Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 171: This Disaster Was All Because of That Animal

Smith Manor, as soon as Mother Smith ended the phone call, she met with Tomas, who just came out from the study room.

Tomas narrowed his eyes, lowered his voice, and grabbed Mother Smith’s wrist, “What did you just do?”

Mother Smith shook Tomas’ hand off, “What can I do? Of course, I called Amber to come back from the mountain along with Sean.”

“The kidnappers even have made a phone call, Cindy is not at the mountain.”

“Currently, the weather has been so bad. Do you think I’m going to watch my son die on the mountain?”

Tomas loosened his tightly furrowed brows then responded, “You are right. They must come down quickly. The kidnappers want Amber to deliver the ransom money personally. I’ll make a phone call to calm her down.”

“Fifty million is not a big amount. The Smith Family doesn’t lack such a small amount of money.”

He said as he took out his cell phone to make a phone call to Amber.

Mother Smith’s face suddenly changed when she heard it. She reached out, held back Tomas’ arm, and said coldly, “Don’t call her!”

“Don’t call her?”

Tomas frowned, looked at Mother Smith with a disapproval look, “A minute ago, you’re asking me to call her, and now you’re not allowing it! What exactly do you want?”

Mother Smith clenched her teeth, looked straight into Tomas’s eyes, and slowly said, “I didn’t tell Amber about Cindy being kidnapped…”

Tomas grew silent.

The push and pull between them quickly alarmed Shen Ruyun and the other two sisters in law, who were sitting in the living room.

They were all present when the kidnappers called. Moreover, when Mother Smith called Amber, she didn’t avoid these three women.

They all knew that the kidnappers were demanding fifty million and asked Amber personally to retrieve her daughter back.

Either way, this meant that Cindy wasn’t kidnapped by accident, but this must’ve been planned before!

Mother Smith subconsciously raised her voice, made them think that the conflict between Mother Smith and Tomas, was because of Cindy’s kidnapping.

“Amber is willing to do everything for Cindy! Cindy was lost by Sean. I’m afraid she…”

“What are you afraid of? She’s now alone in the mountain, would she kill Sean?”

Fang Weiwei reached out her hand to pull Mother Smith away, then said in a low voice, “Father, please calm down. There must be a reason why Mother did this.”

His expression was so bad, but at least he didn’t want to make a fuss, in front of his daughter in laws.

He took a glance at Mother Smith and let her speak.

“She won’t kill Sean. But she is able to hold onto and wait to die together with Sean! Sean is my life. I won’t allow anything to happen to him!”

“It’s nonsense!”

Tomas snorted coldly, “Do you think Amber is the same as you? You’re unreasonable.”

“Father, how can you say such things to Mother? It is a fact that Amber is willing to do everything for Cindy! She clearly knew that there’s a poy of landslides in this weather, but she stubbornly stayed be. Still, she looked for her daughter.”

Shen Ruyun spoke out her words.

Her face might look a bit anxious, but she’s secretly proud of herself.

They didn’t realize, even though Lord Qian wanted money, but there’s no guarantee that the child couldn’t be retrieved!

Even it Tomas and they really wanted to retrieve her back, that would only be useless.

“She can even give up her own life for Cindy. Do you think she would care about Sean’s life?”

“I don’t think that Mother was wrong by concealing Amber’s way of solving things.”

“Ruyun, enough!” Fang Weiwei frowned and said sharply, “It’s already a mess between Father and Mother. Why are you adding fuel to the fire? Cut it out!”

Shen Ruyun chocked.

Jiang Xue narrowed her mouth and spoke in a low voice, “Sister in law, what exactly do you gain from Amber, that you are willing to speak for her?”

Fang Weiwei was always the calmest of all the three widows. She ignored Jiang Xue, looked at Tomas, and said, “Father, I think Mother is also doing this, for the sake of Sean and Amber.”

Seeing that Tomas didn’t react, she continued in a low voice, “It is raining now. The reason why Mother didn’t say anything at that time must be because she didn’t want them to be anxious after hearing that, Cindy was being kidnapped. If they hastily come down from the mountain, it would be too dangerous.”

“If something happens to Amber, Sean wouldn’t abandon her and come back alone. He’s also still injured. Moreover, it would be more dangerous since the rain could cause an infection.”

“Father, Sean is Mother’s only son now! It is reasonable for her to be worry! Don’t take offense on her.”

After Fang Weiwei’s remarks, Jiang Xue sarcastically mocked her, “Sister in law, your remarks sound better than a song!”

“The child doesn’t belong to Sean. Amber doesn’t want her life, yet still, she wants to drag Sean along! How come you spoke so highly of Amber?”

“Three years ago, it was Amber who shamelessly wanted to marry into our family. Do Smith’s family owe her anything? Why should we provide her the ransom?”

Amber knew how to deal with Jiang Xue, and Jiang Xue bear that grudge in her heart! Now that Amber wasn’t here, of course, she would think of a way to vent her resentment as much as she wanted!

Amber was so great, right?

She can use her own money to retrieve her child back, right?

“Shut up!”

Tomas shouted angrily!

“Don’t you know Amber’s behavior? Her daughter is in kidnapper’s hand as well as the safety on the mountain. If Amber goes crazy, what will happen to my son?”

Mother Smith didn’t have time to pay attention to the tense situation. She said with reddened eyes, “Tomas, you don’t want anything to happen to both of them, right?”

“You also know that the child is in kidnapper’s hand, and it’s more dangerous. Even if you don’t worry about the child, you should worry about your son.”

“When you think your son is precious, do you think others’ child isn’t?

Mother Smith nearly collapsed, after hearing Tomas’ remarks.

“I only did it just in case! Sean was beaten badly enough by you two days ago. Any mishaps can happen on the mountain, wouldn’t it be the end of me then?”

“After all, didn’t the kidnappers say already, that all they want is money. She’s going to be fine in a moment!”

“Let’s hide the fact that Cindy’s being kidnapped for now. We’ll let them know after they’re back from the mountain, okay?”

Time brushed against Mother Smith’s face. There were traces of years between her slightly wrinkled eyebrows.

‘Father, we also can not hide the fact for too long. We will let them know after they get back from the mountain!”

Veins bulged on Tomas’ hand, which was holding the phone. Suddenly, he smashed his phone entirely on the ground.


It was a loud sound. The four of them, including Mother Smith, shivered.

The phone broke apart!

“This disaster was all because of that animal!”

Although Tomas was still cursing, he truly proved to everyone that he wouldn’t call Amber. He wouldn’t just for the sake of Cindy, ignored his own son’s life.


Sean mocked on Amber, then turned around without hesitation.

He reached out, tugged his shirt that had been soaked by the rain. A thin layer of anger surged inside him.

After living for so many years, all of the difficult situation that he was put into, it’s all because of Amber!

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