Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 173: Was He Worried About Amber?

Sean Smith gasped. A hard rain fell and his eyeballs felt like popping out.

Amber White was lying in front of him.

He stared at her in confusion. Amber White pushed him not to let him fall from the mountain, but to save him?

No way!

Sean Smith refused to believe it.

Amber White wasn’t so kind. He couldn’t deny that Amber White liked him, but she was way too scheming to save a person she liked.

What’s her plan?

This time, he was afraid that it wouldn’t be as simple as garnering his sympathy. Did she plan to win his heart?

Sean Smith was so confused that he lost control over his own body. He quickly stepped forward to lift her up from the ground.

“Are you okay?”

Her sobs, like a thunder, cut through the storm and slapped him on the face.

She felt pain all over her body and her calf seemed to be broken.

She couldn’t restrain the pain. Her warm eyes mixed with the cold rain.

“The mountain is going to collapse…” Amber White said vaguely. She could hardly open her eyes.

Sean Smith sipped his lips tightly.

She could talk just fine. It shouldn’t be a big deal. He finally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the next second, his eyebrows jumped.

Was he worried about Amber White?!

No way! He didn’t!

He couldn’t care less about her. He was just worried something happened to Amber White because she tried to save him!

Sean Smith didn’t want to owe Amber White anything. He didn’t want anything to do with her.

But, he unconsciously grew some feelings toward her.

He took a deep breath and said coldly, “If you’re okay, get up! You’re slowing us down!”

Amber White managed to get up from the ground because of his help.

Her lower leg suffered a terrible pain.

As soon as she stood up, Sean Smith kept a distance. Seeing that he was eager to leave, Amber White stopped him.

“It’s too cloudy. You can see the falling rocks. We can’t go on. It’s too late to go back now!”

“What about it? Are you afraid that a small rock will hit you, Manager White?”

Sean Smith snorted.

Amber White shut her mouth.

Now, she knew that no matter what she said or did, in his eyes, it would have different meanings.

No matter how righteous she was, he would always regard her as scheming.

She simply nodded her head.

“Yes, I’m afraid. Cindy is still waiting for me at home. I don’t want to act reckless and cause any other trouble.”

“It’s too cloudy here. Let’s go another way. We will probably take a detour, but at least, it’s safer.”

Sean Smith didn’t move.

The expression on his face was blocked by the rain. She couldn’t see it clearly.

“I know you don’t care about me, but can you think of your parents?”

“You are their only son. The mountain will collapse anytime now. Neither of us knows what will happen if we continue to take this path.”

“I suggest we turn back and take another road down the mountain.”

Sean Smith wiped his face and cupped her head with both his hands. The distance between them narrowed.

Through the thick layer of the mists, Amber White could feel the heat in his breath.

Her m ind was blank.

She had expected that Sean Smith would disagree, but she never thought that he would do this.

She subconsciously retreated. He tightened the grip on her head and pointed his finger down the mountain.

“Manager White, you see, if we walk for ten minutes, we will be halfway down the mountain and the trail is much flatter there. We will arrive at the house in fifteen minutes!”

“If we go your way, we will have to walk for two more hours!” he added.

Amber White repeated in panic, “The road is not safe. If landslide happens, the ruin will bury our body and we will die!”

Cindy White was only three years old. She was really afraid of going this way. If she had an accident and died, her daughter would have no support.

She stepped back and felt the pain in her calf getting worse. It seemed to remind her how dangerous it was to walk this trail down.

Sean Smith hissed, “Manager White, have you forgotten something?”

“Do you think the pain in my back will be okay if I stay out in a rain for a longer time?”

“You don’t care about the mountain nor your daughter. You are just pretending, aren’t you? Don’t you feel bad about it?”

His eyes were hidden in the rain, but his tone was beyond harsh. Amber White felt cold listening to him

“If you want to take a detour, you can go by yourself! I will not go with you!”

Sean Smith let go of Amber White and started walking.

The raindrops fell on his back from the tip of his hair sketching his lean back.

Amber White was unwilling, but she followed him anyway. She hesitated and hated herself for being so worthless.

She hated his idea, but she was still worried about him.

He refused to take a detour, so Amber White had no choice but to follow him.

Near the Smith memorial temple, a rain shelter was built. When they walked approaching the temple, Amber White’s eyes lit up, “It’s still very cloudy. Let’s take shelter and wait for the rain to stop before going down!”

The shelter looked solid. Although she didn’t know whether the temple could stand a landslide, it was better than facing falling rocks down the mountain.

Sean Smith was a little impatient. He snorted coldly and asked, “Are we taking shelter or waiting to die?”

If the mountain happened to collapse, even if they took shelter, they would still be buried alive.

If there was time for the rain to die down, it was better for them to hurry down the mountain.

He glanced at her coldly.

If it wasn’t for her, he would have been comfortably lying on the bed by now.

Amber White learned that he wouldn’t stay to take shelter.

She hesitated and said, “If that’s the case, do you mind helping me? My leg hurts so much.”

He stepped closer.

He had long known that Amber White saved him with a motive. Before they arrived home, she managed to show her true colors.

He didn’t want to have a physical contact with this woman. So, he turned a deaf ear on her.

It was awkward. She said in a low voice, “President Smith, I’m injured for you. You’re so stingy. You’re not even willing to help me!”

Sean Smith suddenly stopped and looked back. His sharp eyes flickered.

“You pushed and saved me once just to ask for a help?”

She felt bitter.

Here we go again. She couldn’t say anything before this man. He would always misinterpret it.

“What else do you want? Say it all at once! Manager White, I’m not in the mood to spend my time and die with you here!”

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