Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 179: I Will Go into the Mountain to Save Them

I have changed her clothes, so you can check her, right? “

“According to what you said, I’ve dressed all her wounds. And I think that she would be fine! “

Sean said the last sentence without much certainty, and old Mr. Zhang took a strange glance at Sean and said, “Why are you so hurried? There is a thermometer in the iron box, go and use it to take your wife’s temperature. “

Such an intimate word as “wife” was used to describe Amber, and Sean suddenly felt uncomfortable, but he just licked his lips, dissatisfied, “Why should we take her temperature? She’s still bleeding, so we should stop the bleeding first, right? “

Old Mr. Zhang took another look at Amber. After her clothes were changed, she was not as messy as when she was carried in by Sean just now.

Sean said she was still bleeding, so he must have noticed it when he changed her clothes.

“Just take her body temperature if you’re told to, and don’t talk nonsense! “

“If you don’t listen to my words, then you need to go and treat her yourself! “

If he were a doctor, he wouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of this old man!

Sean had no choice but to take out a thermometer to take Amber’s body temperature.

Amber’s condition was so miserable that her face, which was once fair, was now actually a bit transparent, and as soon as Sean got close to her, he could even feel that she would be dying.

Sean’s hand, which was squeezing the thermometer, slightly trembled.

This slight action just happened to be seen by Old Mr. Zhang.

“What’s up? Are you worried about her?”

Sean quietly tucked the thermometer into Amber’s armpit, his fingertips touching Amber’s skin, which was still a little warm. Well, at least she wasn’t an icy corpse.

“Hey, you’re in love with her, aren’t you?! “

Old Mr. Zhang mocked Sean as he glanced him up and down, “But a man who can’t protect a woman is not attractive!”

Sean’s face turned pale, “I’m in love with her? Hahaha! Are you kidding me? “

“I can easily get any kind of woman! And such a woman has no advantages at all! Besides, she is so scheming, so how could I love her? “

He was forced to marry Amber in the first place, not sincerely!

Old Mr. Zhang sneered.

He had seen too many duplicitous men!

As soon as this topic ended, the rescue station became quiet. Five minutes later, Sean took out the thermometer and handed it to old Mr. Zhang after he looked at it carelessly without speaking.

Sean frowned. Before, Amber had also been injured several times, but this was the first time for her to be so seriously injured. She was not conscious at all.

He was inevitably a little anxious, and his eyes were fixed on old Mr. Zhang. Hesitating again and again, he finally asked, “Will she die? “

Sean was shocked by his own question.

“You don’t have feelings for her, so does it make a difference whether she dies or not? Why so nervous? “

Sean didn’t know how to answer old Mr. Zhang’s words, feeling so uncomfortable.

He even wondered whether he was really nervous about Amber.

He was worried about her, and was even afraid of Amber dying?

Somehow, Sean recalled what he had said when he sarcastically mocked Amber on the mountain.

Sean panicked and mused in his heart that he wasn’t worried about whether Amber would die or not, and he was just worried that if Amber really died, she would have achieved her goal!

He would then really have to bring up Amber’s child!

Sean always kept his promise, so if anything happened to Amber, he would have to bring up her child for the rest of his life.

The foot of the back mountain.

Fang Weiwei also rushed over with the other two women.

Standing in the vast expanse of the world, they could see the mountain shook, and the sense of tremor around them became heavier and heavier, and most of them had difficulty even standing still.

The policeman guarding the mountain entrance also frowned somewhat anxiously, “The tremor feeling is so heavy that there might be a second collapse.”

Tomas heard it and took a glance in the mountain’s direction, the highest of which could still be seen crumbling through the foggy wind and rain.

Those who had been fighting in the business world for years were also panicking at the sight.

“There’s a car coming, stop it! We can’t let anyone go into the mountain in this situation, or they will die!”

The Smith family’s members took a look in the direction they came from, not waiting for the police to intercept, the car stopped straight away, and the person on the passenger side of the car was the one that everyone present was very familiar with.

It was Lu Yi.

“Lu Yi, what are you doing here?”

Lu Yi got off the car without an umbrella, and the camouflage shirt he was wearing instantly fit on the sturdy body. He, who originally was a soft and warm man, instantly became serious and cool.

Lu Yi walked close to Mrs. Smith and replied, “Aunt, today is the anniversary of the third cousin’s death. I received the news that a landslide occurred here, and I was worried about you, so I came to have a look. “

He frowned and glanced around the crowd, didn’t see any familiar figures, so he lowered his voice to ask, “Where are Sean and Amber?”

Mrs. Smith was scared.

Above her head was an umbrella held up by Shen Ruyun, and the wind and rain were heavy, so the umbrella was in the air floating like a leaf of flotsam.

“They’re still on the mountain.”

In a few short words, Mrs. Smith said it with fear.

Lu Yi heard it, and turned back to the car, brought his own pre-prepared things one by one, carrying the bag towards the direction of the mountain entrance.

Mrs. Smith was scared again by Lu Yi’s action. Almost as soon as he made a move, she stopped him, “Lu Yi, what are you doing? “

“I’m going into the mountain to find Sean and Amber.”

“No way, the mountain is too dangerous right now, and we have orders to close the mountain, so we can’t let anyone in! Please don’t do anything rash, and you just wait here for news from the rescue team. “

The policeman said in disapproval and retorted.

Lu Yi did not stop his actions, and Mrs. Smith finally got anxious, “Lu Yi, you can’t go in there, it’s too dangerous! If anything happens to you, how should we do it? “

“The back of the mountain is likely to collapse again, so just stay here and don’t go anywhere!”

Mrs. Smith wanted to save Sean, but not at the expense of the others.

She also knew that, by now, neither Sean nor Amber came down from the mountain. So they must have been trapped.

She was more anxious than anyone else, but at this point, she was also saner than anyone else!

Sean was the only son of the Smith family, and she was anxious about it.

“Auntie, I’ve prepared well and had plenty of climbing experience, and I’ve studied the mountain before coming here, and I’ll avoid the location of the mountain collapse. Just let me go! I can’t just stay here and wait.”

“No way!”

Tomas interrupted Lu Yi with a deep voice, “The situation on the mountain is changing rapidly. So no matter how well you plan, can you still resist natural disasters? “

“Mom and Dad, you shouldn’t keep cousin any more. Just let him go! One more person, one more strength! “

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