze, followed the pair of fair fingers and looked up, she saw Lin Man’s gentle face.

To meet her gaze, Lin Man picked up the corners of her lips, with a touch of gentle sneer on her face.

She shook off the bath towel and put it on Amber White, her slender body, standing in front of her, seemed to help her cover all malicious gazes!

But only Amber White can see her face, her face was frosty, high up.

“I let you go three years ago, why are you coming back?!”

Amber White’s heartbeat was caught by the shackles, her breathing was tightened, and all her movements were suppressed heavily.


“Amber, why are you deceiving yourself?” Lin Man stroked her wet hair, and said casually, “Sean no longer loves you!”

Her words were like a sharp knife, easily piercing Amber White’s heart.

Lin Man ignored Amber White’s chaos and went on to say:

“You know, the person he loves now is me.”

“You saw Sean’s choice just now, so I don’t need to prove it to you.”

“Amber, I fell into the water on purpose just now.”

“Amber, I can swim.”

Lin Man’s words were soft and sounded good, but each word seemed to be embedded in Amber White’s heart, which made her feel painful.

“Amber, you should wake up. Now Sean belongs to me completely.”

“Even if you are bullied and humiliated by someone, he won’t look at you more, he won’t protect you anymore!”

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