Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 178: Her Secret Involved A Lot of People

Sean Smith undressed Amber White and saw her snow white skin covered in bruises. He stopped breathing for a little while.

The lower part of her waist was badly injured and blood kept flowing from the wound on her shoulder.

Sean Smith took the clean cloth prepared by Mr. Zhang and began to clean and disinfect the wound on her upper body. Her bare skin was exposed and now, her smooth and delicate skin was covered with bruises and wounds.

Even she frowned when she was unconscious. It must be painful for her.

His eyes was somewhat empty. Was he distressed by Amber White now?

He shook his head and shrugged the idea off his mind.

Perhaps, it was because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time that he had this illusion.

The only woman he loved was Man Man. why did he need to feel bad about another woman?

His eye drooped behind the strands of his jet black hair. He was starting to feel unfocused.

His breathing got heavy after he done cleaning her injured upper body.

Men were creatures who thought using the lower part of their bodies. Prominent men were no exception.

Amber White was a beautiful woman. Every inch of her skin could easily provoke man’s desire.

Sean Smith was also a man.

He struggled to focus as he took her skirt off.

He thought that he saw her legs, his dirty thoughts would go away.

But, her legs were slender and fair. They were perfect. He suddenly remembered the touch in the hospital last night.

It was soft and delicate.

Sean Smith’s head was buzzing. His hand which was supposed to clean her wounds with cotton swabs suddenly had another intention.

He was originally reaching out his two fingers to hold the cotton ball and wipe the wound, but now he was touching the bare skin of her legs with the palm of his hand.

His fingertips managed their ways to her injured calf.

The wound, which was black and blue, tainted the perfection of leg.

The wound turned his desire off. Finally, he covered it up again.

His eyes sank. He was stunned for a moment, but then his eyes slowly moved to the wound on her lower belly. At that moment, the stinging pain in his heart froze over.

He smiled awkwardly.

He almost forgot what kind woman Amber White was.

She probably slept with a lot of men. He wouldn’t let his guard down even if she liked him.

He cleaned her wound a bit harshly. Amber White seemed to writhe in her sleep.

She writhed in a very low voice, almost unheard, but his body tightened for a moment.

His licked his lips as his eyes grew darker.

After treating her wound, he held out the clean clothes and lifted her up from the bed.

The ladies clothes Mr. Zhang prepared needed to buttoned. It was difficult for him to dress an unconscious woman.

He had to let her lean on him.

His clothes was soaking wet from the rain. As soon as she leaned over, he could feel the soft touch from her body.

His shirt was specially tailored for him. The fabric was soft and when it was wet, it fitted right. When both of their bodies touched, he was stunned. He felt like he had hugged her bare before.

The touches of their skin were familiar to him.

But, he didn’t have time to think of the familiarity. A loud roar from outside broke the silence, “Are you done?!”

Sean Smith came back to his senses.

He thought that the old man was coming in. he subconsciously embraced and put the clothes on her body.

Nothing happened at the door. He spent a good minute putting the clothes on Amber White before opening the door, “I’m done.”

When Mr. Zhang heard this, he came in with a cigarette in his hand. The pipe looked simple. It was probably homemade. Sean Smith suddenly believed when the old man said that his wife died here in the landslide ten years ago.

He came in wearing a cleaner’s uniform with a strong smell of tobacco.

Sean Smith frowned. Before he could say anything, Mr. Zhang knocked the pipe on Sean Smith’s head.

He looked at him coldly and asked, “Didn’t you say that you’re married by contract?”

“Since it’s a contract marriage, it’s normal for you to help her change her clothes, but why are you staying inside the room for so long?!”

Sean Smith was stunned by the pipe hit. He was about to get angry, but when he heard the old man mentioned Amber White, his anger braked hard.

He frowned with jaws tightened. He didn’t say a word.

Mr. Zhang stared at Sean Smith and then, his eyes fell on Amber White. Sean Smith was not used to serving people. He didn’t dress Amber White very neatly.

“Is that how you dress her?”

Sean Smith glanced at Amber White. The clothes fitted her well. Not only that it complimented her body, it also made her look beautiful.

It looked good on her, no?

“Look at how you dress her! No wonder she doesn’t want to stay with you!”

“What were you doing in the room just now? Did you do something to her because she was unconscious?”

Sean Smith was triggered.

Amber White didn’t want to stay with him? What a joke.

Then, why was she so eager to marry him?

What good would it do to him if he groped her when she’s unconscious?

He remembered when he changed her clothes just now. His face became unnatural.

On second thought, didn’t Amber White love him with her life and death? Even he did grope her, she should be thankful because he helped her achieve her goal!

He licked his lips and said, “If I really want to do something to her, do you think I will tell you that we’re married by contract?”

Mr. Zhang squinted at him in a strange way, “Who knows?!”

Sean Smith was sharp. Although he didn’t say much to Mr. Zhang since the beginning, but it didn’t prevent him from sensing his unusual concern toward her.

He felt strange, but now that Amber White owed the old man her life, he could only be patient while sitting through his inquiring eyes.

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