Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 191: Amber White Is Going To Kill Sean


That was her only son!

It was too painful, and there was a ray of tears in Mrs. Smith’s eyes.

The conversation between Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue was not finished yet.

“Mom, you can’t let this matter go!”

“The thing can’t be so simple. How did Amber White marry Sean three years ago, haven’t you forgotten?”

“In the past few years, our Smith family didn’t do anything sorry for her. When her daughter had an accident, Dad did not hesitate to agree to take money to redeem Cindy White!”

“I think it is fake that Amber White likes Sean; she wants Sean to die!”

Shen Ruyun paused and looked at Jiang Xue. The indifference between her lips converged into insidious words, one next to each other. It slammed into Mrs. Smith’s heart:

“Mom, Amber White is planning to kill Sean to take away our Smith family’s wealth!”

Jiang Xue’s heart burst, and she subconsciously wanted to see Mrs. Smith’s reaction.

Mrs. Smith had always liked Shen Ruyun; she believed Shen Ruyun’s words!

Yes, there was nothing wrong with what Shen Ruyun said. Besides, Tomas Smith had always trusted Amber White. This matter was well known. If Shen Ruyun didn’t wink at her, Jiang Xue would believe in the words of Shen Ruyun too!

Mrs. Smith took a deep breath. She trembling with her hands, her breathing became heavier and heavier: “Help me…Go to Amber White’s ward!”

Hearing that, Jiang Xue and Shen Ruyun looked at each other, each of them stretched out both hands, reached out to support Mrs. Smith, and helped her out of the ward.

Sean Smith repeatedly had accidents. Mrs. Smith had already had an emotional breakdown. She was supported by Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue and walked a few steps. Her dizziness eased, she reached out and brushed away Jiang Xue and Shen Ruyun, strode towards Amber White’s ward.

Amber White just fell asleep vaguely, Lu Yi’s voice rang in her ears.

“Amber, you should sleep for a while; I will buy you something to eat.”

Amber White replied weakly. She was sick and became so weak that she was shrunk in the bedding, sleeping dizzy and unsteady at all.

She had a hanging needle in her hand, and she was lying flat.

After sleeping for a few minutes, Amber White suddenly felt a thick black shadow on her body. In the next second, a slap in the air engulfed the hot wind and threw it heavily on her face.

Amber White suddenly woke up.

The pain made her heart startled, she subconsciously stretched out her hand to cover her face, opened her eyelids, and met Mrs. Smith’s angry eyes.


Mrs. Smith sneered: “Mom? Don’t call me, mom! I don’t have a daughter like you!”

As she said, she violently grabbed Amber White’s suspension needle and pulled it out with force.

The needle was fixed on the back of Amber White’s hand with medical tape. With Mrs. Smith’s sudden movement, Amber White felt a pain in the back of her hand, and the blood was taken out along the needle.

Amber White was taken aback by Mrs. Smith. The next second, Mrs. Smith reached out and grabbed Amber White’s medical gown and pulled her forcefully in front of her.

Mrs. Smith’s tone was hard: “What did you say to Tomas Smith?”

“Amber White, I didn’t expect you to be such a person!”

“If you want to kill my son, kill me first!”

“What? Just because Cindy White is unsafe now, my son must be buried with her?!!!”

Amber White was stunned by Mrs. Smith’s words. Lu Yi also told her just now that Cindy was sleeping in the old house. How could it be that Cindy was unsafe?

“What do you mean?”

“Mom, don’t scare me; why is Cindy unsafe now? Shouldn’t she sleep in the old house?”

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Smith sneered: “Sleep?”

“Your daughter was kidnapped by the kidnappers! That’s why my son would stay on the mountain with you!”

Mrs. Smith’s emotions seemed to collapse a little; every word she said carried a strong sense of revenge!

If it weren’t for Amber White, would her Sean be missing? !

Amber White listened to Mrs. Smith’s words, but couldn’t take care of her pain. Her pupils shrank and only saw Mrs. Smith lifted her lips, and her voice was gloomy: “Yes! It’s Cindy White; it’s her fault!”

She grabbed Amber White suddenly and shook her body desperately.

“Give my Sean back! It’s all your fault!”

Amber White was caught off guard. The fever had not subsided, and her head was dizzy. Also, she had just learned about the kidnapping of Cindy White; her mood was ups and downs. Tears welled out of her eyes.

Amber White subconsciously stretched out her hand to push Mrs. Smith: “Mom, stop making trouble. Tell me why Cindy was kidnapped?”

Mrs. Smith was pushed by Amber White and she almost fell. Shen Ruyun subconsciously reached out to support Mrs. Smith.

“Amber White, how dare you?”

Shen Ruyun interjected, her voice was indifferent.

Mrs. Smith waved her hand away and rushed forward again, but before her hand touched Amber White, her arm was shackled by a pair of palms.

Tomas Smith yanked Mrs. Smith away. He made a calm expression and yelled, “Stop!”

“Are you crazy? You are in the hospital, isn’t it shameful?!”

Mrs. Smith: “…”

Tomas Smith rushed over after hearing the noise here. Mrs. Smith was even more excited when she saw him. There was no news of Sean Smith; her expression on her face was anxious.

Without hitting Amber White, Mrs. Smith raised her hand and grabbed the face of Tomas Smith.

He couldn’t avoid this action. Tomas Smith was scratched by Mrs. Smith, leaving a bright red nail mark. Bloodshot leaked from her face.

Tomas Smith gasped.

Mrs. Smith didn’t want to stop, even if Tomas Smith shackled her, she still ran rampage, looking like she was going to fight against Tomas Smith.

Her eyes were filled with bloodshot eyes. When she looked at Tomas Smith, it seemed like she was looking at her enemy.

“Tomas Smith, what do you mean? Why do you let the rescue team back?!”

“Amber White has gone downhill safely!”

“Why do you leave my son alone on the mountain?!”

“I have lost my three sons. Would you not leave the last one to me!”

Mrs. Smith was so sad, and tears fell again. When she spoke, Amber White and Tomas Smith were taken aback.

Amber White was shocked because she heard that Tomas Smith ripped off the mountain rescue team. Anyway, Sean Smith was the only heir to the Smith family. Why was Tomas Smith so Cruel, and did such a thing?

Tomas Smith frowned and watched Mrs. Smith: “Who told you that?”

“So, you dare not admit what you have done? Can’t you let me know?”

Mrs. Smith’s eyes became red: “That’s right, you are going to kill my son. How can you care about my feelings? How can you be afraid of knowing by me?”

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