Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 177: Would You Bother People Enjoying Their Second Puberty?

At present, apart from Sean Smith and Amber White, the old man Zhang was the only one in the rescue station.

Sean Smith’s eyes glued to the man in front of him.

The man was thin, his eyes were bright. He was sitting there with his head tilted to the side and lips sipped tight. He was staring far in the abyss, not once did he pay attention to Sean Smith.

He refused to help him mainly because he was rude to him.

Sean Smith looked another way to Amber White who was lying in the bed, dying.

He swallowed his pride and bent over to apologize in a low voice, “Good Sir, pardon my attitude. Do you mind helping me saving her?”

The old man Zhang slightly glanced at Sean Smith and asked, “Who is she?”

He stiffened, “I don’t know. We have nothing to do with each other.”

If it was possible, he would hope over and over again so that he and Amber White would not cross path in their lives.

Mr. Zhang pointed the way down the mountain, “Young Man, the mountain is dangerous. Why bother saving someone who has nothing to do with you? It’s better for you to hike down as early as possible. That way, you don’t need to worry about hiking down later. If you’re dead, no one will fetch your body.”

His words was so ugly that Sean Smith’s face stiffened.

This time, he was not angry about his sarcasm. He was angry that no one care about Amber White’s life and death.

He frowned and remembered Amber White asking for his help earlier.

If he helped her at that time, he might as well save her from being hurt by the falling rocks.

He hesitated for a while thinking that it was her bad luck. It was only a few rocks hitting her. What did it have to do with him?

He sipped his lips and said, “Sir, she is my wife. I can’t ignore her! Please, help her!”

Mr. Zhang gave him a look. He looked exhausted. The next second he smiled strangely. He gave Sean Smith an impression that he was showing a fake smile.

“I’m not a doctor.”

Sean Smith choked. He added, “Ten years ago when a landslide happened, I helped so many people.”

“But you won’t save my wife.” Sean Smith said.

Mr. Zhang glanced at Amber White and went to a small room inside the rescue station. He brought a clean suit.

“In order to prevent wound infection, you should replace the dirty clothes and look for wounds on her body. Then, you should disinfect the wound one by one with alcohol.”

Sean Smith was unprepared, but the old man immediately walked out of the room.

He called out, “You… you’re afraid of landslide, so you plan to hike down now, do you?”

Mr. Zhang smiled strangely, “A landslide is a landslide. I’m afraid of death.”

“My wife died in a landslide ten years ago. I want to stay here to keep her company.”

Sean Smith was stunned.

In fact, he was afraid that Mr. Zhang would really hike down the mountain. After all, he didn’t know medicine. Although Mr. Zhang said that he was not a doctor, he was obviously better than him.

If he hiked down the mountain, Amber White’s life would be in danger.

He couldn’t let her die. She had too much to do with him.

Sean Smith tightened his grip on the clean clothes. He was standing still with complicated eyes.

Before Mr. Zhang went outside, he noticed the strange look on the young man’s face. He asked, “What are you doing, Silly? Are you waiting for me to change it for her?”

“Isn’t she your wife?”

Sean Smith hesitated.

She was his wife.

But, not the wife he wanted to have.

He licked his lips. His sight was partly covered by his jet black hair.

Mr. Zhang frowned. At a glance, he knew that Amber White was badly injured. Sean Smith’s appearance made him unhappy.

“Why aren’t you starting yet? Do you want her to bleed to death?”

“If so, take her out now. Don’t dirty my bed!”

He frowned and the folds on his face wrinkled. He was stubborn and unreasonable, especially when he talked and walked toward Amber White and Sean Smith. He looked like he wanted to urge them out.

Sean Smith was not happy.

Mr. Zhang temper was hard as stone. Did he think Amber White could make it out alive if he urge them out?

At that very moment, Sean Smith couldn’t deny that he was worried about Amber White. He stretched out his hand and blocked Mr. Zhang’s way. He was soaked in the rain for a long time. Now, his voice was rough, “I’ll change her clothes now.”

Mr. Zhang glanced at him up and down, “I feel something strange is happening right now. This woman is not your wife, is she?”

Sean Smith sipped his lips as he looked at the old man coldly.

“If she’s not my wife, is she yours?” he asked flatly.


“We’re married by contract, not by feelings. I think I will change her clothes after she wakes up.”

He didn’t want her to think that he had feelings to her. He also didn’t want to give her the impression that they’re not going to divorce anytime soon.

“Shut up.”

Mr. Zhang sneered, “The young lady is so beautiful. She can marry any man she wants and she married you?!”

Although Sean Smith didn’t say it explicitly, Mr. Zhang could already guess the meaning behind his unfinished sentence.

He glanced at Sean Smith and said, “If you want to change her clothes, hurry up. Don’t be whiny. Do you want to stop her form enjoying her second puberty?”


Was he nothing for Amber White?

Sean Smith sneered. She liked him and pushed away the woman he loved. He couldn’t forgive her for this. If it wasn’t because of she liked him, wouldn’t that make her even more unforgiveable?

He took a deep breath and started looking for wounds on her body.

Half of her delicate face was covered with blood. His hand stiffened.

He didn’t know how Mr. Zhang knew that she was beautiful.

He really underestimated her skill. She was dying and unconscious, but she was able to provoke man!

Mr. Zhang’s remark about Amber Smith enjoying her second puberty stung Sean Smith in the heart.

He lost his fear and patience and started unbuttoned her clothes roughly.

The skirt was dyed red. He forgot what its original color was.

He was shocked after he finally unbuttoned her clothes.

His movements became gentle and the anger in his face gradually dissipates. He knew for a long time that she was seriously injured, but he didn’t expect that her injury was much worse than he thought.

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