Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 182: Don’t Wanna Amber Die

Sean Smith quietly told himself in his heart that he did not feel sorry for Amber White, nor did he worry about Amber White.

He was just afraid, afraid that Amber White was dead, and someone would blame him for Amber White’s death.

He cannot bear a life on him!

He would not help Amber White raise her daughter!

Besides, if Amber White didn’t die, but became an idiot, wouldn’t he have to take care of another mental retardation at that time! ?

Then he wouldn’t be able to get rid of Amber White all his life!

As soon as he left the small room of the rescue station, the howling wind blew over, Sean Smith unconsciously pressed Amber White’s body into his arms and turned around to help Amber White keep out most of the wind and rain.

After the action was completed, Sean Smith stiffed. This subconscious care of Amber White made him feel familiar!

Sean Smith licked his lips, thinking of Lin Man.

His lips tightened tightly.

Mr. Zhang heard the movement and turned his head.

Seeing Sean Smith coming out and holding Amber White, his expression changed.

“You stinky boy, what are you doing? You can’t wait to see her die? Hurry up and get in!”

Sean Smith not only didn’t move, but took another two steps in his direction.

“Uncle, I thought about it and decided to take her to the hospital.”

Mr. Zhang’s eyes widened in shock. He looked at Sean Smith, then looked at Amber White he was holding, he asked, “Now?”

Sean Smith nodded, affirming: “Now!”

“Are you crazy? Look, that mountain is about to collapse. I’ve calculated it. At this time, the rescue station is safer. If you go out, you may die if you don’t stop!”

Mr. Zhang was very thin, with old and thin fingers, pointing to the shaky mountain, his expression was solemn, seeming to prove that what he said was true.

Sean Smith followed his fingers and his eyesight was careless, not even the emotion on his face fluctuated.

“Uncle, when I came in, I saw a mountain bike parked at the door. I want it.”

“You… there is danger outside. I advise you to wait here. There are people in your family. When they know that you are trapped here, they will call the rescue team to rescue you?!”

“If you go out now, both of you will die!”

Rescue Team?

When he was looking for Cindy White, Amber White called the police. At that time, it was only raining, but the rescue team said.

The mountain was blocked, they can’t get in!

If he didn’t want Amber White to die, he can only save her himself!

Sean Smith’s long narrow eyes locked Mr. Zhang, and asked, “Your car…”

“You said you don’t like her, remember? Why do you have to take this risk, are you stupid?”

Mr. Zhang was so angry, he held the tobacco rod and pointed in the direction where the mountain bike was parked. He said angrily: “The car is there, since you want to die, just go, I won’t stop you!”

Sean Smith thanked him.

He hugged Amber White and walked over.

His movements were so small, fixing Amber White in place.

Because the space of the car was limited, the mountain off-road vehicle was old-fashioned, the space was limited, and there was only one position. He can only stretch out a pair of powerful arms to circle Amber White and held her in his arms. In the next second, he started the car and went into the rain.

Mr. Zhang stopped Sean Smith.

He was holding two raincoats in his hands and hurriedly covering him.

The wind was strong and the rain was heavy, and the voice of Mr. Zhang was also loud: “Wear this raincoat. This girl has a fever, so she can’t get any more rain!”

Sean Smith didn’t know what to say, so he could only thank him.

Mr. Zhang looked at him pushing the car and stepping into the rain curtain. He sighed for a long!

“Boy, you’re still too young.”

The rain was too heavy, and the trees on the mountain swayed with the wind, lifting the raincoats covering the two of them.

Sean Smith was unprepared for a while, the raincoat was raised by the wind, reflexively, he freed a hand, pressed the raincoat, and buttoned it on Amber White.

After a pause, Sean Smith stretched out his hand to untie his raincoat, put a knot on Amber, and made sure that the wind could not blow her raincoat again.

He circled Amber White and continued.

The practice of Sean Smith caused all the rainwater on Amber White’s raincoat to pour into him.

Although it was summer, after being in the rain for a long time, Sean Smith’s body still couldn’t restrain himself from freezing.

Sean Smith’s face turned pale, he reached out his hand to wipe the rain that blocked his vision, and squinted at the crumbling mountain.

Based on observation alone, Sean Smith could not be sure which part of the mountain would be safe, but when he called Gu Jinyan before, according to what he meant, the most dangerous place was nothing but the stone area.

The road they had taken before was the fastest down the mountain, but after Amber White was fainted by the falling rock, the mountain road there was also blocked by the falling rock.

If they wanted to go down the mountain quickly, they can only bypass the stone area and go to the maple area.

Sean Smith squinted his eyelashes, his lips tightened.

The maple area was a relatively compromised road. If it was safe, the downhill road would be short.

Sean Smith circled Amber White’s waist, and drove the old mountain bike in the direction of the maple area.

There were also falling rocks in the Maple Forest area. In comparison, the Maple Forest area had not been developed. A large area of maple trees had been planted. No one had been here and cleaned this place all year-round. The ground was covered with a thick layer of maple leaves.

The road was also exceptionally rugged.

Sean Smith didn’t dare to drive too fast because he couldn’t see the real road.

Just like Mr. Zhang said, this mountain was too dangerous now. If they were not careful, they would die.

Sean Smith felt anxious, and he licked his lips. By this time, he became more sensible.

He felt that he and Amber White can’t stay together. From the beginning of the relationship between the two, it was either her Amber White had the accident, or he was unlucky!

If he can take Amber White down the mountain safely, he must keep away from her!

Sean Smith frowned and drove to the Maple Forest area.

The car got stuck under the wheel and the car was forced to stop.

Sean Smith’s brow furrowed deeper, he cursed and stepped on the accelerator harder.

Mr. Zhang’s mountain cross-country vehicle was old-fashioned, and Sean Smith can’t tell how old it was. Even if it’s not performing well, it’s not stable.

Step on the accelerator and there was a faint tendency to overturn the car.

Sean Smith did not dare to continue, he stopped the car, stabilized Amber White and got out of the car to see the situation below.

A small stone was blocked under the wheel, but it’s enough to stop the car from moving forward.

If he wanted to remove the stone, he had to bend over and reach out to touch it.

And he stepped too much on the accelerator just now, and a stone was also stuck behind that wheel.

He can only choose to be troublesome!

Or to be dirty!

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