Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 180: High Fever

Shen Ruyun replied, “It’s not safe here anymore. Let’s go back to the manor and wait for the news!”

She was forced by Lord Qian, unable to do anything. Probably among everyone there, she’s the only one that wholeheartedly wanted Amber to come down safely.

If this great Lu Yi, dropped in especially to go to the mountain, of course, Ruyun had to help him!

The tip of the mountaintop kept on swaying and might collapse anytime. Shen Ruyun was already scared by it.

“Shut up!”

“Lu Yi, I don’t agree with you climbing up.”

Lu Yi didn’t speak. He walked towards the policeman arbitrarily and didn’t intend to look back.

Mother Smith was feeling anxious again.

If Lu Yi insisted on climbing the mountain, the police also couldn’t do anything to stop him. The police couldn’t help, but said, “Comrade, anything happens to you when you climb up the mountain, we are the ones who should take the responsibility.”

“We couldn’t afford such a life-risking responsibility!”

“If you wanted to climb the mountain, you have to sign an agreement with us. So when something happens, you’re at your own risk!”

The policemen also couldn’t help it. After all, this mountain where the accident happened, was too close to Smith’s Manor. The workers that were there earlier had been sent down not long after the rainstorm warning was issued.

The people that were trapped in the mountain belong to the Smiths. The one that insisted on climbing up the mountain was also associated with the Smiths.

They didn’t dare to offend any of them…

They thought that by saying that, would bring Lu Yi’s intention back down. But, they didn’t expect, Lu Yi would immediately nod without hesitation, and agreed to sign the agreement.

After finished signing the agreement, ignoring Smith’s family’s warning, he went straight to enter the mountain.


According to old man Zhang, Sean had done everything he could to treat Amber’s wound.

The environment on the mountain was harsh, and the wound treatment was also simple and crude. Since Amber didn’t show any reaction at all, Sean frowned his brows.

His heart was filled with anxiety. Actually, Sean wanted to ask more about Amber’s current condition to old man Zhang, but he was also worried that old man Zhang would casually talk about him having feelings for Amber, which was not true.

He tried to calm his anxiety in his heart, sitting at the stool while waited.

Sean actually wanted to smoke a cigarette, but the rain already soaked the cigarettes in his pocket.

Old man Zhang glanced at Sean, and sneered coldly, “Looking at your current possibility, since you don’t catch a fever, you’re going to be fine for this time being. Why are you so anxious?”

Sean’s tall figure became stiff, with a disgusted face, “Who is anxious? I only afraid if there’s anything happen to her, it would only give me trouble.”

Old Man Zhang looked at Sean weirdly. He pressed his lips into a straight line, and his body became rigid,

After seeing this, old man Zhang didn’t continue to mock Sean anymore. But, he unexpectedly added some tobacco to his pipe and took a sip.

Sean relaxed his stiff body after a while, then walked towards where Amber was lying and sat down.

The rain outside was unpredictable, and it didn’t show any signs of stopping.

Sean worried that anything would happen to Amber. He stayed by her bed, controlled his temped, and waited for rescue to come.

Sean noticed that something was wrong with Amber, more than ten minutes after Amber’s breathing suddenly became heavier. Her white-porcelain face turned red. Sean was startled a bit, then he reached out and touched Amber’s forehead.

It was burning hot, to begin with.

Previously, old man Zhang said, as long as Amber didn’t catch a fever, she would be fine.

But he didn’t say the aftereffects if Amber caught a fever!

Sean would take Amber’s body temperature every two or three minutes. Sensing that there’s something wrong, he immediately pulled out the thermometer from her armpit.

40 degree?

He hadn’t met anyone with a high fever of 40 degrees for a long time!

Sean couldn’t sit still anymore. He abruptly s tood up, and took a big stride towards the shelf, to search for something.

After searching for a few minutes, he went to the other room. He then dragged old man Zhang to the shelf with one hand; his tone was icy cold and stern.

“Where is the antipyretic (fever-reducing medicine)?”

Old man Zhang was taken aback for a while since Sean dragged him a few steps by his collar. He didn’t come up with a sigh of relief and even planned to scold Sean. But after hearing his words, he knitted his brows and asked, “Why do you ask for antipyretic?”

“She has a fever!”

He obviously was talking about Amber!

Sean tightly knitted his eyebrows. His looks were heavy and intimidating. Upon hearing this, old man Zhang walked towards Amber.

He felt the temperature on her forehead. He took a look at the clothes on her legs, and his expression changed in an instant.

“Her wound is infected, and she’s in a critical condition!”

Sean stopped breathing.

Is her wound infected?

“When I changed her clothes earlier, I followed your instructions and sterilized her wound. How come there’s an infection in her wound?”

“Maybe because she’s soaked in the rain for too long.”

Old man Zhang’s remarks were too serious; it’s as if Amber could die anytime soon.

Sean blinked and searched for the shelf again.

“What are you looking for? Antipyretic?”

“Not to mention that there’s no antipyretic on the mountain, even if there is, there’s no guarantee that it will be able to save her life.”

The words pierced through Sean’s head. His eyes were filled with thin blood veins. Being watched by him, old man Zhang suddenly felt as if he was being stared by a wild beast.

“Then what can we do?”

“The medical treatment here was too simple and crude! Unless she goes to the hospital, then she might have a chance to survive.”

Upon hearing this, Sean’s eyes moved.

Amber couldn’t die.

Especially at this time!

As soon as old man Zhang finished speaking, Sean subconsciously reached out his phone in his trousers. It was slender and cold. When he took it out, there was also water dripping out.

Sean’s expression turned dark. After trying a few taps on his phone, his phone still didn’t light up.

After walking in the rain for so long, he didn’t even know when his mobile phone was soaked, and finally broken!

He raised his hand and threw his phone on the ground, turned to old man Zhang, and asked, “Do you have a phone? Let me use it!”

“I’ll ask for someone to send her to the hospital!”

Upon hearing his remarks, old man Zhang subconsciously charged towards Sean. “What the f**k are you talking about? Just because there’s no landslide now, doesn’t mean nothing would happen. If you look at the situation, it’s only a matter of time before anything happens! Who would want to risk his life and come to rescue you…”

There’s a flash of ferocity across Sean’s eyes.

“Give me the phone!”

Those words made old Man Zhang clenched his teeth, so tight that they almost cracked.

The anxiety in his heart was swallowing his sanity bit by bit. It wasn’t because Sean was worried about Amber, but he just simply didn’t want Amber to die. Three years ago, it was Amber who got involved, ruining his wedding with Man Man.

This problem hadn’t been solved yet, if Amber’s dead now, won’t it be too easy for her?

Old man Zhang didn’t believe Sean could find someone. Using his old phone, he threw it in front of Sean, while grumbling, “You bastard, here’s the phone. I’ll see if you can find someone.”

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