Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 183 : Amber White Had a Foul Mouth

Sean Smith frowned and hesitated.

The white shirt wetted by the rain fitted right on the curve of his body.

The raindrops fell on his eyelids. His breath sank.

He was standing on the barren hill, couldn’t help hesitating. Was that woman who ruined his previous relationship worth it?

He manned down and signed a billion of Yuan of contract for her. Was he digging his own grave?

If she happened to wake up, he wondered how she was going to pay him back.

He budged and saw the woman who was lying inside the car from the corner of his eye.

Her eyes were tightly closed. Although Mr. Zhang had warned him not to let Amber White soaked in the rain, but the bad weather was inevitable.

Even his clothes wouldn’t protect her from the rain. Her porcelain white face became even more translucent by the rain and her previously red as rose lips were now pale and bloodless.

There were a few strands of hair covering her face, but he bet she was fine with it. She looked like a withered flower.

Sean Smith shuddered.

If they stayed here longer, Amber White wouldn’t make it out alive.

He leaned down and with great strength, he buckled and lifted the wheel with one hand. He managed to gouge the stones out.

His white and slender fingers were covered with mud and leaves. The view sent chill down his spine. He got goosebumps.

It was so dirty!

He never touched anything dirty before!

Sean Smith was angry. He looked ahead to the mountains. Luckily, he had a good sense of direction.

He was still clear with the direction even if he was standing in the middle of a forest. He needed to go straight and turned right to get out of the mountainous area.

But, he had no time enjoying his good sense of direction when his eyes landed on the road blocked by tall maple trees and rocks.

Then, a loud noise filled his ear.

The mountain shook. So did his body. He saw the rocks falling off in front of him. It was not safe here. He couldn’t stay any longer.

Sean Smith frowned. He lifted his eyes and looked at the rocks falling off the hill. If it went on, Amber White wouldn’t be safe, he might as well die here.

He stopped hesitating and strode toward the rocks blocking the way down.

He didn’t do this for Amber White. He did this because there was no way back.

He needed to get out here alive and save Amber White.

The rocks were heavy. When he tried to lift them aside, he instinctively felt that the wound on his back cracked open.

With raindrops covering his back, he could only frowned in pain.

He narrowed his eyes and looked back at Amber White’s direction. She was still in position. He continued moving the rocks away.

Because he brought Amber White with him, he dared not waste his energy. He accurately measured the width of the road so that a vehicle could pass.

He stood up and smiled proudly.

He walked back to the car with dirty hands, but his smile froze as soon as he noticed that the car was almost buried with the falling rocks.

Out of reflex, he ran toward the car without hesitation.

He was one step behind.

As he watched, another chunk of rock fell right on the car. Amber White tumbled out of the opened door and her body hit the maple tree on the roadside.

His pupil shrank with a jerk.

The rocks were burying the car. He lifted the woman in raincoat from the ground.

She obviously hit her forehead and scratched her skin. She was bleeding. Her pale was beyond shocking.

His heart sank. He wanted to wipe the blood for her but he found out that his hand was stained with dirt.

He froze. After a little while, he pulled her raincoat, lifted her up and sat her next to the tree. He turned back to check the vehicle.

The car was hit by falling rocks, but it could still work. The only problem was that the car was trapped in the rocks.

His eyebrows jumped when he noticed the rocks around.

The situation here was too dangerous. If they stayed, he didn’t know how dangerous it would be.

He was fine with it, but Amber White wasn’t.

She needed to go to the hospital and got a treatment as soon as possible.

He was running out strength from moving the rocks before. He needed to take her to a safe place first.

When he was about to turn around, another shaking followed.

A huge rock tumbled down the mountain. His eyes shrank when he noticed the huge rock broke into small pieces. This way, he couldn’t rush over to the hospital.

Or else, the rocks would kill them alive.

Because of what happened earlier, he dared not stay too far from her. He put her under the nearest tree.

Between crackles, he quickly moved her aside to hide.

There were too many falling rocks around. He tried his best to avoid the big chunks, but he couldn’t escape from the small pieces.

Unfortunately, his body was hit by the falling rock. He stopped walking and hugged her body. His sight went black and they fell to the ground.

He fell on top of her and his eyes were blurred.

The wind and the rain faded taking his consciousness away.

He moved a little thinking that he probably broke a bone. The pain in his limbs swarmed up.

He vaguely remembered what happened before they went down the mountain. Amber White hurt herself saving him.

There was no denying that she really suffered.

That time, he thought that she was going to use her life-saving grace to blackmail him.

He narrowed his eyes. Did this happen because he wrong Amber White?

He licked his lips wet by the rain.

It’s all settled now. He also saved her life. He paid her back and hurt himself just like she did. Amber White got what she always wanted.

The dark clouds were coming down. He realized that he might not be able to take her to the hospital.

However, Amber White saved him once and he did too. He didn’t owe her anything now.

Perhaps, this way, he didn’t have to bother helping Cindy White.

It turned out that Amber White’s foul mouth worked too well.

She casually remarked that they were going to die in the mountain and now, it seemed…

He might probably die with Amber White, the woman he despised and hated the most.

What a pity.

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