Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 190: Dad Let The Rescue Team Back

“Money is coming soon!”

Mr. Qian sneered and said: “This is your last chance!”

After speaking, Mr. Qian hung on the phone directly.

Shen Ruyun was so anxious. She walked to the window and saw a woman lying on a hospital bed, sleeping quietly.

Like silk and satin, her long black hair was spread on the pillow, making her little fair white face even more beautiful.

Shen Ruyun was upset.

Why was she so anxious as a ghost because Amber’s daughter was missing, but Amber can lie on the hospital bed with peace of mind?

Shen Ruyun gritted her teeth and suddenly turned around.

No way!

She can’t just wait; Lu Yi can’t be trusted; she needed to save herself!

Shen Ruyun walked slowly, her eyesight was a little hollow, and the countermeasures had not been figured out yet, there’s a man walked over.

He was handsome, with gold-rimmed glasses on his face. He had a gentle temperament, which was somewhat similar to the temperament of Lu Yi!

Shen Ruyun felt that this person was a bit familiar. She hesitated for a moment and remembered in a daze that she seemed to have met this man in the Smith Group.

It seemed to be the secretary of Sean Smith, Xu Lin?

He didn’t go to the mountain to search Sean Smith, why did he come here?

Thinking like this, Shen Ruyun stretched out to stop the man, and asked in a low voice: “Secretary Xu, why don’t you go to the police station and wait for the news from Sean? What are you doing here?”

Xu Lin was worried about the safety of Sean Smith, and when someone suddenly stopped him, he raised his head and glanced in the direction of Shen Ruyun.


Xu Lin knew the most of the Smith family’s interpersonal relationships, not to mention that Shen Ruyun also had shares of the company.

When Xu Lin greeted her, Shen Ruyun licked her lips, with a sneer in her eyes: “What’s wrong? Sean is not dead yet, Secretary Xu, do you want to join in Amber White’s party?”

Xu Lin was taken aback.

He thought that his boss was the only one who had a bad impression of President White in the Smith family!

Unexpectedly, Mrs was the same!

Thinking about this, Xu Lin explained: “Mrs., the old master called the police station, and the people who had searched and rescued on the mountain were removed.”

“The old master also said that no one is allowed to go up and save the boss.”

Shen Ruyun frowned.

She didn’t believe Xu Lin would use this kind of thing to deceive her. She was surprised that Sean Smith was already the last son of the old man!

Needless to think, she also knew that Tomas Smith would give this order, it must be related to Amber White!

He’s really cruel!

Xu Lin’s expression was anxious; Tomas Smith was old; he can’t manage the company intensively. If Sean Smith died, what should the company do? ?

“The old master has a tough attitude; I think only Director White can convince him!”

“Even if the boss is wrong, he is still the son of the old master!”

Shen Ruyun frowned when she heard the words. She reached out and pinched a strand of long hair on her shoulder and asked thoughtfully: “Do you know why Dad withdrew the search and rescue team?”

Xu Lin shook his head.

If he knew, it would be fine, and he wouldn’t be anxious here!

It was just going up the mountain to pay homage to the Third Young Master. He really couldn’t guess what the boss could do and made the old master angry and made him cruel to make this decision!

He was all thinking about saving Sean Smith, but he didn’t notice that Shen Ruyun’s eyesight lit up.

Her lips were pressed together tightly; there’s a plan in her heart.

“Mrs, I have to go to see Director White…”


Shen Ruyun stopped Xu Lin again; her gaze was very deep, “Secretary Xu, what about that? I will tell Amber about this matter. You can think about other ways first. Save Sean is the most important thing now!”


“Amber just woke up; you should know that she just came down from the mountain; she is scared. If you told her that, she must not accept it! I am a woman; I know women better than you! I will know how to let her accept reality!”

Xu Lin thought about it and felt her words were right.

Although President White was very good at the company, she was still a woman, and she would be afraid of such a big thing!

Besides, they were all a family; Xu Lin felt that Shen Ruyun had no reason to lie.

“Thank you!” Xu Lin replied, “I will talk to the rescue team on the mountain!”

Shen Ruyun nodded.

Xu Lin came quickly and left quickly.

Shen Ruyun licked her lips and watched Xu Lin leave, her lips provoked a venomous smile.

She looked back at the ward where Amber White was located. Through the window, she could still see Amber White’s exposed black hair.

She sneered, tidied up her little skirt, twisted her waist, and walked towards the ward where Mrs. Smith was.

There were only two people in the ward, Mrs. Smith and Jiang Xue.

Fang Weiwei and Tomas Smith were not there. Shen Ruyun didn’t rush into the ward. She stood at the door and looked around. She was sure that Tomas Smith would not appear suddenly, then she hurried into the ward!

“Mom, mom, something happened!”

Mrs. Smith was worried about the safety of Sean Smith, she gave Shen Ruyun a vicious look, and said, “What are you doing in a hurry?! Is there any dignity?”

After being reprimanded, Shen Ruyun was not in a hurry. She frowned and said aggrieved: “Mom, don’t you know? Dad called the police station and asked the rescue team back from the mountain!”

As soon as she said this, Mrs. Smith’s pupils shrank suddenly; she suddenly sat up from the hospital bed and grabbed Shen Ruyun’s hand.

Her strength was so strong that her nails got stuck in the flesh of Shen Ruyun’s hands: “How did they withdraw? Did they find Sean?”

Shen Ruyun was in pain for a while, but she didn’t dare to shout. She hesitated for a while before licking her lips and cautiously said: “No! Amber White woke up just now! I don’t know what she said to Dad? Dad got angry, he…”

“Just what?”

“Tell us!”

Jiang Xue, who was sitting by the side, suddenly widened her eyes.

Shen Ruyun said, “Dad asked the rescue team back from the mountain, and also said that no one is allowed to go up the mountain to rescue Sean!”

“Mom, Dad’s attitude is tough; no one can persuade him!”

As soon as Mrs. Smith heard it, her breathing was tight, her face was as white as paper, and the heart in her chest was beating.

Shen Ruyun gave Jiang Xue a look while Mrs. Smith was angry.

Jiang Xue understood, and continued: “What? Did she do this?”

“I also watched the news just now, Mom, several districts on the mountain collapsed. At this time, the rescue team is withdrawn, isn’t Amber White killing Sean?”

“Mom, did Amber White know that little bitch was kidnapped? She is maliciously revenging on Sean?”

Mrs. Smith’s hand, which clasped Shen Ruyun’s hand, tried harder and harder, and her other hand, twisting the bedsheet tightly, her breath seemed to be stopped, painful!

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