Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 172: Sean, This Road is Very Dangerous

Sean twisted his eyebrows, feeling sick.

Cindy’s matter, better had nothing to do with Amber.

Or else, he won’t let go off Amber easily!

He won’t be easily to talk to.

Sean’s face was gloomier than the sky.

His steps were big. Knowing that Cindy was fine, his heart was unutterably relieved. He only wanted to hike downhill, went home, and changed his clothes.

But only after two steps, his way was blocked by Amber.

He squinted his eyes and glared at Amber, his eyes were getting gloomy.

“Step aside!”

Amber didn’t budge, “Sean, you’re walking on a wrong direction.”

How often did she think she ever come to Smith Family’s ancestral hall?

Of all directions, there are total of three ways to hike downhill. The road that he chose was the fastest way to go downhill.

“Step aside! Don’t let me repeat the third time!”

The rainfall was becoming heavier, Amber and Sean were standing on a lower terrain. The rainwater under their feet was getting higher, there’s a slight possibility that it would go pass their ankles.

There was a faint of disgust in Sean’s eyes!

“Sean, we will take the usual way. The way back from mountain had the highest probability of landslides. The rain is so heavy. I’m afraid there will be rock fall if we go straight. It will be safer even if we have to detour a bit.”

Amber was speaking with a bit of enthusiasm, “Besides, if you follow the original road, there will be too much moss. The road will be slippery and too dangerous”

Sean’s pupil shrank.

He knew the road that Amber was talking about.

This mountain was fixed for Smith Family and the ancestral hall was built. The back of the mountain wasn’t developed and there wasn’t even a single road. It was full of rotten leaves, dead trees, and muddy roads.

If they went down from that road, there would be mud all over his body.

He shook Amber’s hand off strongly, his face was hidden among the raindrops.

Amber’s body stumbled twice, Sean came over with a cold icy voice.

“Director White, you words must be full of coincidence. Even if I choose a dark end road, I intend to go all the way to the dark end. So, Director White, you don’t need to worry about me!’

Amber stopped breathing and looked up to meet Sean’s gaze.

There was a subtle of sarcasm in his eyes.

She had a feeling that Sean wasn’t talking about the road, but he was talking about Lin Man.

“I’m doing it for your sake. If we encounter landslides later, both of us will die! Sean, won’t you feel like such a waste, if you die together with me?”

Sean smirked. Under the pouring rain, his face was glowing with a cunning look.

“Are you afraid of death now? Tell me again, Director White, what’s the name of the river that jumped before? I advise you to stop now. Don’t mess with me!”

“Why do you have to walk down this road?” Amber said calmly as she stretched out her hands to wipe the rain.

“Why? It’s because you don’t plan to take this road. I don’t want to see you and I want to avoid smudging vision with you in it. Is this enough for you?”

After Sean finished speaking, he pushed Amber away.

Her face turned pale. After all these years, Sean never beat around the bush, and he has no regards of thinking about someone’s feeling.

Amber felt it hard to breath after being stabbed by his words.

The way Sean spoke to those words, it’s as if she was a shameless woman!

Amber was shocked for a few seconds. Sean had gone past her and took the original road that he walked before.

After hesitating, Amber chased him, because she’s worried!

The rain was getting heavier and Sean was walking very fast. Amber was following him quietly. She reached out, grabbed his arms, and forced him to stop.

“Sean, this road is very dangerous!”

Amber was anxious. She pointed out the highest point of the mountain, “The landslide that happened on that mountain previously was facing this road. The rain is not stopping, instead it is getting heavier. Even if we don’t encounter landslide, it will be hard to avoid the rock fall!”

“Please listen to me! There’s still time if we go back from the other road.”

Amber was the Director of Marketing Department. She was doing projects all the year. It’s not that she was doing a deep research for Geology, but at least she had some knowledge about it.

This kind of road was very dangerous.

Sean squinted his eyes. He grabbed both of Amber’s hand and pushed her away.

It only took a few minutes to hike downhill. According to Sean, Amber was being overreacted!

It must be a good opportunity to develop their relationship, through this wind and rain. Amber must be in a good mood since her daughter was safe now.

But he didn’t have that great patience!

“Director White, if you really have a good sense of safety, how come you locked Tang Tian inside the bathroom of Ye Se?”


“Shut up!”

Sean spoke coldly.

He firmly believed that Amber was talking nonsense.

Otherwise, why would Amber, who cherished her life so much, follow him go through this road?

In normal times, Sean might have listened to Amber, Using one or two hours to watch Amber make a fool of herself.

But now, Sean couldn’t stand it even for one second, this feeling of his clothes and gauze sticking on his body.

He took a stride and continued to walk.

Amber raised her head and glanced at top of the mountain. The rain was so heavy that she couldn’t see clearly. She vaguely felt that the mountain was crumbling.

Amber could only hope that she was wrong. Sean was still injured and honestly, she was worried about leaving him alone.

She then thought with open mind, there might be one or two chance of coincidence. But everything will be over in less than ten minutes. She and Sean shouldn’t be so unlucky.

The mountain wouldn’t collapse sooner or later. It wouldn’t easily collapse as they walk through the road, right?

After organizing her thoughts, she then followed Sean, step by step.

The mountain road was difficult to walk and when it rained, it got more difficult to walk.

The distance between Amber and Sean was gradually widened. She is slightly anxious, subconsciously accelerated her pace.

She slipped and nearly fell over the mountain.

Amber was so shocked that even her heart almost jumped out. She held onto a tree trunk for a while, trying to calm her heartbeat.

A small stone rolled beside Amber’s feet.

Small stones?

Her pupil were shaking violently. The sweats were formed on the layers of her spine.

Amber raised her head subconsciously and her heart nearly stopped.


Sean was walking on a steady pace. He didn’t walk abruptly just because he was in a hurry. The man was avoiding moss, avoiding the danger of slipping down the slides on every on his steps.

Amber’s voice was quick and sharp. Before he could turn his head, he was pushed hard by someone on his back.

He leaned forward, helped himself steady for several steps, before he stopped.

“What are you do…”

The last word choked on his throat.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Amber was hit by the falling rocks from the mountain, especially her calf was cut by sharp stone, and her blood was dispersed by the rain, spreading on her body, which caused Sean a huge visual shock.

She was lying on the ground. The rain was concealing most of Sean’s vision. He didn’t see any movements on Amber’s chest and he felt that she looked like a cold corpse.

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