Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 170: Cindy Is Here

Sean Smith was irritated. When he was looking at Amber, his eyesight became more and more indifferent.

Amber White, “Sean, look, Cindy’s shoes are so clean, so she didn’t come here herself. I know you did it. Your revenge target is me, not Cindy. Please don’t involve her in.”

“Don’t forget Cindy was sick because of overeating ice cream with you yesterday. With such heavy rain and heavy humidity, the mountains are not suitable for a child to stay here!”

“Give Cindy back to me; you can make trouble whatever you want!”

Sean Smith gave Amber White an incredible look.

What the hell did Amber White say? The ice cream event again? Was she planning to get even with him now?!

He was furious: “Where is Cindy? Shouldn’t you know the best? Can I make another living person for you?”

In just a few words, the atmosphere between the two was once again tense!

Sean Smith wanted to speak, but the sharp cell phone ringing through the rain.

He glanced at the phone screen subconsciously; it was his mother.

Sean Smith was about to hang it up. He raised his head and looked at the more gloomy weather. He cursed and picked it up.

He didn’t intend to stay on the mountain with such damn weather!

What if it’s good news from his mother?

Thinking about it, Sean Smith reached out to connect.

“Sean, where is Amber White? I couldn’t get through with her!”

“Director White is so busy now. She has no time to answer your call!”

Sean Smith made a weird sarcasm.

Amber White reached out and touched the phone when she heard the words. She tapped a few times on the screen of her mobile phone, but there was no response!

Her phone should have been soaked in the water for a long time before and was broken.

The voice on the phone stopped for a while, and Mrs. Smith whispered: “Sean, give her the phone, I have something to tell her!”

Hearing that, Sean Smith glanced in the direction of Amber White. Her pale face made her black eyes even darker. The pitying look seemed to touch his heart!

Sean Smith snorted and handed the phone over.

How scheming she is!

Relying on this pitiful look, she must have cheated a lot of people!

His father before, and his mother now!

Hiding Cindy was Amber White’s trap from the beginning, right?!

When Amber White answered the phone, she glanced at the phone screen.

“Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Amber, I think the rain is heavier than before. The road on the mountain is slippery, are you all right?”

Amber White instinctively heard the tension in Mrs. Smith’s voice.

She thought that Mrs. Smith was too worried about Sean Smith’s safety. She was also the mother of a three-year-old child, so she could understand her worries.

“Mom, don’t worry, everything is good here. So is Sean. We are all right.”

Mrs. Smith’s heart settled a little bit.

“Amber, I am a little worried about Sean. You know how serious the injury on his back is. He can’t touch the water! So don’t let him get wet!”

Amber White glanced sideways at the man standing beside her. He stood tall in the wind and rain, and his clothes had already been wet.

Amber White saw that the gauze wrapped on his sleek back was red!

Amber White shuddered.

“By the way! We got the news about Cindy, she is fine, she is in the old house now!”

“Amber, you and Sean can’t find her on the mountain! Take Sean down the mountain as soon as possible!”

Amber White was shocked, “Really?”

“Of course, it’s true!”

The voice on the phone was a little quiet, and the rain was loud. Amber White vaguely heard the answer of Mrs. Smith, and her eyes were red with joy.

As long as Cindy was fine, she could afford everything.

Amber White can’t afford the price of losing Cindy White; her daughter was all her life!

Although Mrs. Smith said so, Amber White still felt insecure and asked in a low voice, “Mom, can you let Cindy answer the phone!”


Mrs. Smith hesitated.

“What happened?”

“She is frightened and has been sleeping right now…”

Mrs. Smith’s voice somewhat lacked confidence, but Amber White was worrying about Cindy White and ignored this.

Hearing this, Amber, whose eyes flashed with tenderness, said,

“Mom, don’t wake her up. She had a fever last night and needs a rest. It’s fine if she is safe now. Sean and I will go down the mountain now!”

Mrs. Smith initially thought she was going to fail to lie, but she didn’t expect to have such a big turn.

She hurriedly responded, “Okay. I think the rain will be heavier. Come back quickly. And be careful on the way.”

Amber White answered and hung up.

Cindy White was safe, then Amber was relaxed, her face full of satisfaction.

Seen Smith saw her reaction, and his eyes went gloomy.

The figure standing in the rain was dyed with a faint light, gloomy and deep.

Amber White didn’t notice anything.

“Sean, Cindy has been found.”

Sean Smith’s eyes raised a huge wave, and he repeated the last words of Amber White.

“Has been found?”

“Yes! Now she’s in the old house, let’s go down the mountain.”

Amber White was relaxed, talking and moving. She just took a step when Sean Smith stopped her.

“That’s it?”

She was at a loss.

Sean Smith sneered.

“If I remember correctly, Director White, you just said that I hid Cindy?”

“Now you tell me, how can I hide Cindy White in the old house?”

His eyes seemed to have a hook, making Amber feel the threat.

The scene of being crazy before made Amber blushed. Sean must be furious now.

She licked the corner of her mouth, “Sean, I…”

After a long while, she couldn’t say her apology. Her mad behavior before reminded Amber that Sean might not accept her apology.

She hesitated for a short while, and Sean Smith moved.

He stretched out his long fingers and raised Amber White’s chin, prompting her to raise her head.

Immediately, Amber White’s jaw was pinched by him.

“So? Director White, you have been working in the workplace for so many years. It is so difficult to apologize to me now?”

Sean Smith squinted his eyes, the indifference gushing out from his body.

Amber White winced.

Since he had proposed it, she would apologize.

“Sean, I’m sorry.”

Sean Smith sneered, “What did you say?”

Amber White took a deep breath, raised her voice, and said, “Sorry, I misunderstood you today. Sean, I apologize to you!”

Sean Smith’s mouth curled up, and suddenly he retracted his fingers.

Amber White loosened her jaw, and a few words floated into her eardrum.

“Your apology is worthless!”

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