Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 184: Sean, Don’t Blame Me

As soon as Lu Yi entered the mountain, he knew why police wanted to seal the mountain.

The fastest way down from the mountain was blocked by rock fall, piling up into a high layer of rocks. People inside the mountain couldn’t even come down, let alone the one who wants to climb up.

Fortunately, Lu Yi came prepared. He took a climbing rope from his backpack and turned it over.

The route at the back became bumpy as it was hit by the rock fall. In other place, the mountain looked like it would collapse soon.

Lu Yi frowned his brows, he jumped off the rocks. He took a step and continued walking inside.

He already checked before, the area of stone forest had already collapsed. It could be ruled out!

If Amber and Sean are really there, it’s also useless to go there now. Moreover, they won’t be able to escape either!

And yet, this route was blocked by the rock fall. Since Amber and Sean came to the mountain to pay their respect to Johnson, they didn’t prepare for anything. So, they wouldn’t be able to go over it.

With such a deduction, only the area of maple forest is left. There’s still a chance for Amber and Sean!

After finishing his deduction, Lu Yi started to pick up his pace.

Reaching halfway through the mountain, Lu Yi ran into old man Zhang, who was sitting outside the rescue station and smoked.

There might still be people in the mountain, Lu Yi frowned and asked casually, “Uncle, have you seen a man and woman about the same age as me?”

Old man Zhang paused, holding the dry tobacco pipe, and he raised his eyelids, looked at Lu Yi before asking, “The woman is very beautiful and although the man is good looking but his temper is bad, are they?”

Lu Yi’s eyes brightened and nodded, “You’ve seen them. Do you know where are they now? Have they hiked downhill?”

Old man Zhang held the dry tobacco pipe, pointed towards the area of maple forest, and said with a low voice, “They went that direction. The woman has an infected wound, she won’t last more than 24 hours.”

“If it hadn’t been for accidents and dangers, they would’ve reached downhill by now!”

“Young man, I advise you not to go there. The stone forest and maple forest are relatively close. That area might’ve collapsed soon!”

Lu Yi’s eyebrows twitched, as if warning him. There were muffled noise coming from the direction that old man Zhang was pointing at.

Even when he stood in a distance, Lu Yi could feel the tremor!

He frowned his brows and picked up two piece of information from old man Zhang’s remarks.

Amber was injured. Amber didn’t have much time left and must go to hospital!

After all these years, Sean and Amber never get along. Lu Yi didn’t even believe that he would protect Amber.

Without any hesitation, Lu Yi ignored old man Zhang’s warning and with big strides, he dashed towards the area of maple forest.

Both their tracks were not difficult to find. The ATV that was drove by Sean left track marks on the muddy mountain road. Lu Yi who just rushed over saw Sean and Amber who was stupor and unconscious.

Sean was covering Amber. Although he had lost his consciousness, Lu Yi could see that Sean’s gesture was hugging Amber. It was a subconscious protective gesture.

The wound on Sean’s back was split open. The blood was gushing out, turning his snowy white shirt into bloody pink.

The rain was stained with the blood and it flowed ferociously from his body.

Lu Yi stopped his pace.

He was shocked by his insight in his heart.

For the past three years, Sean was doing all he can to hurt Amber!

But he knew clearly, Amber loves Sean for so many years, and it’s not easy for a woman to give up. But Sean willingly give up his life for her. He could even guess without a doubt, when Amber woke up, maybe she could rekindle her old feeling!

After all, a hero saving a beauty had always been the most romantic love story in this world…

Lu Yi clenched his fingers tightly.

The ground was shaking again. Lu Yi finally got back to his senses.

He took a step forward and took Sean away from Amber. The woman’s face was exposed, her face was still in color. It was very obvious that she’s well protected by Sean.

It’s obvious that she was trapped in a dangerous situation, but Amber still looked as clean as ever.

Lu Yi remembered what old man Zhang said previously, about Amber’s wound infection.

He didn’t expect, he would find both Sean and Amber in an unconscious state, so he came up alone.

Even if there’s an ATV, he could one carry one person away.

Lu Yi squinted his eyes, hesitated for a moment. Then he suddenly stood up, moving Sean’s big and tall body, and get him to sit behind a thick maple tree.

“Sean, don’t blame me. Amber needs to go to the hospital. I’ll carry her down first…”

After that, Lu Yi took a big step towards Amber, lifted her from the ground, and took a glance at Sean, who was fairly safe,

If Sean really died in this disaster, then he could only blame himself for having such a bad luck!

Lu Yi carried Amber on his back, stepped on the ATV, and drove down from the mountain.

Amber was in a critical situation. Lu Yi didn’t dare to hesitate, the ground behind him was shaking, and had the tendency to collapse anytime soon.

Without looking back, Lu Yi stepped on the accelerator, and drove towards the base of the mountain while avoiding the rock fall.

“Lu Yi?”

The people of Smith family was still guarding at the base of the mountain. Lu Yi’s startled a bit, his lips pressed tightly.


Mother Smith had seen Amber huddled in the ATV from faraway. She then saw Lu Yi, ignoring the vehicle, she ran onto it.

Fortunately, Lu Yi slammed on the brakes, as soon as she saw Mother Smith, and didn’t hurt her.

“Lu Yi, where’s Sean? Why there’s only Amber?”

“Huh? Did you see Sean?”

Through the car door, Mother Smith reached out, and grabbed on Lu Yi’s sleeves. Her eyes filled with tears, her long black skirt was soaked, and she was on the verge of despair.

Lu Yi struggled for a bit but he couldn’t get away from Mother Smith.

“Aunty, I.. There’s still a road up the hill. I have basically travelled everywhere, but I didn’t see Sean.”

After the landslide, Sean didn’t came out from the mountain. Mother Smith’s was already tensed since the beginning. After hearing Lu Yi’s words, Mother Smith’s pupil shrank, and she fell onto Tomas’ arms.


“ Ah Ru!”

Mother Smith fainted causing the member of Smith family caught off guard. Shen Ruyun saw Amber being carried down by Lu Yi, her eyes brightened.

Seeing Mother Smith fainted, Shen Ruyun stepped forward, “Father, looking at mother’s condition, it won’t be a big deal to stay here, but let’s take mother to the hospital first!”

Lu Yi nodded his head and said with a weak voice, “Uncle, Amber was smashed by the rock fall. She is seriously injured and has a high fever. She must go to the hospital!”

Tomas nodded his head, holding Mother Smith’s body, and instructed, “Sister Zhang, call the manor, and prepare a car to send Madam and Amber to the hospital!”

The manor located closely to the base of mountain. Just a few minutes after Tomas instructed, there’s a car heading towards them. Lu Yi carried Amber and Mother Smith into the car, saw Tomas standing at the base of mountain, walking back and forth while frowning.

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