Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 174: Is Amber White Dead?

Amber held her breath with a slight embarrassment across her face. She defended herself for the first time:

“What can I want? My feet are injured, my walking pace slows down, I can’t request to change the road and can’t even take shelter from the rain! You reach Smith’s family’s old manor in fifteen minutes. But I can’t!”

“If I want you to help me, will this request be too much?”

She furrowed her brows. Her tone was calm. But, Sean noticed there’s a bit of sadness in the words she said.

“President Smith, this mountain can collapse anytime. I’m limping, and I only walk such a distance. Can I really walk out here alive?”

“My daughter is only three years old. If anything happens to me, who will take care of her?”

Sean smirked upon hearing those words.


Amber even learned of morally hijacking him now. How could she still wishfully thinking that he would help her raise her daughter?

She couldn’t be that bold!

The depression in Sean’s heart was difficult to be calmed down. He smirked frequently.

A sharp gaze was cutting through Amber’s skin like a sharp knife.

“No problem!”

“If Director White dies, our Smith Family won’t lack a pair of chopsticks for Cindy.”

A heavy gloom spread out from his eyes. Amber licked the corner of her lips with slight fear.

“You have my words. If anything happens to you, I’ll treat your daughter as my own. I’ll raise and brought her up. I’ll even find someone to take care of her in the future. Director White, you can rest assured!”

Amber’s eyes reddened; her heart was extremely torn. A strange smile appeared on her face.

“It won’t be fair for you, President Smith!”

He glanced slightly at Amber. He didn’t believe that Amber was willing to die!

She couldn’t even be compared to a cockroach’s urine. Why can’t he see it?

Sean smirked after Amber finished speaking, and without a word, he turned his body without any hesitation.

The rage in him was still there.

He was annoyed. Amber helped him was nothing to do with it. But the anger in his heart couldn’t stop.

More people were willing to help her. But someone like Amber, who was straightforward and always expressed her thought.

She was the first one!

What a shameless one!

Sean walked faster as his anger grew, and he didn’t even care about Amber at all.

He didn’t think anything would’ve happened to Amber. When Amber was once locked inside Ye Se, there were series of events that were just as thrilling as TV series happened, still nothing happened to Amber.

Nothing could happen when she was with him, right?

Sean smirked, walked in the storm and rain using his long and sturdy legs. As if he was walking in a leisure courtyard, but he still shook a large part of Amber off him.

The rain was getting heavier. Amber’s calf was soaked with rainwater. Her face turned pale because of the pain. Her injured legs felt like filled with leads, and it felt heavy. Amber felt that she couldn’t even take a step by herself.

Sean’s hidden figure in rain and fog was drifting away, and Amber was feeling a bit anxious.

She gathered her strength and feeling helpless.

In her current condition, even if she really turned back and changed the route now, it would be difficult for her to hike downhill without Sean.”

Amber clenched her teeth, straightened up, and then stepped toward Sean’s direction to chase him.

She chased for a few minutes, and she saw Sean’s tall figure standing aside. He stood under the tree, seemed to be waiting for her.

Amber paused her footsteps.

It had been raining for so long without thunder. As soon as Amber stopped, a clap of thunder flashed, breaking the gloomy sky. The view in front of her suddenly brightened.

Sean’s sharp expression was leaping into Amber’s sight.

The phrase “You’re waiting for me” was stuck. Amber raised her eyelashes and whispered, “Sean, it’s a thunderstorm. You can’t stand under the tree.”

Sean raised his eyebrows.

He was always annoyed with Amber’s “I did it for you,” this kind of face.

If it weren’t because he was worried about being caught by that old fellow and asked about Amber’s whereabouts after hiking downhill, he wouldn’t even wait for Amber.

After seeing Amber walked towards him, he raised his head and looked up to the sky. He also knew that staying here would be dangerous. It’s hard for him not to irritate Amber. He immediately turned around continued hiking downhill.

Amber didn’t say a word anymore.

At this time, no matter how she spoke, she would be the one humiliated in the end. Compared to hearing his cold words, she preferred they could hike downhill together in peace.

Both of them were surrounded by nothing but heavy rainfall and the clap of thunder from time to time.

Sean walked incredibly fast because of his long legs. He didn’t notice any of Amber’s movement, so he turned around and took a glance.

After going further, they would meet the road that Amber said to be the most dangerous. Sean frowned, and Amber staggered as if she would falter.

Sean wasn’t sure whether Amber pretended to look pitiful in front of him.

As soon as he had the idea of Amber, he deliberately cut his thought away.

What did Amber’s life and death have to do with him?

Sean raised his lips toward the road in front of him. There was a good expression showed across his face.

He raised his head slightly, and a black shadow flashed down from the mountain.

The smile across Sean’s face turned stiff, and his heart almost stopped.

“Be careful!”

Out of reflex, these two words were just blurted out.

Amber felt that there was a black shadow coming straight on her face. There was a chill being felt down her spine as if her body knew that danger is coming.

She wanted to dodge, but one of her feet was injured. So, she wasn’t as nimble as she used to be.

The next second, the big stones were all falling on their way.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The stones were rumbling down from the mountain.

Sean didn’t move as if there were roots under his feet; his pupils were shaking violently.

The rockfall was suddenly rolling down from the top of the mountain and smashed towards the slender figure.

His reddened eyes stung as if it were stabbed, Sean’s breathing stopped as if someone was cutting it off. The sky was filled with a deadly gloom, and the rocks were falling from the top of the mountain in an instant, just like that.

Sean looked terrified. It was probably because of the heavy rain, and the ground on the mountain was unstable. The rocks fell down and smashed Amber, who happened to be on the way.

Sean was simply panicked for the first time because of Amber.

There was another thunder. The thunder clapped through the valley, and Sean was finally back to his senses. He pulled his legs and ran towards Amber’s direction. His pace was so random that anyone could see his panicked state.

A few steps away,  there were big rocks located two or three steps away from Sean. Because it hit Amber, that’s why it was placed next to Sean’s feet now!

He kicked a piece away in anger; his eyes fell on Amber, who was lying on the ground, his eyes were shaking again.

She had an extraordinary slender figure, lying in a pool of blood, extraordinarily looked like the terrifying close-up scene in a horror movie.

Sean didn’t exactly know where Amber was injured. The blood was gushing out of her body continuously. For a moment, it was being washed away by the rain without diluting the bloody color.

What terrified Sean the most was, Amber being unresponsive, lying on the ground.

At that moment, Kenny couldn’t find any sign that Amber was dying.

He didn’t dare to go up and check. The big and tall figure was faintly trembling. There were too many rocks fell down, and each rock was unexpectedly big. Amber was hit, and her chance of survival was too low.

Is Amber White dead?

Sean’s mind was covered by this thought and playing an infinite loop.

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