Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 176:Which One Is Hemostatic?

When Shen Ruyun was still immersed in her thoughts, her phone rang.

She took a glance at the caller ID, and in the meantime, she frowned.

Jiang Xue and Fang Weiwei were talking, so no one was paying attention to her. Shen Ruyun then went around to the bathroom on the first floor to answer the phone.

There was unconcealed anger in Mr. Qian’s words, “Shen Ruyun, you better explain to me why that mountain collapsed?”

Shen Ruyun’s face became serious, “Mr. Qian, why do you care about such things suddenly? It’s true that a landslide happened, but what does it have to do with you? The one that feels worried should be Smith’s family. “

“Bullshit! Where’s Amber? Why hasn’t she called me yet?”

Shen Ruyun was stunned again.

Of course, Amber was still up in the mountains looking for that little bastard!

But the mountain had collapsed, and no one just knew if Amber could manage to come down from the mountain!

Shen Ruyun licked the corner of her lips, thinking that it would be best if Amber died on the mountain. Tomas was old, and heart bypass surgery had long been done, so he could not handle the work of high intensity.

If Amber and Sean both died on the mountain, she would be the one who could be benefited, because Mrs. Smith liked her most among her relatives.

Maybe when the time came to divide the family property, she would get the most and even be the richest woman in her city.

Then, she would have enough money to pay off her gambling debts.

She secretly smiled. Her gaze was full of calculation. She didn’t even answer Mr. Qian’s words because she was daydreaming happily.

Mr. Qian had been the big man for so many years, and no one had ever been so disrespectful to him. He felt that he had been deceived by Shen Ruyun, the bitch, and was currently furious.

“You bitch, I’ve left some people there and have received accurate information that Sean and Amber didn’t even come down the mountain! “

“If Amber is dead, what do I catch this little brat for? “

Shen Ruyun frowned. She didn’t have enough time to care about Mr. Qian, “Cindy was so beautiful that she could be sold at a good price. “

Mr. Qian sneered. If he still hadn’t known that he was being used by Shen Ruyun at this time, he wouldn’t have been able to get to this position.

After a lifetime of shooting eagles, this time, he was pecked blindly by an eagle, so how could Mr. Qian not be angry?

“Shen Ruyun, don’t forget one thing. You planned Cindy’s kidnapping, and the phone conversation had been recorded. Within three days, if I can’t get the money… “

“I’m going to take this to the Smith family!”

“You know clearly why Amber and Sean are on the mountain. When the time comes, it’s up to your fortune to decide whether the Smith family could forgive you or not.”

Sean was the only son of the Smith family, so no matter how powerful Shen Ruyun was in Mrs. Smith’s eyes, how could she be more important than Sean?

If Mrs. Smith knew that she did all, she probably would kill Shen Ruyun to avenge her son!

Shen Ruyun was so scared, and she immediately comforted him.

Only when Shen Ruyun felt he wasn’t that angry did she continue, “Amber is a lucky dog, and you need to hold Cindy. I will make sure that the money in your hands won’t be any less, OK?”

Mr. Qian sneered, his tone so fierce, “If you lie to me again, I won’t be so nice any more! “

Shen Ruyun responded deferentially, repeatedly assuring to pacify Mr. Qian before hanging up the phone.

Holding the phone and standing in the bathroom, Shen Ruyun’s face was so serious. She licked her lips and prayed for the first time that the person she hated could be safe and sound!

She was really pissed off!


Sean ran straight up a main road with Amber in his arms.

Although he was in the mountains, he could still make out vaguely that there was a mountain collapsing behind him.

Looking at the direction, he thought that it should be the back mountain stone forest area.

It’s the same path that Amber had said before. She was injured probably because when the mountain collapsed and shook, a rock fell from above and just hit her.

The situation of Amber looked too dangerous. Holding her body, Sean could even feel some warm liquid seeping out from her body.

Sean remembered that there was a rescue station halfway up the mountain.

When Sean arrived, he ran into a person, and he had an impression of this person, the cleaner, Old Mr. Zhang.

Every year, when Sean came to pay his respects to the deceased in his family, he would run into him several times.

Seeing Sean holding a bloody woman in his arms, Old Mr. Zhang didn’t hesitate and just let him and Amber in.

It was raining heavily outside, so Sean ran down from the mountain with Amber in his arms, which was no difference from walking with a load on his shoulders. He took a breath and looked around the rescue station. His eyes were fixed on the drugs on the shelf.

Sean subconsciously reached out and picked up a few, finding that not all of them were western medicines, and there were also canisters of pharmaceuticals. His hasty movements almost broke one of the pharmaceuticals.

“What are you doing!”

Old Mr. Zhang gave a stern look, reaching out his hand to stop Sean.

Sean always thought that he should be responsible for Amber’s injury, so he had a lot of anger in his heart and had no way to release it. And now, his anger could no longer be held back after hearing this shout.

“What can I do? Saving her, of course!”

He looked in the direction of Amber, whose blood, staining the cot red, looked particularly hideous.

Sean didn’t bear to look at it anymore.

Old Mr. Zhang took a glance up and down at Sean, grunted, made way for him, and said, “OK, then I will let you save the woman, you save her alone! “

Sean’s face got so gloomy. He reached out to take medicine the shelves, and there were many names of medicines on it that he had never heard before. Amber’s body was already seriously injured like this, so how could Sean dare to give Amber medication indiscriminately?

He reached out and tugged at Old Mr. Zhang’s clothes, pulling the man to the shelf and said in an angry voice, “Which one is the hemostat? You’re a member of the staff here, right, help her! “

Old Mr. Zhang reached out and slapped Sean’s hand away, “Young man, don’t you know how to respect the old? Besides, I’m just a mountain guard, and do I have to help you save a person?!”

Sean was confused.

Since Old Mr. Zhang was in the rescue station, it meant that he surely knew something about medicine.

He was just saying that because he refused to help.

In his heart, Sean’s impatience accumulated to a critical point, “I told you to save her! If you give me any more bullshit and don’t save her, I’ll make you leave this world together with her! “

Upon hearing this, Old Mr. Zhang sneered.

He raised his hand and slapped Sean again. Then he opened the window, and the wind and rain violently leaked in through this crack.

Old Mr. Zhang’s voice was slow and cold, “See, there are only three of us left on this entire mountain, and no one will know if you kill me now. “

After the weather station had issued the storm warning, the aid station’s medical staff had all evacuated!

As soon as Old Mr. Zhang said so, Sean also understood that if this old man was so afraid of dying, he would have already followed the evacuation.

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