Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 194 Get rescued?

Gu Jinyan was facing Sean Smith when he was talking. No sooner had he finished than he saw him suddenly opened the thin blanket and marched out the door without his shoes on, which left him stunned, and he quickly stopped Sean.

“What’s wrong with you?! You hurt very badly, and what are you going to do now? How dare you go out when your back is so rotten?”

Sean’s eye oozed a shocking layer of dark red, “Amber White is probably in that puddle…I’m going to find her!”

Sean felt bad as if his heart had been torn in two. He licked the corner of his dry lips. The guilt and fear almost overwhelmed him. He would be to blame if something happened to Amber. It was he who hid Cindy that caused so many things, as well as Amber’s injury. So, everyone could ignore her, but he could not! Moreover, he knew the puddle was so deep that Amber might be out of luck if she was in it. Thinking of this, Sean panicked. He shook off Jinyan ‘s hand and tried to go out.

Gu Jinyan could not stop him and explained, “Well, take it easy! I’m kidding. There is news from the police that she has been rescued and is now being treated at the Central Hospital in Tong City……And out of danger now!”

Sean was delighted, “Rescued?”

A flicker of surprise came to his eyes that Amber had been rescued. There was no reason why Amber was rescued, and yet he remained where he was. He narrowed his eyes and remembered clearly that he had been moved behind the tree.

Seeing something wrong with Sean, Gu Jinyan was confused, “Yep, what’s wrong?… Wait! Didn’t you say you were with her when you called me?… So, how on earth were you separated? Why was she rescued, and you still there????”

Sean frowned and said in an awkward tone, “I also want to know what’s going on!”

Then Sean was going to out but stopped by Jinyan, “Calm down! She has been rescued, and where are you going?”

Sean said indifferently, “Hospital!”

As Jinyan said, Amber was in hospital now, and he was going to ask her why she had left him alone to sink or swim. Didn’t she know that he had nearly fallen into a puddle and drowned in his search for her? He also wanted to know about the raincoat. Why was the raincoat floating on the puddle after she had left, which made him think she had fallen into it and jumped in like a fool over and over again.

Jinyan stepped forward and buckled his wrist, “No!”

Sean was confused, “Why?”

“Don’t be angry if I tell you.” Jinyan fumbled.

Sean had a sinking feeling, and he pursed his lips, narrowing his eyes and saying in a chill tone, “Go ahead!”

Jinyan smiled and said, “Your father called the police station and removed the rescue team, then he put nasty words out that leave you to fend for yourself on the mountain!…..I wondered if there was some misunderstanding?”

He glanced gingerly at Sean, whose face was gloomy now, “I didn’t even call him, and I’m afraid to tell him you were here……and afraid that he’ll come at you with a knife.”

“Ah?!” Sean sneered: “What? Did he remove the rescue team? And he wants to see me with a knife?!”

Was that what Mr. Smith said? Was Sean not his child? Or Amber said something to Tomas after she had been rescued? The only person in the world who could have affected Thomas and even killed him was Amber. Sean could not think of anyone else who could have.

The anger under Sean’s eyes deepened, and he tightened his lips.

Jinyan said, “As a matter of fact, I know someone at the hospital. Your mother was seen that she rushed into Amber’s room and settled an account with her; it probably something to do with Amber…”

After that, an idea popped into his mind, and he blurted out, “Oops, could it be that you have been unkind to her, and she took the opportunity to punish you?”

Punish him?

For some reason, Sean suddenly remembered that Amber wanted to take a small path. He said no; she wanted to take shelter from the rain. He said no again; even she asked him to hold her. Neither did he! Then she was hit by a falling stone and got hurt……

So, did it mean that he was not good for her?

Whatever he did, people would think it weirdly. Would Mr. Smith think he wanted to kill Amber as she was seriously injured?

It was ridiculous!

Why there was anyone praise him when he repeatedly dived into puddles to retrieve Amber and carried her down the mountain in his arms at the risk of his own life, then managed to shield her from falling rocks and got hurt?

His face was more gloomy, he squinted and kept his feet in the outward position, but his pale handsome face mitigated his face’s coolness.

Then he took a step forward.

Jinyan preceded him to the bedroom door and blocked it, “Where are you going? You need to rest!!!”

“I’m fine! And I’ll not die even if I get stabbed twice.”

Oh, gee, was he going to the hospital?

He reached out to touch his forehead and said anxiously, “Well, no fever! But why……Mr. Smith is still angry. You should take cover and explain to him when he is cool off.”

Sean sneered, “Why? I did not do anything wrong; why should I explain?”

Amber was so powerful now that even a word could make Mr. Smith disregard Sean. There was very dangerous on the mountains that he did not even hesitate to remove the rescue team!

Oh, no!

There was no such thing as the father-son bond between them since Amber White married into the Smith family. It was foolish of him to worry about her on the mountain!

His wound began to ache faintly again, and his face grew more melancholy at the thought of his folly in the mountain.

He glanced at Jinyan and said indifferently, “Get out of my way!”

The rain had stopped outside. Jinyan had opened the window, and there was a faint smell of earth in the room.


“I don’t believe he could cut me to death for Amber?”

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