Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 18: Did They Hugged Each Other During The Reception?

Amber White and Lu Yi did not know that there was another person standing outside the door, and they were even less clear that the dark tide in his heart was surging.

Lu Yi smiled a bit, suddenly he remembered the evening celebration feast, then he asked: “Right, Luoshen Bay was opened on the market yesterday, it can be said that it’s all of your credit, after work, the company will give the marketing department a celebration Feast, are you going?”

Amber hesitated for a moment, thinking of Cindy crying in the hospital last night, she had not taken time for a long time to accompany Cindy.

The project of Luoshen Bay was over. She was very rare free and did not want to go to the celebration party.

Cindy wanted her father, so she had no choice, it was necessary to take some time to play with her. After all, she did not want the little baby to be lonely when she was only three years old!

Lu Yi looked at Amber White who did not immediately reply. Sean Smith cut off at least 90% of Amber White’s bonus this month. This matter, Sean Smith did not do it right.

Just like Wang Jing and Yaoyao said, the biggest hero in the project is Amber White, but the bonus was not even the same as a sales lady.

He was worried that Amber White will not participate this party and wanted to make sure her meaning.

“Tang Tian’s crisis public relations, your reaction is very fast, even if I can’t handle it so well! So will you go to celebrate together tonight?”

Amber White still shook her head and said, “I won’t go there. Now the company is waiting to see my jokes. It’s not better for me to go there. And i will be ridiculed. I don’t have a tendency to abuse myself! I am preparing to back after work.”

Lu Yi: “??”

Amber White smiled a bit and then said: “Besides, I will not drink, but it is also a disappointment! Enjoy yourself, don’t worry about me!”

Sean Smith went a step forward and pushed open the door of the room. The tone was heavy: “Don’t go? Director White is really busy enough, the director Lu of the public relations department can’t persuade you?”

Both Amber White and Lu Yi looked at Sean Smith, and they seemed to have unexpectedly thought how he would suddenly come over.

Sean Smith’s tongue touched the corner of his lips and glanced at Lu Yi. The words were even more ridiculous: “The company will hold a celebration to the marketing department. You are a project leader, and you don’t want to participate it, do you think that the position of the marketing director, you can’t do it well? Or have you always been so irresponsible?!”

There was an obvious disdain in his eyes. Amber White’s heart was a bit boring. Sean Smith was not the one who would show his real thoughts. He was very emotional, because it’s he deliberately showed it to her!

She licked her lips and the expression on her face fell. Even Lu Yi heard the words of Sean Smith, and there was a slight disappointment on his face.

“Sean Smith, you have changed the bonus of Amber White this month to 30,000 dollars, and what do you want to do else? Don’t be too excessive!”

Sean Smith took a deep look at Lu Yi, and asked with a smile: “Where am I too excessive?”

“If you do not participate in the celebration banquet, three thousand dollars for you is still too much, this banquet, you must participate, if you do not participate it, tomorrow you don’t need to back this company to work!”

Qin Yan: “??”

She glanced at Sean Smith and always felt that the man did this deliberately. He had just heard her conversation with Lu Yi, so he had to ask her to participate it, and it was very possible for him to deliberately not want her to be happy.

From a few days after she met Sean Smith, he tried his best to don’t let her be happy.

There was no emotion on the face of Amber White. Sean Smith was somewhat dissatisfied. A pair of sharp eyes had a scratch on her face.

Seeing that she still had no emotion. Sean Smith turned around and left. Amber White and Lu Yi had not relaxed, he suddenly turned back.

Looking at Lu Yi, he said, “Oh, yes, I heard that Director Lu has just fired some staffs? By the way, I reminded Director Lu that it is a matter of the personnel department. This kind of thing, Director Lu has no such a big right.”

“Wang Jing and Chen Yaoye have been persuaded by me. I don’t want that this thing would happen again. Director White and Director Lu are smart people. You should be clear what will happen if this happens again!”

Chen Yaoye should be that Yaoyao!

When he finished, he left the office of Amber White directly and the room was restored to peace.

Amber White and Lu Yi looked at each other and showed a wry smile.

Lu Yi pressed his heart’s irritability and said: “He is such a person, forgive him.”

Although Lu Yi and Sean Smith were cousins, the feelings between them were not good. Amber White saw that he was already depressed and still came to comfort her. She couldn’t help but smile again: “I am fine, but you, because of me, you are also accused by Sean Smith, sorry!”

“I’ve told you that there’s no relate with you, it’s nothing to do with you!” Lu Yi frowned, avoided the topic, and asked: “For the evening celebration party, are you attending it?”

Amber White showed a wry smile and said: “?? I have no plans to change jobs, there is no way but participate it!”


Here, Sean Smith came out from the marketing department and he was so angry!

He was going to go to the tea room to re-empt a cup of coffee. After going to Amber White’s office, he didn’t even have the mood to drink coffee.

He returned directly to his office.

Sean Smith sat down, and the body was deep in the wide, soft back of the chair. The vigorous fingers clasped together and lifted the smooth chin slightly.

He narrowed his eyes, half-squatted, covering the choppy waves in the hustle and bustle of his eyes, and did not know why, he remembered Amber White that he had just seen in the marketing department.

From the time he went in, to he went out, he had spent at least more than five minutes in the office of Amber White. But she did not say anything to him.

It was because Lu Yi was there, knowing that someone will support her, so she deliberately pretended to be weak, then let Lu Yi help her?

Amber White was strong enough, and she dared to find a man to against him who was her husband!

For the first time, he saw a woman with a black heart like Amber White. She was still entangling with Shi Muzhou yesterday, and she was in the office talked with Lu Yi happily today.

Amber White was really bad, and Lu Yi, he was working in his company and he dared to make indiscreet remarks, he may not be a good person, if the two cooperate, he was afraid that they would swallow the Smith group together!

Amber White dared to use the matter of donating bone marrow to threaten his mother, then she became Mrs. Smith, she had always been very purposeful in doing things, if others told him that she had no other desire, it was really unbelievable!

Sean Smith snorted and laughed. He endured forbearance, took a deep breath, opened his eyes which was filled the abyss.

His fingertips knocked on the table a few times. They still hugged each other at the reception.

He would like to know how did Mrs. Smith get along with with his cousin!

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