Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 181: You’d Better Stay With Her

Sean Smith didn’t want to talk to the old Mr. Zhang. He picked up the phone and called Gu Jinyan.

No one answered the phone call for the first time, but Sean Smith kept calling.

When it was the third time, Gu Jinyan answered the phone. He had a bad temper and said, “Who’s that?”

Sean Smith looked back at Amber White, and said, “It’s me, Sean Smith. Do me a favor…”

“Sean? When you tricked me last night, did you ever think you would need my help today?”

Gu Jinyan laughed, and his voice was tinged with the unique feeling when he talked to Sean Smith.

“Stop talking nonsense, sned a helicopter here to the rescue station on the back mountain of my house. Amber White is injured, she must go to the hospital now.”

“Sister-in-law?” Gu Jinyan raised his eyebrows, and said with interest: “Are you still together? No, what kind of injury did she get? It makes you nervous! You even want a helicopter!”

“Are you serious? It’s just a medical treatment, it’s too much!”

Gu Jinyan refuted, and then said suspiciously for a while: “When will there be a mountain behind your home, why don’t I know?”

The blue veins on Sean Smith’s forehead jumped. He bit his back tooth socket and said, “It’s in the back of the mountain behind the old house of the Sean family !”

Gu Jinyan was stunned.

“What are you doing on that mountain? I just watched the news, and the top of that mountain is crumbling. The stone forest area has begun to collapse. What are you doing?!”

Sean Smith’s voice was a little dry, and his words were extremely hoarse: “Today is the anniversary of my third brother’s death. We went up the mountain to worship him together. It’s another story. Amber White and I did not go down the mountain.”

“She was hit by falling rocks on the mountain, her wound was infected and she developed a high fever, she must go to the hospital immediately!”

Sean Smith licked his lips, and then said: “The entrance to the mountain should be blocked. It is not easy for the car to enter the mountain. You can help me call a helicopter!”

The situation was serious, and Gu Jinyan didn’t have time to tease Sean Smith. He moved his hand and opened the window in the office.

The wind was strong outside, the rain was extremely heavy, and what the most important thing was that there were thunders from time to time.

In this kind of weather, international flights would also be delayed, and the mountain mentioned by Sean Smith was in danger of a second collapse.

Let alone the weather, even if they were rich, no one could risk their lives and went into the mountains!

Gu Jinyan frowned and said in a low voice: “In this kind of weather, even it’s you, you can’t call the helicopter. The air currents in thunderstorms will cause difficulties!”

“Sean, we know that I can’t find one for you in a short time!”

“Even if I call it out, no one dares to enter the mountain at this time!”

“Then spend the money!”

Sean Smith replied: “if ten million won’t work, then 20 million! If twenty million won’t work, then 100 million!”

He didn’t lack this little money. It only took a few minutes to come from the city center. Sean Smith did not believe that no one would come under such a big amount of money!

If their conversation happened at another time, and Sean Smith said such words for Amber White, Gu Jinyan must mock him.

But now, Gu Jinyan only thought it tricky.

“It’s not a question of money, but the inability to tune it out!”

Gu Jinyan repeated, he slowed down his tone and asked, “How is sister-in-law now? I just read the message released by the Meteorological Observatory. Within 24 hours, there is no possibility of entering the mountain!”

Mr. Zhang hear the content of the communication between Gu Jinyan and Sean Smith. Hearing this, before Sean Smith spoke, Mr. Zhang shook his head regretfully, “She has a fever of 40 degrees, she absolutely can’t insist twenty-four hours, even if it is a fluke, like she escaped the fate of death from wound infection, her head will burn stupidly!”

Sean Smith’s face, because of the words of Mr. Zhang and Gu Jinyan, completely lost its temperature.

For the first time in so many years, Sean Smith was so powerless!

He squeezed the big palm of the phone and slammed it to the ground angrily.

The performance of the old phone was good. Even so, the screen was full of blue light. Mr. Zhang bent over to pick up the phone, cut off the phone, and glanced at Sean Smith.

“You can rest in this room, I’ll go to another room.”

“Don’t blame yourself, after all, you did your best! I have studied before. The rescue station is still safe. You’d better stay with her inside.”

“Whether you have feelings or not, she is your wife anyway.”

In just a few words, Sean Smith made a huge wave in his heart.

In this way, the life and death of Amber White was determined?

Sean Smith turned around and walked to the bed a few steps. The clothes on Amber White were not good-looking, but she was good-looking, with her small pale face and her smart eyes tightly closed.

A lot of sweat leaked out of her forehead, her cheeks were flushed, and it was the first time for Sean Smith to look at Amber White’s face so seriously.

It was also the first time that a strange thought arose in his heart.

Amber White was fragile, her toughness was just her disguise, she also needed protection!

This absurd feeling had been spreading in Sean Smith’s body, and he was vaguely self-blamed.

If Amber White asked him to help her, and he stretched out his hand to her, she would avoid the falling rocks on the mountain, maybe they had reached the old house by now.

Before she fainted, she was still thinking about Cindy White. When she mentioned that she was afraid of accidents, he could see that the fear in her eyes was not fake.

Amber White didn’t want to have an accident.

Yes, Cindy White was not a child of the Smith family after all, even if he promised her that Cindy White would follow him, Amber White may not be relieved!

She always knew that he hated her, probably in her heart, and worried that he would abuse her daughter!

Sean Smith’s consciousness drifted away, and the guilt in his heart overflowed. When his eyes touched Amber White’s lips, his dark eyes paused.

There was another voice in his heart.

Would Amber White be so fragile, the old man said she would be silly because of the fever?

It’s ridiculous, what Amber White wanted from him hadn’t gotten yet, was she willing to be stupid or die?

If she was fragile, where did her courage come from? She could under the danger of landslides, and stay there to find Cindy White. How could she dare to jump into the reservoir!

She dared to climb to the position of the Smith Group’s marketing department director, and she was entangled with other men, and can still sit firmly in the position of Mrs. Smith!

Was Amber White vulnerable? Were there any vulnerable people in the world?

Sean Smith irritably stretched out his short black hair. The messy hair ends broke the coldness on his face. The lights of the rescue station were dim, and the smudged Sean Smith face was soft and delicate.

He stretched out his hand and held Amber White from the bed.

No way.

No matter what kind of woman Amber White was, she had been so badly injured, she had a relationship with him.

For watching Amber White die, he couldn’t do it at all!

Sean Smith stood up straight, embraced Amber White’s soft body, and walked out of the room.

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