Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 17: Smith group is Smith’s, not Lu’s!

Moreover, they were all working in the Smith group, and they were partners as well. They usually meet frequently, and one of them was working in the marketing department, and the other one was working in the public relations department, so that they were very familiar with each other.

Lu Yi witnessed her process of giving up the old days and reborn, so every time he helped her, she was grateful.

Because of this, Amber White did not want to cause trouble for himself, especially under the situation that the staffs in the public relations department were not very good.

Seeing that she thought something, Lu Yi looked at her, then noticed her arm and asked, “It’s you, why did I hear that you were injured at the opening ceremony of Luoshen Bay yesterday? What happened?”

Amber White heard the words, smiled a bit, her smile was like a lily, fresh and beautiful: “If it is serious, I am not here now! Rest assured!”

Lu Yi looked at Amber White and lowered his eyes. He never thought about it. Why would Sean Smith fall in love with Lin Man? Amber White’s bright and beautiful, her face was perfect.

Since she entered the Smith group, there has never been a mistake in her work, which had brought great benefits to the Smith group.

On the other hand, what about Lin Man?

She’s also good-looking, but definitely she can not comparable with Amber White. There’s already been a beauty here, Lin Man’s face seemed to be a bit so so!

As for the work? Lin Man’s ability to work, compared with Amber White, the difference was not a little!


In the president’s office, after Sean Smith checking several documents , he dialed the inside line to let his assistant send a cup of coffee.

It’s not Xu Lin who sent coffee, but a newcomer from the Secretariat department.

Sean Smith pinched his panic and tired eyebrow, and reached out his hand and took a sip of coffee. When he drank the coffee, the man’s eyebrows were screwed up.

He licked the thinned lips, and the coffee completely ruined the sweetness of the coffee.

Manman was not around him, he would never eat sweet food.

The man poured a cup of coffee into the only green plant pot on the desk, then he stood up straight, rubbed the cup with one hand, and pushed the door of the president’s office to go to the tea room of the Smith company.

The door of the tea room was wide open, and there were two women were crying inside. It was Wang Jing and Yao Yao who were fired by Lu Yi.

“Minmin, what should I do now? Boss Lu wants to fire us because Amber White that the bitch, we have not done anything wrong! I want to say that our guess, maybe it is true, that Amber White is not a good one, and the relationship between her and boss Lu is not clean!”

Wang Jing was also very upset. After hearing Yaoyao’s words, she also cursed: “I already knew that their relationship was not normal. Do you remember the last cocktail party held by the company. I saw Boss Lu and Amber White hugged each other. They were so intimate. They said that they were drunk. I think it was an excuse! Later, after the cocktail party, Amber White and Boss Lu left there together!”

“The company has long been rumored that Boss Lu always likes Amber White. He is not young now. His conditions are not bad. There are so many woman chasing him, and we do not see that he was touched once. I don’t believe that he has no relations with Amber White at all !”

When Wang Jing said this, she began to cry, she hugged Yaoyao and said, “Where are we wrong? But Boss Lu can’t bear anyone speak ill of Amber White, and he won’t let go of us, he wants to get even with us !”

Sean Smith was deeply stunned when he heard that Amber White and Lu Yi hugged each other at the reception, his express instantly became very bad, and his body was coiled with a shallow anger.

Wang Jing and Yao Yao were crying sadly. They didn’t know who was the first one to notice Sean Smith. The cries of the two of them stopped, and the sharp eyesights of Sean Smith swept over.

“Smith?? Mr. Smith!”

Sean Smith put the cup on the table, he lowed his eyes, did not respond, and did not leave, the momentum of him seemed to be calm, but in fact he’s cold and sharp, ordinary people would be shocked because of him.

“You just said, who is going to fire you?”

Although Wang Jing was somewhat afraid of Sean Smith, she still answered the question and said: “Boss Lu.”

“The reason.”

Wang Jing and Yao Yao looked at each other. Wang Jing’s heart was filled with bitter resentment against Amber White. She whispered: “I and Yao Yao talked about the bonus of Director White, and Boss Lu always used this as a reason, wanted to fire me and Yaoyao!”

The thin blue veins on the back of the hand suddenly protruding, watching Wang Jing and Yao Yao’s expression, they were not like lying, Sean Smith’s eyes were squeezing down, his eyelashes reflected an icy silhouette on the face.

Why didn’t he know that the director of the public relations department had such a big right, even can manage to keep the staff of the company or not?

Amber White really had a very good ability, even his own cousin who was not close to the female, can be attracted by her!

The man’s heart rose up with a nameless fire. She took the name of Mrs. Smith from him. Outside, Amber White wanted to derail!

“Mr. Smith??”

After Wang Jing said that, she looked at his face. The man’s eyes were deep and inky, and the tone was cold: “You both go back to your department and continue to work! The name of the Smith group is Smith, but it’s not surnamed Lu!”

Sean Smith dropped this sentence and left the tea room directly. He stepped fast, with purpose-oriented direction toward the marketing department.

This was the first time for him to come to the marketing department, where was quiet and all the staff was sitting in a well-behaved position. At first glance, he knew that the working atmosphere was good.

Sean Smith raised his eyebrows and did not say a word. He walked toward the office of Amber White. The door of the office was not closed. It was half open. It was enough to see that Lu Yi was sitting inside and heard the conversation content.

Amber White’s face was with a smile which like a flower, and her smile was straight to the bottom of her eyes. Although Lu Yi’s expression was not obvious, his lips and brows were raising.

Sean Smith smiled coldly. Yesterday, she stopped the car and asked him to send the bastard to school. She also wanted to say that her child wanted to see her father, and she showed a shining image of a kind mother. After a big circle, he almost believed it.

Look now!

Sean Smith felt that Amber White was really good at disguising. Every day she appeared in front of him, and it looked like that he seemed to owe her millions of dollars. But he did not know how many times she derailed behind him!

He remembered that three years ago, when Amber White gave birth to a child, she strengthened her presence in front of him. What did she say?

That bastard was his child? Why can’t he remember that he had slept with a woman who is so unclean!

She wanted he would let the bastard into his family and inherit his property?

Her plan was really good, and was there any words on his face with “Liking to feed the bastard”?

Otherwise, how can Amber White whimsical to this? !

He cursed with a low voice and looked at Amber Smith, his eyesights were sharp and unpredictable!

The man’s expression was getting more and more gloomy, the light on his head was falling, and the expression on his face can’t be softened, only the temperament of his body was more and more ruthless!

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