Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 193: Go To Search Sean

Hearing the sound, Tomas Smith suddenly turned his head and saw Lu Yi, who was holding a hot porridge.

He stood against the light; Amber White could not see the expression on his face, only saw the packaged porridge in his hand, exuding a slight heat, he seemed not as calm as usual.

“Lu Yi!”

Tomas Smith scolded.

Lu Yi put the porridge on the table in the doorway and whispered: “Uncle, don’t worry, I will take good care of Amber!”


“The kidnapper wants Amber to take the money to redeem the child alone. If you go with her, what if the kidnapper sees you?”

Lu Yi’s eyesight flickered, and he said in a low voice, “I’ll be careful!”

With that, Lu Yi pointed to Amber White again and whispered: “Amber already knows the news of Cindy. Even if you ask her to take a rest, she can’t do that, so it’s better to let us redeem the child first!”

“Uncle, I made this decision after careful consideration! Please believe me, I will not put Amber White and Cindy in any danger!”

Tomas Smith: “…”

He tilted his head to meet Amber White’s faintly red eyes.

Tomas Smith sighed, then he nodded in agreement.

“You… be careful!”

Amber White almost shed tears upon seeing this.

She walked a few steps forward in a medical suit. Because of her weakness, her steps did not seem very steady. Fortunately, Lu Yi reached out and helped her to prevent her from falling.

“Amber, would you like to change clothes?”

Amber White shook her head, Cindy was kidnapped, and she just wanted to see her child as soon as possible!

Her face was so pale, Lu Yi frowned, and his palm which was holding Amber White’s arm clasped slightly.

When she reached the top of the stairs, Amber White’s footsteps suddenly stopped. She looked back at Tomas Smith, and said in a light tone: “Dad, call the police station and let them go up the mountain to search Sean. “

Tomas Smith’s hands tightened, and he looked up at Amber White in disbelief.

She didn’t seem to expect that she would say such a thing.

“Amber you don’t have to be so kind…”

Amber White shook her head and whispered, “No, I can’t turn myself into a murderer just because others want to kill me.”

“Dad, I am also a person with a child. I know how sad you and mom would be without Sean.”

“So, let the rescue team go up the mountain!”

After all, most of the areas on the mountain had collapsed, and Sean Smith was alone on the mountain. If there was no rescue team, he might have difficulty getting down the mountain!

Tomas Smith lowered his head.

Amber White’s words caused an uproar in his heart.

Various complex emotions flooded into his heart. Tomas Smith did not insist on objecting, his voice was a little dry: “If that bastard can come back alive, I will make him kneel and apologize to you and Cindy.”

“Amber, thank you!”

Amber White closed her eyes. After experiencing such a thing, she gave up on Sean Smith.

Even if there were some things that she couldn’t let go, Amber White also decided to get away from Sean Smith.

She didn’t take Tomas Smith’s words to heart.

On the contrary, Lu Yi who was standing next to Amber White, his expression became gloomy when he heard Amber White’s words, and his thin lips were as cold as a knife.

Even if Amber knew that Sean Smith was going to kill her, she still decided to let Sean Smith go!

And let Tomas Smith send someone to the mountain to rescue him!

Was there any other reason besides love? !

An ‘shang Mansion.

When Sean Smith woke up, he saw the dark gray ceiling.

His clothes were changed. He lay on the soft bedding. The injury on his back was no longer painful, and he was as comfortable as a dream.

Sitting up from the big bed, Sean Smith narrowed his eyes and met a familiar figure.

The layout of the bedroom was familiar to Sean Smith, wasn’t it Gu Jinyan’s apartment?

Hearing the movement, Gu Jinyan turned her head back, his eyes flickered, and a smile overflowed: “Dude, you are awake!”

“You have to thank me for this time. If I hadn’t adjusted the helicopter and arrived in time, you would be dead!”

With a roar in his ears, Gu Jinyan’s words pierced Sean Smith’s ears, sentence after sentence.

“You don’t know how critical the situation was at the time. When I arrived in the Maple District, you were floating on the edge of a big puddle!”

“I almost thought it was a corpse!”

“If you hadn’t been hung by a branch, you would have sunk!”

Sean Smith’s head was heavy. He had just woke up and his consciousness was still in that fuzzy period. Gu Jinyan rarely saw Sean Smith be so embarrassed, so he wanted to make fun of him.

“Dude, I remember that you are good at swimming? You even won prizes in domestic swimming competitions!”

“Almost drowning in a puddle is embarrassing. I advise you to bribe me as soon as possible, otherwise, I will advertise your glorious deeds!”

As he said, Gu Jinyan met the pale handsome face of Sean Smith. He frowned, and his beautiful eyes were somewhat serious: “Are you uncomfortable?”

Gu Jinyan was a little worried. After all, Sean Smith had been soaking in the puddle for so long, and his body had been hurting.

Adding to the fact that he didn’t speak after waking up, wouldn’t it be a headache?

Thinking about it, Gu Jinyan asked again:

“Dude, why are you in the Maple District? Didn’t you call me in the Stone District?”

“The rescue station in the Stone District is very safe, and it has not been affected by the collapse of the mountain. Why did you want to run outside?”

As Gu Jinyan spoke, he was a little puzzled.

Sean usually looked wise and had a good sense of direction. What was going on this time?

After he went out with Sean Smith, the entire Maple Forest was collapsed, and Sean Smith almost killed himself!

Gu Jinyan’s chattering endlessly, and Sean Smith’s consciousness was finally called back by him. It was probably because when Gu Jinyan spoke, the picture was too heavy, and Sean Smith suddenly remembered that he was originally on the mountain!

Sean Smith looked around, his voice was hoarse: “Where is Amber White?”

Gu Jinyan was taken aback, “Who’s Amber White?”

Sean Smith’s stiffened. He squinted to look at Gu Jinyan, his voice suddenly raised: “Isn’t anyone in the puddle too?”

“What? I saved you, so I evacuated quickly. The weather is so bad, who knows if it will rain again.”

“Dude, it’s the helicopter, I didn’t dare to let my grandpa know that!”

“I told you, there is no one to go except me!”

“If I hadn’t taken you away quickly, both of us would be buried in rocks!”

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