Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 188: Amber, Sean Was Going to Kill You!

A kiss that was soft to the extreme landed on her lips, and his thin breath spread between her lips and teeth. They were too close. Amber could even feel the taste of the sunlight that was present on Sean.

Amber hadn’t come out of the sweetness before the surrounding scene was torn apart and condensed into another scene.

The teenager stood on the twenty-floor high building. The look in his eyes was warm, and there were sparse love and smile in his narrowed eyes.


The next second, he jumped off the top of the building.

He was obviously so far away, yet Amber could still see his bloody look. The scene was bizarrely the same as the scene eleven years ago!



Suddenly, Amber sat up from the hospital bed.

The air just after the rain was a little stuffy, but Amber was cold. The fear of weightlessness permeated her heart, occupying all of her senses.

She inhaled heavily and her face was pale.

Lu Yi was sitting beside Amber. When Amber woke up, his eyes warmed, “Amber, you finally woke up!”

He cautiously grabbed Amber’s arm and whispered, “Don’t move, you have an infusion needle on the back of your hand.”

“Be careful, your blood vessels are thin. The nurse tried several times to put the needle into it!”

Amber trembled violently. Hearing Lu Yi’s voice, she seemed to have caught a life-saving straw, “Lu Yi, where is Sean?”

She asked eagerly, looking at Lu Yi eagerly. There was a hint of expectation in her eyes.

Lu Yi lowered his eyes slightly and did not answer Amber.

Amber’s body and consciousness were still immersed in the nightmare just now, and her whole body was cold.

She looked around. The snow-white ceiling, the infusion bottle above the top of her head, and the faint smell of disinfectant water, all of which were telling Amber where she was.

When Amber came out of her trance, she suddenly remembered something and said to herself, “Obviously, I was supposed to be in the mountains with Sean…”

Amber remembered before she fainted, she heard Sean blurt out be careful!

But at that time, her leg was injured and she couldn’t escape…

“I was hit by a falling rock.”

“Why am I here…”

Amber didn’t have any impression of what happened after that. She tried hard to recall it, but had a splitting headache.


“Stop recalling it. You have a high fever and your wound is infected!” Lu Yi’s tone unconsciously sounded a little distressed, “I can tell you what you want to know!”

“The reason why you are here is that I went up the mountain and saved you!”

Amber was stunned.

When she and Sean went down the mountain, the mountain was already shaking!

The situation was so dangerous that Lu Yi was still willing to go up the mountain to rescue her. She was touched.

Amber licked the corner of her lips. She knew that Lu Yi was willing to go up the mountain because of the Smith family, and because of…

She blinked her eyes uneasily, and stretched out her hand to grab the hem of her clothes.

She touched the fabric and found that it was no longer the dress she wore when she went up the mountain, but the uniform hospital gown.

“Lu Yi, thank you!” Amber’s voice was deep, “The mountain is so dangerous. Thank you for being willing to go up there to save me!”

Lu Yi saw Amber’s small movements and sensed her evasion.

He smiled, and didn’t speak. Two minutes later, Amber couldn’t help asking, “Where is Sean?”

“Lu Yi, you went up the mountain to rescue me. Did you see Sean? Where is he? Did he get off the mountain safely as well?”

Amber spoke very fast, and was obviously worried about Sean. Lu Yi’s eyes suddenly darkened.

He frowned and whispered, “I didn’t see him.”

For some reason, Amber suddenly remembered the nightmare she just had, and she became more and more anxious.

“Why didn’t you see him? Where did you find me?”

“The maple forests!”

Amber’s eyes lit up, “But I was hit by a falling rock on the road, and then I lost my consciousness. I couldn’t go to the maple forest by myself.”

“It must Sean who brought me there!”

“Didn’t you look for Sean around me? Or was he in some kind of danger?”

Amber was agitated. Lu Yi ‘s eyes darkened. Whenever it came to things related to Sean, Amber acted like a different person.

He couldn’t bear being asked and whispered, “Amber, I didn’t want to tell you. Sean treated you like that, but you still care about him…”

Hearing Lu Yi’s words, Amber’s heart raced.

“Amber, I found you in the maple forest, and there was an off-road vehicle beside you. I guess it was Sean who drove you there and left you there…”

“Amber, ten minutes later, after I took you away, the maple forest collapsed completely.”

Amber’s pupils contracted suddenly, and she said in a low voice,

“It’s impossible…”

It seemed that she had heard something impossible. The shock and horror in her eyes were so heavy that Lu Yi even had a heartache for a moment.

But his heartache lasted for less than a second. He squinted and whispered, “Amber, Sean was going to kill you!”

As soon as Lu Yi finished speaking, Amber’s face changed suddenly.

She subconsciously wanted to refute Lu Yi. Sean was not someone who would fold his arms and see her die.

“Amber, you guys have been married all these years. You should know best how Sean treated you!”

Lu Yi’s words pressed hard on Amber’s heart, and the string in Amber’s mind broke instantly. Amber subconsciously reached out and put her arms around her legs, burying her head between her kneels.

Her shoulders trembled violently.

The warm tears ran down her face and dripped to her legs.

Amber once again felt the pain from her heart and the emotion that was on the edge of collapse.

Yes, if she were a stranger to Sean, he wouldn’t do that!

However, for her, who drove away his beloved Manman, Sean had already hated her guts…

All the sweetness was a dream after all, and the boy who kissed her in the dream had already abandoned her.

Amber cried depressingly and painfully. She seemed to have fallen into despair little by little, and it was hard to get out.

She felt that she was really a good for nothing. After eleven years, she couldn’t forget a man who didn’t love her anymore.

She only cried for a few minutes. Then she regained her usual calmness.

Amber wiped her tears and raised her head.

Her eyes were red, and there were still unwiped tears on her face. In the hospital gown, she was like a flower swaying in the storm.

Lu Yi’s heart just softened, and Amber’s voice suddenly sounded in his ears,

“Lu Yi, have you received any news from Sean?”

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