Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 19: If She really had abilities!

Sean Smith thought about it, then he reached out to pick up the mobile phone on his desk, dialing the inside line, and the one who answered the call wasn’t Xu Lin, it should be a newcomer to the Secretariat department.

His tone was low and cold: “Let Xu Lin come to my office!”

When he finished, he hung up the phone. In less than five minutes, Xu Lin knocked the door of the office.


Xu Lin heard the sound and strode to the side of Sean Smith, he was pressing down the voice and asking: “Mr. Smith, is there anything I can do for you?”

Sean Smith raised his eyebrows and said: “The date of tonight need to be cancelled, give me some time, I need to participate in the celebration feast!”

Xu Lin heard his words, he looked at Sean Smith with amazement, and whispered a sentence: “Mr. Smith, you said that you won’t go there before?”

The man’s eyebrows were slightly picked, and a cold light was separated from the bottom of his eyes. His eyesights fell on Xu Lin’s body, and Xu Lin unconsciously stood up straighter.

“So, my schedule, need to report to Assistant Xu?”

Xu Lin oozed a trace of cold sweat and laughed. He said, “Of course no!”

Sean Smith took a faint look at Xu Lin and saw that he had no reaction. Xu Lin hesitated for a moment and said, “President, if there’s nothing to do right now, I will go out first?”

Sean Smith didn’t reply, Xu Lin thought for a moment, turned and walked outside the office.

He changed his position and his eyes fell on the newspaper that he had deliberately left a week ago. Sean Smith squeezed the newspaper with one hand and said lightly: “Wait!”

Xu Lin stopped his action to open the door, and he looked back at Sean Smith. The man reached out and the index finger bent, and hooked his finger to Xu Lin. “Come here!”

Xu Lin returned to his desk, and Sean Smith put the newspaper in his hand in front of him and said, “Calling Boss Lin, Lin Han, the general manager of GR Building Materials Marketing Department, tell him that I hope he will participate in the celebration party this evening. We are cooperation of partners, we can have a meet and cultivate the relationships.”

Xu Lin glanced at the newspaper and his body was shaken.

The top news headline in the newspaper was striking.

GR Building Materials company supplied to the market was a problem with construction materials, resulting in 23 different levels of casualties!

Xu Lin’s eyelid jumped, if he remembered correctly, Lin Han of the GR marketing department, he had an affair with Director White!

“Mr. Smith, the celebration feast is the banquet inside the company. After all, Boss Lin is not our staff. If you invite him to the participate, is it not appropriate?” Xu Lin paused, and then said: “In addition, the celebration banquet was originally held for the marketing department, should we discuss with the director of the marketing department in advance? Avoiding the awkwardness?”

Sean Smith fired a cigarette, his posture was very lazy and indifferent: “So, now, the boss of the Smith company is Amber White? The prize is set to six figures, and the celebration feast is held to her. Even CEO invites someone also need to discuss with Amber White first? You are my assistant, so your heart is wronged? Do you want me to replace the apply to the Director White, let you serve her?”

Xu Lin’s expression changed and whispered: “I will call Boss Lin immediately and invite him to our celebration party.”

Sean Smith’s eyes sweep of Xu Lin, as an assistant of the president, his work ability was obvious to all. He didn’t know what means did Amber White use would let Xu Lin help her in front of him!

The man lowered his eyes and covered the cold lights that had shattered, and the tone slowed down, which sounded frivolous and cold.

“Since it is a feast for the celebration, it will be more lively and hot. When you go out, call Tang Tian, let her play here. After all, Tang Tian is the good sister of Director White, and she must be happy, when she saw her good younger sister.”

Tang Tian and Lin Han attended the celebration feast. Was that still called a celebration feast? Why did he think that it felt like going to the mess! The president wanted to make Director White unhappy, and he’s too obvious!

Xu Lin did not hold back, blurted out: “President, Tang Tian’s misbehavior, the scandal that broke out at the opening ceremony of Luoshen Bay was suppressed by Director White, but the matter was not finished, Tang Tian is not suitable for appearing in the marketing department’s celebration feast!”

“I let you invite her, just do it, you are my assistant, if you can’t do anything, I don’t mind changing one!”

Xu Lin: “??”

Sean Smith worked hard, and he was strong, and there was no room for manoeuvre in the muzzle. Xu Lin was helpless and could only agreed and went out of the office.

When Xu Lin left, the president’s office returned to the quietness, and the man’s eyes fall on the indoor potted plants.

He reached out and pressed his fingertips to kneel down a green leaf. The man couldn’t help himself, but make a sneer.

Xu Lin helped Amber White, and Lu Yi also helped her every time, it seemed that he was extremely wicked to her.

It was obvious that Amber White broke the connection between him and Manman, and she could still pretend that she was innocent in front of him!


Since she was very good at, he had to check that if she really had abilities!

Didn’t she like to hug other man? Let him wide his vision today, how did she at the banquet, hugged with the other man!


Just after work, someone knocked on the door to remind Amber White that it was time to go to the celebration feast.

Amber White looked at the face who was standing in front of her, she narrowed her eyes slightly and her eyes were oozing coldness.

She was familiar with everyone in the marketing department. Since he was not a staff in her department, she didn’t need to think about it and knew that this person was called by Sean Smith and reminded her to go to the banquet!

Or, this person was here to remind her that if she did not go to the banquet, she would not have to appear in the building of the Smith group tomorrow!

After the people left, Amber White breathed a sigh of relief, simply cleaned up and went out of the company.

Driving was not a good choice.

Amber White thought about it, she went directly to the company downstairs and took the taxi.

The venue of the celebration banquet was set in Tongcheng’s largest money-squandering den Ye Se, and Ye Se was also the industry under the name of the Smith group. From the construction to to be famous in Tongcheng, the Smith group had fallen into a thick and heavy ink on it.

When Amber White arrived, she looked up at the magnificent building in front of her. There’re any emotions at the bottom of her eyes. Whether it was eating or something else, Ye Se was the top one in Tongcheng!

Of course, the level of consumption was also very worthy of the name of the money-squandering den!

Sean Smith waved his hand and changed her bonus amount. She didn’t know that was it enough to pay for the celebration feast!

Amber White strode towards Ye Se.

After two steps, she met Lu Yi, who had stood at the door for a long time.

“Amber!” He shouted at her, and the voice was a little anxious: “Why did you come until now?”

“I may drink alcohol at the banquet later, so I took a taxi. Because of the peak, I just was blocked on the road for a while, but you, why are you standing at the door?”

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