Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 192: Attempted murder!

“You only care about Amber White. You believe every single word she says. From the moment she married Sean, you scold and hit my son for so many times! Now, you are going to kill my son! “

“You did a great job, Tomas Smith!”

Mrs. Smith was heart-breaking, and tears fell from her eyes like broken beads. She properly maintained her face seemed to be ten years older in an instant.

“Yeah, Dad!”

Upon seeing this, Shen Ruyun continued: “No matter what Sean did wrong, your decision to not let anyone go up the mountain to save him is too excessive!”

“This morning, Amber White said that her daughter is missing and she wants to stay and find her!”

“Now, we know where Cindy White is, and Amber White is safe too, only Sean is left on the mountain!”

“There are so many coincidences in the world, but we can’t be fooled by a good show directed and acted by someone!”

“What she wants is Sean’s life and our family’s money?”

Noisily in his ears, Tomas Smith was so angry because of Shen Ruyun’s words, he suddenly raised his voice and screamed: “Shut up, you!”

“Get out!”

He clasped Mrs. Smith, and Shen Ruyun was not afraid. She tilted her head and smiled: “Dad, you treat me too differently!”

Tomas Smith glared at Shen Ruyun!

Amber White’s ward was in a commotion, and the people living on the SVIP floor looked out to watch them!

Tomas Smith can’t take care of dealing with Shen Ruyun!

The Smith family had already arrived, and even Fang Weiwei was here too.

When he saw her, Tomas Smith breathed a sigh of relief, “Weiwei, come and take your mother back to her ward to rest!”


Fang Weiwei agreed. She walked into the crowd, stretched out her hand to hold Mrs. Smith’s arm, lowered her voice, and said as if comforting a child: “Mom, let’s go back first, there are many people outside! If you have any questions, we will talk about it when we return to the ward!”

Mrs. Smith raised her hand to shake off Fang Weiwei, her body shook severely.

There was a tendency to collapse again.

“No! I want Sean! I want my son!”

As soon as this sentence was finished, Mrs. Smith cried out, her tone of voice seemed to break in her throat: “I have only a son, he still has injuries…”

“If he has something in the mountains…I won’t live anymore!”

Tomas Smith hated Mrs. Smith spoiling child. He suddenly raised his voice: “That beast committed an attempted murder! I left him in the mountain to fend for himself, and I entirely treat him well! “

“What? What attempted murder?! Attempted murder!”

Mrs. Smith looked around, glanced at Amber White, and asked bitterly, “Is it you?”

“You are good now. Are you instigating discord again!”

“I shouldn’t have let you marry Sean!”

“I thought that your bone marrow could save Sean! Now it seems that you are a bad guy at all!”

“Sean can live two more years without you! Now everything in my Smith family is destroyed in your hands!”

“What evil I did! I’m going to kill my son!”

She suddenly laughed a few times, it should be that her emotions were too tense. After she laughed, she fell again.


Suddenly, Fang Weiwei was taken aback by Mrs. Smith and stretched out her hand to wrap her shoulders.

Tomas Smith closed his eyes and raised his hand to them, “Send your mother back to the ward!”

Fang Weiwei nodded when she heard the words. Seeing that no one was helping her, she called a nurse and left the ward with Mrs. Smith.

In a farce, without the central figure of Mrs. Smith, and Tomas Smith was here, the atmosphere in the ward was solemn to the extreme, and extremely quiet.

Amber White was shocked by the series of news brought by Mrs. Smith. She sat on the hospital bed, and Mrs. Smith’s fingerprints were still on her face vigorously.

Lu Yi just said that Cindy was sleeping in the old house.

Lu Yi also said just now that people from the Smith family would let people go into the mountain to save Sean Smith, and would not let him die in the mountain…

She was kept in the dark like a fool, even if at the beginning, Lu Yi just wanted her to recover from the illness, Amber White still somewhat can’t accept the truth.

After sitting for a long time, Amber White reacted.

“Dad, is what mom said is true? Cindy was kidnapped?”

Amber White looked at Tomas Smith and asked carefully. She stared at her with big eyes and her heart seemed to be screwed together.

Tomas Smith just wanted to talk, but when he met Amber White’s gaze, he paused and fell silent.

But this moment of silence, undoubtedly acquiesced to Amber White’s words!

Amber White panicked all at once.

While on the mountain, Mrs. Smith once called Sean Smith, saying that Cindy got a low-grade fever, that must be a fake too. She just to make her and Sean Smith go down the mountain quickly!

“Dad, did the kidnappers call us? I’m going to find Cindy now.”

Seeing Amber White about to get out of bed, Tomas Smith was taken aback, and hurriedly stopped her, he said: “Amber, don’t worry. The other party is asking for fifty million. I have sent someone to the bank to get cash. Before getting the money, Cindy will not be in danger.”

Amber White’s eyes became red, and Cindy was what she had.

Whether Cindy’s life was in danger, it was impossible to conclude!

Besides, Cindy was only three years old. What happened when she was a child was very likely to leave psychological trauma and cause changes in her entire life!

As long as Amber White thought about it, her head becomes more dizzy!

“Cindy still has a fever…”

“Dad, I can’t just sit still!”

Tomas Smith waved his hand, a bit of disapproval on his face:

“The other party specified that they want to deliver the money, but Amber, you are still injured… Isn’t it more dangerous? I can’t…”

Since those people dared to kidnap Cindy, it meant that they did not care about the power of the Smith family.

Because of Sean Smith, Amber White had been almost dead on the mountain, and he can no longer let Amber White take personal risks again!

Tomas Smith was determined, and Amber White was a little panicked. She stumbled forward a step, and her voice became a little choked:

“Dad, I can’t let Cindy suffer. Others don’t know Cindy’s identity, you know. that, Dad, after all, Cindy is the child of the Smith family, so let me go!”

As long as the thought of Cindy White in her invisible corner, there was a potential, invisible danger to her, Amber White’s heart was like being held by a pair of big hands, it hurt.

The two of them stood in a small ward, facing each other.

Tomas Smith gritted his teeth and turned his head away. The current situation of Amber White was so bad. How can she bring money to redeem Cindy White?

So, no matter what she said, he didn’t plan to let her go.

“Uncle, I will go with Amber.”

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