Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 189: Cindy Is Waiting for You in the Old House

Lu Yi’s tall body suddenly stiffened, and even the gentle expression on his face was stiff for a while.

He glanced at Amber in disbelief, “He was going to kill you, and you still care about his life and death?!”

An embarrassed look flashed across Amber’s face. Lu Yi kept staring at her, and naturally noticed the difference in her emotions. His lips were pressed tightly. He lowered his voice and said in a disappointed tone.

“Amber, are a fool?”

“Lu Yi.” Amber ran her hand through her hair, “No matter what, Sean stayed on the mountain because of me!”

“If anything happens to him, I’m at least half to blame!”

What this meant was that she didn’t care about Sean’s life and death?

Lu Yi sneered in his heart. Didn’t Amber think her explanation was too conscious?

He licked the corner of his lips, and the look in his eyes became bleak, “Amber, you don’t have to blame yourself. No matter what he stayed on the mountain for, Sean was healthy, and was even able to drive and throw you into the dangerous the maple forest in the stormy weather. He will definitely be fine!”

“Besides, if something did happen to him, he deserved it. It won’t have anything to do with you!”

Lu Yi’s words undoubtedly stabbed Amber’s heart once again, and caused her great pain. Amber’s lips grew paler.

In recent years, her image had always been an able marketing director. Except for the time when Cindy who was born unexpectedly three years ago, it had been a long time since Lu Yi saw Amber being so weak.

It was because of Sean again.

Lu Yi’s eyes were overcast. He didn’t give Amber any chance to speak again, stood up straight and reached out to press Amber, forcing her to lie down on the hospital bed.

“Lu Yi, I want to make inquiries about Sean’s whereabouts!”

Lu Yi sneered, “With such a health condition? Forget it!”

“Amber, when I took you to the hospital, you had a fever of forty degrees and your wound was seriously infected! You almost died! All of this was because of Sean. Why do you still want to look for him?

“You’d better spend your time on recovering!”

Lu Yi paused. A stream of light flashed across his always warm eyes.

“Amber, don’t forget that Cindy is still waiting for you in the old house!”

“You don’t want Cindy to see you all bruised up, do you?”

Amber gradually stopped struggling. Lu Yi curved the corners of his lips, and then said, “There is a rescue team on the mountain. If Sean hasn’t gone down the mountain, the rescue team will rescue him!”

“He is the only child of the Smith family. No one will let anything happen to him!”

Amber’s heart was pounding. She was wondering if it was because of that dream, she was extraordinarily worried about Sean on this day!

She always felt like Sean would leap down from a twenty-storey building, just like in her dream… and completely lose contact with her!

The feeling was too strong. She had to see him, and she had to make sure he was safe!

But Lu Yi was right!

She knew her own health condition. If she didn’t take good care of her own illness, she would just be a burden!

She lowered her eyes. Her heart seemed to be soaked in the salt water tank, and it was so painful.

Sean didn’t want her anymore. She only had Cindy. The Smith family would naturally make sure he was safe….

Lu Yi saw that Amber began to be convinced, and his eyebrows became less knitted. He smiled, forced Amber to lie in the bed, and then took a thin blanket to cover her.

Outside the ward, a ruthless look flashed across Shen Ruyun’s eyes quickly!

She heard what Amber and Lu Yi said!

Shen Ruyun glanced up and down at Amber.

Aside from being a little pale, Amber didn’t look like she was seriously injured!

At this time, everyone was hiding the news that Cindy was kidnapped from Amber!

If she kept stalling like this, Mr. Qian would be more impatient. Wouldn’t he take it out on her by then?

Shen Ruyun couldn’t help feeling anxious.

She thought that Lu Yi and Amber were so close, and he would be a little more affectionate towards that little bastard!

It seemed that Lu Yi was not a good guy either!

He liked Amber. That little bastard was not his child. Maybe he was wishing Cindy to die. Then he could spend the rest of his life with Amber that bitch!

Shen Ruyun’s expression was terribly bleak, and she was thinking about what to do anxiously.

Sure enough, in less than ten minutes, Shen Ruyun’s cell phone rang, and she fumbled out the phone and glanced at the phone screen!

After seeing the caller ID, she almost threw her phone out!

But Shen Ruyun didn’t dare to ignore Mr. Qian’s call!

After hesitating for a moment, she glanced at Amber and Lu Yi who were in a harmonious atmosphere in the ward with sinister eyes, held the phone tightly, and walked to the bench in the SVIP corridor. She sat down and answered the phone.

Mr. Qian’s voice was sharp, “Shen Ruyun, are you fucking messing with me?”

“I have called the Smith family’s old house so many times. They hung up every time! Damn, what does they mean?”

“Is this girl’s life valuable or not? It’s only 50 million dollars. The Smith family must have more than such a small sum, right? !”

Shen Ruyun was almost scared to death.

At the time, Sean was still in the mountain, and Amber had been injured. The people of the Smith family’s old house were all in the hospital. The ones picking up the phone were probably aunt Zhang and the other old maids who didn’t have the final say!

That was why Mr. Qian called but was hung up!

This was the way the maids stalling for time?

But no matter how Shen Ruyun guessed, she didn’t dare to tell Mr. Qian!

“Mr. Qian, don’t worry, you’ve probably read the news. The Smith family’s back mountain has all collapsed. They didn’t answer your phone because my fourth brother is still in the mountain!”

“Damn it!”

Mr. Qian cursed, “Sean is still in the mountain? Are you asking me to risk my life? By then, the Smith family will put the blame for that bastard’s accident on me…”

“Mr. Qian, please hear me out!”

Shen Ruyun glanced around, making sure no one was there. She licked her dry lips, “If Sean dies, then this girl will be the only offspring of the Smith family!”

“Will you still think her life is worthless!”

The other end of the phone kept silent for a while.

Shen Ruyun was a little nervous. She originally wanted to use Mr. Qian to get rid of an eyesore. However, it never occurred to her that Mr. Qian was so difficult to fool!

Besides, she was talking nonsense. No one knew if something had happened to Sean!

“Mrs. Smith, I advise you not to play tricks. The last woman who played tricks in front of me was thrown into the deep sea in the eastern suburbs to feed fish!”

He seemed to be smoking, and his voice was especially husky, sounding extraordinarily ruthless. Shen Ruyun’s heart raced.

Mr. Qian was famous among gangs and in casinos. She produced a forced smile and responded, “Mr. Qian, how do I dare to do that! Please wait for some time. Amber may want to use that girl to seize the Smith family’s fortune. How can she leave her alone?”

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