Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 195: Fulfil you

Failed to persuade Sean Smith, Gu Jinyan stood at the door and fumbled for the phone; then he said as he dialed, “Well, I’ll let you go……but it’s a little far from the hospital, wait a minute, I’ll get a car to take you there.”

Jinyan frowned, he glanced at Sean and asked worriedly, “You have to rein in your temper and don’t be on your high horse when you saw your father……So as not to lose again.”

Sean said nothing.

There was a rather sepulchral atmosphere in the room. He stood there and frowned. The fine light reflected off his long lashes on his charming face, which reflected his insouciance.

Jinyan did not make sure if Sean had heard it, but he frowned and asked the driver to take the car to the phone’s An Shang mansion.

After that, Jinyan held his phone and said lowly, “Well, let’s go, the driver is coming.”

Hearing that, Sean took steps forward. He was dressed in the clothes of Jinyan whose style was different from him. The pink-and-white haute couture shirt was subdued by him, which was not frivolous at all. Although the rain had stopped, the wind was still strong, which made his shirt rustle. The cloth clung to his skinny waist, and the strange color made him even more charming.


At the Central Hospital in Tong City.

Amber White and Lu Yi walked down the stairs in a hurry. The infected wounds and fever took all her strength away. She took two steps and slipped and almost falling down the stairs. Fortunately, Yi held her up, “Are you okay, Amber?”

Yi frowned and looked worried.

Amber could not stop thinking about the thing that Cindy was kidnapped, and there were tears in her eyes.

“No worries! As uncle said, the kidnappers want money, so they will not do anything to Cindy.”

Lu Yi was distressed to see her cry. Amber was numb with pain in her heart. She blinked her eyes and said tearfully, “How could I not be worried? Cindy is only three years old, and she has a high fever……It’s my fault, and I should have taken her when I went down to change clothes. I shouldn’t have trusted anyone!”

She should have known that Sean would never take Cindy’s good care with his character and his dislike for her.

“I shouldn’t have taken any chances. I think there were too many people on the mountain, and Cindy would be safe……it’s all my fault!!!”

Amber could not stop crying, and Lu Yi gave her the tissue to wipe her tears.

“None of your business! The most important things are to get Cindy back, stop crying, okay?”

Amber nodded with tears in her eyes. There were many things in her mind, and she did not even know how to vent. However, as soon as Sean got to the hospital, he went to the nurse’s station. He was about to ask which floor Amber was on when he looked through the plants and saw the two pulling at the stairs’ door.

Amber was dressed in a hospital gown. Her face was pale; she nestled against Lu Yi, who looked very worried. He wiped her tears with a tissue, which looked so affectionate that Sean suddenly became cold.

He risked his life to look for her, fearing that something happened to her. It turned out she was flirting with the man here. He squinted, and his unique pride suddenly was frozen in his action.

He strode toward the two of them with a steady gait that showed no signs of injury and his tall figure blocking Amber and Yi, then he said sarcastically and contemptuously, “There are so many people here, and you two can’t help hugging in the stairwell. Is it right that next time we meet, I should call Miss White as Cousin-in-law?”

Lu Yi looked up when he heard Sean. There was a small window above them, and Sean was standing against the light. Not knowing if it was because of the angle, Sean seemed to see Lu Yi squint.

“Uh…it really is you, Sean?”

His words made something clear to Sean. He raised his hand and pressed the corners of his lips, then sneered, “Well, I see! You want me to die, and then you can move in with your spouses!”

Sean deliberately used the word widow. Amber did not react to his presence just now, but her paleness went a little paler when she heard his words.

“Cousin Yi, would you like to tell me why did Amber attract you? Is she worth what you’ve done for her and even not mind that she had a baby?”

Lu Yi glanced over at Amber unconsciously and whispered, “Do not go overboard, Sean!”

What? Do not go too far???

Lu Yi did not look at Amber the way he should, there was something wrong, and everyone could see it.

Sean smiled, stroked the nonexistent crease in his shirt, and said casually, “OMG…are you, Cindy’s father?… You should have told me earlier that I will help you to fulfill your wishes..”


A clear voice in the narrow stairwell particularly loud. His words were sealed between his lips and teeth, and he stroked the right side of his face in disbelief, a dull ache reminding him that what had just happened was not an illusion. There was a coldness in his eyes; his black pupils turned into a pool of cold water, and the way he stared at Amber was chill, “You hit me!!!”

There was incredulity in his tone. Amber was ill and out of strength, but she hit him very hard just now.

His fair face was red in one second. Sean pressed the tip of his tongue against his cheek that hit by Amber and stared at her.

“You can humiliate me, Sean, but you don’t have to drag anyone else into it.”


Sean sneered again. Amber hit him for a man!!!

And the point was, she could be high-sounding and plausibly!

His pent-up anger rose to the surface, “I did not humiliate you when we were on the mountain, but you not drag me into the water, didn’t you?”

At this moment, the words remind Amber of Cindy’s kidnapping, and as Lu Yi said, Sean abandoned Cindy in Fenglin District.

Her heart trembled with disappointment, pain, bitterness, and determination as if the Cruet Stand had been knocked over in her stomach, and its taste made her tears again.

Did he not humiliate her?

Had he not done her bad enough?

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