Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 175: The Mountain Collapse

Smith’s old house.

After Tomas agreed to keep Amber in the dark, Mrs. Smith waited at the window with her hands folded, muttering, and waiting for Sean.

Within half an hour after the phone call, a loud bang sounded, and the ground started to shake heavily.

Because of this situation, Mrs. Smith’s body shook, and her expression was changed suddenly.

She almost fell, but fortunately, Shen Ruyun, who had been standing by her side, reached out a hand to help her stand.

“Mom, are you okay?”

But Mrs. Smith ignored Shen Ruyun’s words, her face so pale, “What’s going on? Where’s Aunt Zhang? Aunt Zhang! “

She suddenly raised her voice and called out.

Everyone in the house clearly felt the horrible shake, and they all came to the living room. Even Tomas came out from the study in big strides.

Aunt Zhang heard Mrs. Smith’s voice, and hurriedly ran out.

“What’s going on? Why is it suddenly so noisy? Is it an earthquake? “

Aunt Zhang also stayed in the old house, so she was not clear about the situation as well, and of course, she could not help Mrs. Smith to solve the confusion, but she was still having a phone call and still pinching the phone in her hand. After listening to it, her face changed dramatically.

Hanging up the phone, Aunt Zhang looked so nervous, and Tomas frowned and said, “If you have something to say, just say it! “

Aunt Zhang took a worried look at Mrs. Smith.

A bad premonition rose in Mrs. Smith’s heart, and she spoke anxiously, “What are you looking at me for? What’s going on? You tell me!”

“The guard at the foot of the mountain called over and said there was a landslide in the back of the mountain…”

Mrs. Smith could not stand well immediately, and her face was pale as snow as she collapsed into Shen Ruyun’s arms.


Aunt Zhang saw the situation, stopped speaking, reached out to help Mrs. Smith, and spoke, “Madam, don’t worry. Just as was said, the collapsed part is the back mountain stone forest area. “

“That’s a small path, the fourth young master and his wife should not walk! They passed through the Maplewood area if they took the main road, and the Maplewood area is safe for now.”

Even if Aunt Zhang explained, Mrs. Smith’s face was still full of worries.

“Mrs. Smith, do not worry. Master Sean must know that small path, which is dirty as hell. He always enjoys being neat and tidy, and they definitely won’t go the path! “

“You have to take care of yourself, and we’ll wait together for Master Sean’s return! “

Mrs. Smith almost cried out. How could she not worry?

How could she not be anxious? Sean was her only son now!

If anything happened to him, she’d be dead too!

Mrs. Smith’s eyes filled with tears, and her fingers shook uncharacteristically. And her bad condition made the atmosphere in the living room a bit heavy for a while.

After all, when Johnson died, Mrs. Smith was directly sent into the ICU.

She could no longer get any strike. Even Tomas’s face changed, and he said to reassure Mrs. Smith, “Well, I feel sure that nothing will happen to the two children… “

“No need for your fake kindness!”

Mrs. Smith interrupted Tomas in a sharp voice, “If you hadn’t asked my son to stay, Sean would have been at home having afternoon tea with me by now!”

“If anything happens to my son, just let Amber and her daughter be with you for the rest of your life!”

Mrs. Smith reached out and pushed Tomas. When Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue saw the situation, they looked at each other, and Jiang Xue said, “Mom, this matter is not Dad’s fault. Isn’t it the fourth sister’s fault? She insisted on staying and looking for the baby! Or Sean wouldn’t still be in the mountain. “

“Yes, Amber is always so capricious, and you should stop wasting your time blaming her. “

The two of them watched the fun and seemed to want to make the situation more serious, but Tomas glared at them angrily after hearing their words.

“Shut up!”

Mrs. Smith’s fingers were trembling, and she hated both the kidnapper and Amber in her heart.

If the kidnappers hadn’t kidnapped Cindy and if Amber hadn’t stayed behind to look for Cindy, how could Sean be in danger?

She braced herself to wave at Aunt Zhang and spoke, “Give me the phone, and I want to call the police!”

Aunt Zhang didn’t dare to hesitate and directly handed over the phone.

Mrs. Smith dialed the alarming number, and as soon as the other side heard that she was talking about the collapse of the back of the mountain, the police officer answered directly.

“We’ve received a call that there are casualties on the mountain, and the police here have already gone there, so please patiently wait.”

Once she heard that there were casualties, Mrs. Smith’s eyes got wide open.

In this weather, others must have left the mountain. So the police referred to … Amber and Sean?

Regardless of who was injured or dead, Mrs. Smith could hardly bear it.

“Madam, are you the families of the victims? Please don’t do anything rash, stay home and wait for the news…”

Mrs. Smith was so frightened by the words “victim’s family” that she started to speak incoherently on the phone, “No! No way…”

“Nothing will happen to Sean! The one trapped by the mountain collapse is a member of the Smith family, it’s Sean, he’s the only son of our Smith family, you must save him, please!”


Tomas reached out and snatched the phone from Mrs. Smith’s hand, threw it at Aunt Zhang, and with a cold face, he growled, “The police never treat things wrongly, so don’t say such meaningless things to delay their work. “

Mrs. Smith cracked down emotionally, “You’re excellent, you’re a good citizen, and you wouldn’t even shed a tear if your son died. I’m not as cold-blooded as you! “

She held her hands to her face and argued with Tomas angrily.

Here Aunt Zhang had finished communicating with the police and hung up the phone.

Mrs. Smith staggered and stood up straight, “No, I can’t just sit here and wait. I have to go and look for Sean.”

“No way!”

Mrs. Smith rushed out with an umbrella, and Tomas, who failed to stop her, was so angry and furious and chased after her with the umbrella.

The distance between Smith’s old house and the mountain where the accident happened was not far, so Mrs. Smith didn’t have to walk for long before she saw the police cordon.

Her movement forward was stopped by the public officer, “The road into the mountain has been blocked off, and it’s too dangerous inside. We received instructions from our boss that no one can enter the mountain.”

Mrs. Smith was reluctant and used her cell phone to call Sean.

“Sean, please, answer! Answer the phone!”

She called several times, but there was no response.

The police’s statement that there were casualties turned into a nightmare that haunted Mrs. Smith’s mind. Standing in the storm, her mind finally collapsed, and she could no longer hold back her emotions.

At such an old age, she crouched at the entrance to the mountain, crying out heavily.

All she had left was a son, Sean!

Why did the Lord treat her so unfairly?

After Mrs. Smith ran out with her umbrella, only Shen Ruyun, Jiang Xue, and Fang Weiwei were left in the Smith family’s old house.

Jiang Xue didn’t like Fang Weiwei, so she just gave her a fierce stare and said, “Fang Weiwei, aren’t you distressed for Mrs. Smith? Why don’t you go along to look for Sean? “

Fang Weiwei didn’t know what to say.

Shen Ruyun knew clear that anyone who got out now probably would die.

How could Fang Weiwei get out?

Shen Ruyun secretly smiled, and she didn’t believe that Amber could escape safe and sound from such a horrible natural disaster.

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