Please Go Away, Mr Smith!-Chapter 169: Regret?

The rain didn’t stop; Sean Smith glanced gloomily at Amber White who was lying on the ground, then he was angry.

Did Amber White think that he was blind?

He saw that she opened her eyes just now and heard her choking out of the water!

Why was she still lying unconsciously now?

She was planning to blame him, right!?

Sean Smith was half-dead and straightened up. He kicked Amber White’s body with his toes and said calmly, “Dead?”

Amber White did not move.

Sean Smith had a pause when he saw this.

Was it that serious?

Or what other plans did she have?

Sean Smith reached out his hand and pulled the shirt that was stuck on his body; his eyesight was indifferent.

The wound on his body was soaked in water, and it cracked due to strenuous exercise, the blood fainted, and Sean Smith only felt agitated.

He squeezed his eyelashes and glanced at Amber White; she couldn’t have been awake!

Sean Smith hesitated, squatted down, and observed Amber White.

He can’t make sure if Amber White wanted to take this opportunity to have a close relationship with him?

Did Amber White still want to use it to deceive him?

Was he that stupid?

However, Amber White’s face was so pale, lying soft on the ground; it didn’t look like she was pretending it!

Sean Smith was upset; he was willing to jump down the river to fish her up; he had been kind enough!

Amber White drove away Manman. He was willing to save her; Amber White was still not satisfied! ?

He took a deep breath.

The sky became more and more gloomy, Sean hesitated for a while, then he suddenly leaned down and opened Amber White’s mouth, took a breath, and his lips fell.

After crossing in one breath, Sean Smith’s expression was dark and gloomy.

If he were not worried that he would be sick if he kept drenching with Amber White, he would not bother to care about Amber White’s life and death at all!

This mountain had collapsed, and Sean Smith had observed it, and the rain would get worse and worse!

He didn’t want to stay on the mountain with Amber White to die!

He hadn’t found Manman yet!

If anything happened, wasn’t it would make Amber White get the benefit?


That’s right!

He did all this for himself!

For the reunion with Manman!

Sean Smith gave Amber White artificial respiration for a while, and then pressed her chest again.

Amber White coughed out another mouthful of water. She struggled to open her eyes and faced the handsome face of Sean Smith.

Amber White’s consciousness was still hanging in her dream. When she saw Sean Smith, she subconsciously pushed away from the tall man.

With the heart in her dreams remaining on her body like a knife, she sat up from the ground, her eyes blurred, her tone of sadness to the extreme:

“Aren’t you already in love with Lin Man? Why do you save me?”

Sean Smith was stunned.

Amber White had not fully awakened from the dream. She reached out her hand, her tone stumbling, and sarcasm to herself:

“So? Mr. Smith, do you regret now?”

Sean Smith’s eyebrows were pressed, and the amount of information was a bit too large. He didn’t understand it for a while, and he sneered directly after hearing the second half of the sentence.

He leaned forward, stretched out his hand to pinch Amber White’s chin, and pressed his fingertips so that Amber White had to look up and meet his sharp gaze.


Sean Smith’s tone was full of sarcasm: “What do you mean? I will regret it because of you?”

There was a tingling pain in the chin, Amber White’s body trembled, and her consciousness gradually returned.

“What about Manman? Manman is the mistress?”

“Amber White, are you crazy!”

Who did Amber White think she was?

Sean Smith suddenly remembered what Cindy White had said before her disappearance. The faint anger on his body, even if it was heavy rain, couldn’t hide it!

It seemed that he guessed right!

As a three-year-old child, what could she know? If Amber White didn’t teach it, could she say such things by Cindy White?

The one who occupied the magpie’s nest was Amber White. How could she be so shameless that she said such things? !

The voice of Sean Smith was tainted with wind and rain, and it hit Amber White hard:

“Manman and I met eleven years ago; we have always loved each other!”

“And you!”

“You’re the one who wants to destroy our marriage!”

Sean Smith’s tone was extremely heavy, and when he spoke, his fingers clasping Amber White’s chin became harder.

Amber White cried out in pain, but the pain on her chin could not match the pain in her heart, biting her nerves bit by bit.

This emotion, intertwined with and entangled with the feelings in the dream, made her painful and completely recalled Amber White’s deep thoughts.

Her eyes gradually became clear, and after several ups and downs, she still dimmed.

She thought it was a dream.

But she never expected that in reality, Sean Smith went into the water to save her.

She uncomfortably pulled away from the soaked hair on her face, her heart trembled, and said:

“Mr. Smith, you’re right. I choked on water and got confused.”

Amber White admitted, but Sean Smith was even more unhappy.

He felt strangely in his heart that Amber White shouldn’t be this kind of reaction!

His anger was more like a punch into the cotton. It was soft and never hurt Amber White. The anger in his heart also filled, making him angrier!

“It’s good for you to be self-aware. After all, no matter how insightful I am, I won’t love you!”

Amber White felt another sting in her heart.

Sean Smith said as if she was a virus or the kind that can die if he got infected.

He saved her probably because he was afraid of taking responsibility in front of his father?


It must be so.

Amber White chuckled and did not answer.

Right now, she just wanted to find Cindy quickly.

Amber White stumbled up from the ground and jumped into the water once. Her sanity recovered a lot, and her thinking gradually became clear!

She picked up the shoe of Cindy White again.

She was too emotional before, and when she calmed down, she suddenly noticed something.

First of all, Cindy was a sensible child; she can not be going to play in the reservoir alone.

Secondly, even if Cindy was playful and left the ancestral hall alone, she was so young that she could not run so far!

Amber White licked her lips; the most important thing was this shoe.

The moss was muddy from the ancestral hall to the reservoir, and Cindy’s shoe soles were not stained with mud at all.

This was unreasonable; it seemed that someone deliberately dropped her shoes here.

Holding Cindy’s shoes in one hand, she turned to look at Sean Smith:

“Sean, I have jumped into the reservoir. You have seen my joke. I know that you hid Cindy. Stop playing. Give Yinyin back to me?”

Sean Smith: “… Is your brain a decoration?”

Didn’t he know how someone like Amber White became the director of the Smith Group’s marketing department?

The injury on his back was so serious; if he hid Cindy White, he would have called her out long ago! Who would accompany Amber White in the rain here? !

Amber White and that little girl were also worthy of him staying on the mountain to abuse himself?

It’s Amber White who had this suspicion!

If the old man didn’t hit him, she would find a way to let him suffer!

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