Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 186: The Stupid Woman

The water load was greater than that on the land, and Sean Smith took a deep breath; he felt that he had a heartache!

The thoughts in his mind became clearer and clearer. Although the pit was big, Sean Smith had dived many times and had already searched it four or five times; he can’t find Amber at all!

There was the worst situation.

Amber White was hit by falling rocks and crushed to the bottom of the pit.

Thinking of this, Sean Smith suddenly squeezed his fist, regretting.

He’s regretting going up the mountain to scare Amber White and play peekaboo with Cindy White; although he did hate Amber White, he never thought about killing her!

Also, to save him, Amber White didn’t avoid falling rocks after being injured.

When changing clothes for Amber, her nice body was full of scars, and all of them made Sean Smith’s face pale.

The mountains shook for a while on the shore, and Sean Smith’s tall figure shook. He stretched out his hand to help the maple tree around to stabilize his body.

He could feel that the Maple District was collapsing, and if he didn’t go down the mountain, he would most likely be buried in this damn place.

Sean Smith blinked and squeezed his fingers together; he turned and walked a few steps subconsciously!

Amber White’s life had nothing to do with him, right?

Now that she was gone and he had tried for her, was he going to let him pay his life to Amber White?

His mother would be heartbreaking if he died.

Amber White was not worthy of two lives of the Smith family!

Sean Smith stopped abruptly. If he left, what about Amber White?

If he went down the mountain, the old man and the little kid asked him for Amber White. How could he answer their question?

The tall body paused in place. Sean Smith suddenly turned around and jumped into the pit again.

But he can’t go and leave Amber alone here!

He must see her, even if it’s her body!

Not to feel sorry for Amber White, but to give the old man and the little kid an explanation!

Sean Smith dived without hesitation. He arrived at the bottom of the pit, looking for the traces of Amber stone by stone, sensing the critical point of holding his breath, he suddenly rose.

As soon as he could arrive on the surface, Sean Smith’s foot twisted. Damn it! His whole leg convulsed along the hamstring.

When the limited time to hold his breath came, Sean Smith choked on water, his tall body slowly sinking in the pit.

Sean Smith’s eyes grew darker and darker, and finally closed his eyes slowly.

Stupid woman!

Even if she died, she would not let him go!

Two hours later, the SVIP ward of the Central Hospital.

Mrs. Smith suddenly sat up from the hospital bed, which startled Tomas Smith.

“Are you awake?”

As soon as he approached, Mrs. Smith suddenly reached out and clasped Tomas Smith’s large cocooned palm: “Where is Lu Yi?”


Tomas Smith was interrupted before he could say anything.

“Take me to find him, I have something want to ask him!”

Then Mrs. Smith supported the bed, put on her shoes, and stumbled outside.

Tomas Smith had no choice but to follow her closely.

As soon as she left the ward door, Mrs. Smith saw Lu Yi standing in the hospital corridor, smoking a cigarette from a distance.

He grew up very quickly. His temperament became more mature and stable. Standing in the corridor with a few people, he was incredibly dazzling.

Mrs. Smith’s eyesight lit up, and she strode over, “Yi, where is Sean? Have you seen him on the mountain?”

Lu Yi was thinking about that thing on the mountain. When he heard Mrs. Smith’s voice, his eyebrows suddenly jerked.

“Auntie, why don’t you pay attention to rest when you wake up…”

“Tell me if you have seen Sean?!” Mrs. Smith raised her tone: “Amber White and Sean stayed together. They separated without reason! Where did you find Amber White?”

“Maple… Maple District.”

Lu Yi answered hesitantly.

Mrs. Smith stared at Lu Yi intently: “The stone area collapsed. Amber White knew that she should go to the maple area; Sean must be smarter than her, right?!”

Besides, Lu Yi descended too quickly, right?

Lu Yi licked the corners of his lips and said vaguely: “When I went up the mountain, passing by the rescue station, I saw an old man, he told me that Sean was not injured…”

“Aunt, Amber White’s wound is infected. The old man said that she won’t last for twenty-four hours… Sean should be fine. Maybe he has gone down safely now?”

Mrs. Smith’s body was shocked again.

Was he not injured?

A cloud of mist rose in front of her eyes, and the day before yesterday, Tomas Smith slapped him all of his body, he was injured badly, right?

Amber White might be infected with her wounds, wouldn’t Sean?

Mrs. Smith became angry, causing her liver and gallbladder to suffer severe pain. It was Amber White who wanted to stay to find her daughter!

Amber White was now lying in the hospital unharmed, but her son, her Sean, was missing now!

Sean was her only son!

“Auntie, don’t worry, Sean may be fine, isn’t there a rescue team on the mountain? Maybe Sean has already joined them!”

Mrs. Smith was dizzy again.

No matter what Lu Yi said, no one dared to jump to a conclusion before seeing Sean Smith!

Especially Mrs. Smith, separated from him for just a few hours, her heart seemed to have been fried in a frying pan. It was painful, and unable to extricate herself!

She managed to control her emotions, her tone getting deeper and deeper: “What’s the matter with that mountain buggy?”

“I remember clearly when you went up the mountain, you walked up on foot!”

When Mrs. Smith said this, Tomas Smith was called by the nurse on the SVIP floor and signed Amber White’s medical list.

Seeing Mrs. Smith and Lu Yi talking, Tomas Smith didn’t think much and went directly with the nurse. Naturally, he didn’t hear the conversation between the two.

Mrs. Smith’s emotions seemed to break with her mentality, tearing her sanity bit by bit. Even in the face of her nephew, she couldn’t calm down and even took an aggressive step forward.

“You told me that Amber White had a wound infection and had a high fever; she is in a coma for a while! Yi’er, in her situation, driving a mountain bike by herself is not realistic, right?”

Lu Yi didn’t know how to answer this question, then Mrs. Smith continued: “So, Amber White cannot be alone. Tell me…Did you see Sean?”

“Is he in any danger?”

Mrs. Smith never thought that Lu Yi would use another set of rhetoric to erase the traces of Sean Smith, who had been with Amber White!

In the next sentence, every word he said seemed to be cut into her heart, and her breathing was messed up by the pain.

The lights in the corridor were so white that Mrs. Smith couldn’t open her eyes; she even can’t see the expression on Lu Yi’s face clearly!

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