Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 196: “I wish you were dead!”

Amber quivered, “I wish I’d drowned in the reservoir with you, Sean!”

“Look! Finally!”

Sean got so angry that he tightened his hands into fists. How many grudges should be in her heart so that she could say such words!

“You want to kill me long ago, right?”

There was some room in his words, but Amber didn’t back away, “So the same to you!”

“So, you’re the one who removed the rescue team?!”

Sean suddenly clenched his fist and Lu Yi subconsciously pushed Amber behind him.

The expression on his face was beyond expression, “It’s a misunderstanding, Sean.”

Amber thought Lu Yi was going to explain something to Sean and she grabbed Lu Yi‘s arm as he said. She escaped by a hair breadth on the mountain and she learned that his heart was as hard as a stone and will never soften. She could not please him, not even at the cost of her life and she had lost all hope of him. So,after intercepting Lu Yi,Amber was particularly adamant, “Yes,it’s me! I wish you couldn’t get down! I wish you were dead, Sean!”

Sean pressed his fingers, the sound of bones pounding was clear and abrupt.His eyes oozed a subtle trail of bloodshot that was not easy to be noticed and Amber did not notice it either.



It was foolish of him to try to stay on the rocky and dangerous mountain just to find her!

“Me too, Amber White!……I tried to kill you more than once on the mountain!”

“Tried to drown you in the reservoir!”

“Tried to burn you at the rescue station!”

“Let you be killed by falling rocks in Fenglin District!”

Sean gritted his teeth, moved aggressively forward with a slight sense of emotion, and placed a knee-jerk clasp on Amber’s forearm.

Amber grunted in pain. She was badly hit and badly hurt, Sean just pinched the bruise on her arm, which made her trembled. However, she clenched her teeth and said nothing, pushing his hand away. She thought the things out of line that Sean did to her was that she was abandoned in Fenglin District as Lu Yi said.

But she did not think it was much more than that!

She still had a little doubt about Yi and had a little hope for Sean, but all this completely shattered and annihilated in her heart with his admission.

“Is that all you want to say?…Get out of my way! I’m going to Cindy.”

Sean frowned and confused, “What?”

He remembered that he was told by Amber that Cindy had been found and slept in the old house of Smith family. There was a lot of tension between the two of them, Lu Yi looked at them and explained, “There was something you did not know yet, Sean……Cindy was kidnapped when you worshiped Johnson on the mountain……The kidnappers called Mr.Smith and specified that Amber take the 50 million RMB to the ocean in the suburbs to redeem Cindy.”

At this moment, Sean suddenly was enlightened.

Oh! I see!

Amber was not supposed to be whispering when mom asked her to answer the phone!

“So,my mom told you on the phone that Cindy was kidnapped? And you knew I’d lost her?……You’re getting even with me!!!”

Amber was blunt and said, “Yes,you’re right!……Well, get out of my way, please, or I’ll call dad. He said he would break your legs when he see you.”

So,Amber wanted to walk through the stone forest area, to stay on the mountain for shelter and ask him to give her a hand, which was all part of a plan to kill him!

Sean stood where he was but Amber, who worn out of patience pushed him away and strode out of the hospital! Without warning, Sean was pushed back against the wall and gave a knee-jerk gasp. On the mountain, Sean was hit on his back in order to prevent Amber from getting hurt! And she added insult to injury by pushing him. Lu Yi noticed that something was wrong with Sean and he glanced at Amber, then gave him a hand.

“Are you okay, Sean? Forget it! Cindy has been kidnapped and she was in such a hurry that she lost her temper.”

Sean looked at him, “Are you interceding for her?”

“I’m just sticking to the facts.”

“So…who are you? Her future husband? Or her current husband’s cousin?”

Sean sneered and Lu Yi stunned, “Well, I think you’re okay and…I’m going with Amber to Cindy, see you!”

Then Lu Yi let go of his hand and walked towards in Amber.

“Wait!” Sean stopped him and there was a look of sadness in his eyes, “Who save Amber?”

Lu Yi was stiff but Sean did not notice it because of he was in pain. Then Lu Yi answered, “I saved her.”

Hearing that, Sean twitched his brow.

Lu Yi said again, “But I did not see you……so, how did you get down the mountain? Did you get hurt? Would you like to check it out?”

Sean said nothing but looked at Lu Yi with a deep eyes. From the time he stayed to find Cindy until he passed out to save Amber, he never separated from her but Lu Yi said he didn’t see him on the mountain. Sean suspected that Amber may have woken up when he still was in a coma and driven off……but what he wondered was how the earth did she wake up?

“Did you guys have a fight on the mountain and walked separately?……I looked for you where I found Amber for a long time but the mountain collapsed in half, which was so dangerous and I took her down first……but Aunt said that you were with Amber,what’s going on?”

What was going on?

Sean sneered in heart. As Amber said, she wanted him dead!

He understood why did her raincoat float in the puddle as she was rescued. Perhaps she had deliberately created an illusion that she was in the puddle to keep him there.

Sean did not bother to respond, Lu Yi did not get angry either and looked towards Amber, “Go to have a check,Sean. I’m leaving to go with Amber to redeem Cindy.”

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