Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 185: My Son Hasn’t Come Down From the Mountain Yet!


“Lu Yi, I have to trouble you to send your aunty and Amber to the hospital.”

Lu Yi’s eyebrow twitched for a while, he understood what Tomas meant. As much as his hatred towards Sean, he is still his son. Even if he didn’t say anything, but he’s still as anxious as Mother Smith.

After seeing Tomas’s gaze, Lu Yi subconsciously got started.

He slightly nodded, when the police at the mountain pass answered the call, his expression suddenly changed.

“The area of maple forest has collapsed, affecting several areas. Right now, the base of mountain is also not safe, it could be engulfed by the rock fall anytime. Everyone must evacuate!”

Tomas was taken aback, “But my son hasn’t come down yet!”

“Come down?” The policeman sneered and said, “Right now more than half of the mountain has collapsed, the remaining areas are also collapsing. Your son is made of flesh and blood, can he survive natural disaster?”

Tomas Smith is a member of Smith Family after all. He probably realized that his words were too harsh, the policeman paused for a while and amended his words.

“However, anything is possible! There’s a possibility that he took another route to come down. It’s not safe anymore here. We have to evacuate. Mr. Smith, please don’t put us, officers, in an awkward position!”

A nasty smell rushed straight through Tomas’ throat. His eyes were dark and it took a while to gain the control of his own body.

“Uncle, the policeman was right. It’s not safe here anymore. Let’s send aunty and Amber to hospital first!”

Shen Ruyun and the others, didn’t even want to stay at this shabby place since the beginning. Upon hearing that, she gave Jiang Xue a look. Both of them came to support Tomas on his left and right, and whispered, “That’s right, Father. Fourth brother understands knows the mountain very well, he might’ve came down from the mountain since long ago! Don’t you worry about mother?”

“It’s not safe here anymore. If you insist to stay here, on one hand, you’ll interfere the official duties, while on the other hand, worst come to worst, if something happens, is it worth the loss?”

All the three sister in laws, chimed in together to coax Tomas into the car.


On the mountain

The rainstorm was raging and ruthlessly pouring down on Sean’s face. The mountain ground was shaking again, and the unconscious Sean woke up in a daze.

The cold rain splashed into Sean’s eyes, he opened his eyelids, and suddenly came back to his senses.

Sean moved his body. In order to save Amber, his body was hit by the rock fall. With this movement, the pain in his muscles and bones, crept along his nerves into his limbs.

Sean was in pain, only to realize that, he didn’t know when he leaned over and sat under a tree,

His consciousness was hazy, then he faintly remembered. When he was about to fall unconscious, he protected Amber and fell into the ground….

That’s right, Amber!

Sean abruptly stood up, looked around, but he couldn’t find Amber.

Forget it, even the ATV was no longer there!

He was shaken for a bit, he subconsciously felt that Amber woke up halfway, drove the ATV, and went on her own!

As soon as this idea emerged, was also subconsciously overruled by Sean.

It’s not right!

Amber’s wound was infected, old man Zhang said so himself. She’s running out of time. If she didn’t get to the hospital soon, she couldn’t even survive less than 24 hours. How can she woke up halfway and left him here all alone?

Sean’s face turned dreadfully pale by the rain.

He seemed to have gathering the control all over his body. There wasn’t a part of body that didn’t hurt, especially his back. The pain turned his back numb.


He raised his voice and shouted. His voice was echoing in the valley and there’s no other voice except his.

Sean was panicked.

He didn’t even know how he got behind this tree.

Dragging his painful body, Sean took a few steps, following the direction to reach the original place.

There was a heap of rock fall and the rainfall was too heavy, burying the previous traces of him and Amber.

He squinted his long and narrow eyelids and swept the ground in a circle. Just as the mountain was shaking, a rock fell into a huge puddle in front of him.

His pupils were shaking violently.

He felt that the place was weird since the beginning, the location of the pit…

It was where he parked the ATV before.

At that time, Sean removed the rocks that blocked the road with his bare hands in order to carry Amber away quickly. And he even removed the rocks around the ATV.

But now, there were no rocks around…

They must’ve fell into the pit.

There was no sound when the rocks fell into the pit, which showed that the pit was bottomless!

Sean’s body grew colder, his eyes fell on the sight of red raincoat, that was floating in the pit. Panic was spreading in his heart that Sean couldn’t even ignore.

He was afraid that Amber would die.

Sean clenched his fingers tightly. He licked his thin lips. He was worried that if Amber was dead, he really had to raise her daughter.

He was even more afraid, if Cindy asked him for her mother, he wouldn’t know where to find one!

Right, that’s it! That’s the only way!

Sean took a big stride and dived directly into the bottomless pit.

The pit was too big. A lot of rainfall was accumulated inside the pit. It was yellow and muddy that caused Sean’s sight became obstructed. Even when Sean squinted his eyes, he couldn’t see clearly in the water.

For some reasons, Sean suddenly thought of old man Zhang’s remarks, that Amber’s wound may not touched by water!

Sean held his breath and looked around in the water, but he still couldn’t reach the bottom of the pit.

His breath was becoming weaker and Sean swam up. After taking two breaths, he dived again.

At the first round, Sean looked for Amber in the water but didn’t find her. At the second round, Sean dived to the bottom but couldn’t see the situation clearly. Sean circled around a few rocks touching it one by one to find Amber.

He swam up again after his breath was almost cut off.

Sean’s eyes were at loss, since he couldn’t find Amber. He couldn’t help but feel if he had made a wrong decision. Was Amber not here at the first place?

Sean took a detour again. The area of maple forest was full of trees. There’s no place to hide. Amber had no ability to leave. The only explanation left would be Amber fell into this deep pit that can swallow human.

Sean hesitated and dived once again.

Excluding the part of the road where he woke up, he held his breath for several times and still couldn’t find Amber. If she really fell into this pit, it would be really ominous.

But Sean still wanted to seek again.

Even since they got married, that old man had always felt that, he had an ulterior motive towards Amber. If he went down mountain alone, that old man might’ve thought that she murdered and threw away her body!

Sean frowned, up to this moment, he had omitted the possibility of Amber being dead subconsciously.

After trying for several breaths, Sean still couldn’t find Amber.

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