Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 187: Sean Deliberately Left Amber There

Lu Yi was a little distracted.

The maple forest was huge. When the falling rock came down, Lu Yi saw Sean getting hit in order to save Amber!

The rock was too big, and by the time he reached them, Sean had already passed out.

His situation didn’t seem to be any better than Amber’s!


Mrs. Smith called Lu Yi. He suddenly came out of his trance, and frowned deeply.

“Aunty, when I was on the scene, I really only saw Amber and this car. I don’t know what happened. I’m afraid we won’t know the truth until Amber wakes up.”

Lu Yi answered casually, deliberately hiding the story that Sean risked his life to save Amber!

Even if he said it, no one would believe him!

Everyone knew how Sean treated Amber after she married to him in all these years.

In that case, Lu Yi didn’t want to get Amber into trouble!

Seeing how his aunt reacted, he was afraid that after he told her the truth, she would cut Amber into pieces before Amber woke up.

Mrs. Smith still had doubts about Lu Yi’s explanation. Lu Yi stretched out his hand to clasp Mrs. Smith’s arm and said in a low voice, “Aunty, don’t worry about Sean anymore. He will be okay!”

“Now you should get some rest! Everyone is very anxious at the moment. Don’t make us worry about you, okay?”

Mrs. Smith was dragged by Lu Yi to the ward, and he directly pushed her to the bed.

“Aunty, I’m going to check on Amber’s condition.”

“Lu Yi!”

Mrs. Smith called Lu Yi.

For so many years, Mrs. Smith had always been amiable to Lu Yi. This was the first time she called Lu Yi’s full name like this.

His footsteps paused, and he stopped where he was.

“I’ll ask you the last time. Did you see Sean on the mountain!”

“Aunt. I don’t have to lie to you.” Lu Yi whispered: “Please take a rest in the ward. I will go to see if Amber is awake, and ask how is Sean for you!”

As soon as Lu Yi finished speaking, Mrs. Smith suddenly sobbed.

She sobbed, and Lu Yi quickened his pace and left the ward.

Tomas had already walked over. As soon as he got to the door, he heard Mrs. Smith’s weeping voice. Facing Lu Yi’s expressionless face, he spoke subconsciously:

“Did that guy do something shady again, so you have to hide it for him?”

Lu Yi turned his head and glanced at Mrs. Smith.

He wanted to speak but stopped on a second thought, and looked up at Tomas.

Tomas was a little anxious: “Just say what you want to say!”

“Uncle, remember I said that before I went to the maple forest, I passed the rescue station halfway through the mountainside?”

Tomas lifted his eyelids and glanced at Lu Yi.

He had a bit of an impression of the rescue station, mainly because he remembered that old man Zhang was stubborn and unwilling to evacuate whenever there was any danger on the mountain!

“The old man I met told me that, Sean and Amber went down the mountain together!”

When Tomas heard this, a bad premonition emerged in his heart: “Didn’t you tell me that you didn’t see Sean in the maple forest?”

“……No.” Lu Yi licked his lips, looking a little nervous: “I only saw an off-road vehicle and Amber in the maple forest. I didn’t see Sean!”

“By the time I got there, the maple forest was starting to cave in. It was dangerous there, so I’m suspecting…”

Lu Yi paused, raised his eyebrow and carefully glanced at Tomas.

Before Lu Yi finished speaking, the anger in Tomas’s heart had been stirred up. Seeing him stop, Tomas squinted his eyes and glanced at Lu Yi.

“What are you suspecting?”

Lu Yi faltered.

The premonition in Tomas’s heart was getting stronger and stronger. Since Lu Yi became the director of the public relations department of the Smith Group, he had never spoken so nervously.

After a while, Lu Yi bit his teeth and whispered, “I’m suspecting that Sean deliberately drove Amber to the maple forest , and then left her there…”

As soon as he said this, Tomas’s face darkened instantly, like a piece of black coal.

“That bastard!”

His voice was high, and Lu Yi subconsciously looked into the ward, where Mrs. Smith was still immersed in her sobs and hadn’t noticed what was going on here.

He licked the corner of his lips and said, “We haven’t found Sean yet, and Amber hasn’t woken up. Everything is still inconclusive. Uncle, don’t get angry!”

How could Tomas not be angry. Although Lu Yi spoke for Sean, he still couldn’t help being scared!

When Lu Yi went there, the maple forest had already begun to collapse. In other words, if he didn’t go there, Amber might have been killed by that bastard!

“It’s possible that Sean just wanted to take Amber down the mountain and save her…”

Tomas’s face was bleak. Lu Yi finished speaking, and turned around, looking like he was going to Amber’s ward.

His voice was very low, and he said to himself: “But why did he abandon the car and leave Amber in the end…”


A cluster of flames were stirred up in Tomas’s eyes and then spread.

“I will call now and let all the policemen get back! Leave him fend for himself in the mountains!”

He fumbled the phone from his trouser pocket with trembling hand. Before, in the old house, Tomas smashed his phone in anger, and the screen of the phone was full of cracks.

However, it still could be used.

Seeing this, Lu Yi curved the corners of his lips.

His eyes were hidden in the lights of the promenade. At that moment, it seemed that all the gentleness in his eyes receded, and a rare bleakness appeared in them.

Lu Yi strode towards Amber’s ward. Outside the transparent window, he restrained the mood in his eyes.

It was twilight outside, and the rain had stopped. Lu Yi frowned. Tomas had only Sean, one son. How could he say something like that!

He guessed that the situation in the mountains was probably brought under control!

However, he didn’t lie. When he left, the area of the maple forest vibrated violently, and the rocks kept falling. If Sean didn’t wake up, who knew if he could get down from the mountain?

Amber was dreaming again.

In her dream, she was in a daze. Looking at the surroundings, she seemed to be back eleven years ago.

Many things were surprisingly familiar.

Especially the teenager standing beside her and holding her hand. She could even clearly feel the temperature in the palm of his hand.

It was so warm.

Everything that belonged to her seemed to come back in an instant, and Amber was moved almost to tears.

A light smile appeared on her lips. She was immersed in it, and was unwilling to wake up.

The teenager in the white shirt suddenly opened his mouth: “Amber.”

His voice was clear and melodious. Hearing him, Amber glanced in his direction.

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