Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 197 Amber is my wife!

“Uncle is still in bad mood. Watch your words and for your good, don’t provoke him again!”

Sean focused on the fact that Lu Yi said he would accompany Amber to redeem Cindy, which made Sean feel disgusting.

Lu Yi still was the way he was! He tried to be with Amber as Sean was still alive! Cindy was lost because she was playing hide-and-seek with Lu Yi, so he was partly to blame for this!

There were a lot of people in Smith family even if Sean did not company Amber, but why did Lu Yi go with her? Well, maybe he was in a hurry to raise Cindy for Amber.

“Is Cindy white your daughter?”

Lu Yi was asked when he released the hand that held Sean, he looked at Sean as if he was helpless, “Stop talking nonsense, Sean!”

“Yes or no?….. Amber is still my wife and we’re still married. Her daughter is my daughter, and there is no need for another man to take my place!”

Lu Yi was stiff, which was noticed by Sean and he raised his lips sarcastically, then pushed Lu Yi away and took two steps towards Amber.

Gu Jinyan, who had followed Sean to the hospital and watched them, then he smiled, “What are you doing with my sister-in-law? A love-hate relationship?……Why didn’t you explain?”

Sean gave him a sideways glance and Jinyan said, “Well, I shut up.”

“Where are you going? Sean, you can’t go anywhere now, let’s see the doctor!”

“Give me the key!” Sean asked and Jinyan suddenly was enlightened, “Are you going with Amber?”

Jinyan frowned and said, “I just saw Uncle Smith gave her a box in which the money should be…she’s on good terms with him and she will be fine. So, you don’t have to go with her as you’re wounded.”

Sean sneered and snatched the key from the trouser pocket of Jinyan.

“Eh…..did you get me?”

“Well, you mean Amber can go as she got hurt but I can’t?”

Hearing this, Jinyan said nothing.

Then Sean walked out with the key in his hand and was followed by Jinyan, “I didn’t mean it, I…I mean the kidnappers just want 50 million RMB and you don’t have to go.”

Jinyan should have heard what Amber talked with the men of Tomas Smith. Otherwise, he would not even know the amount. Sean said nothing, just walked with great strides to the hospital parking lot and getting in the driver’s seat.

Jinyan tried to get in but he did not open the door, he whispered in disbelief, “What?”

“The kidnappers requested Amber to go with the money and you’re not Cindy’s father, What are you doing there?”

Then Sean drove away and Jinyan looked not good. But he suddenly remembered that Sean told him that Cindy was not his kid.

So, what the hell he was doing?


Sean was out of the hospital by driving Jinyan’ s car and soon spotted Amber with a suitcase. He could see Amber through the windshield in a loose hospital gown that made her look thinner. The suitcase she was carrying was not very large but it clung so tightly to her body that it seemed to overwhelm her at any moment. At least, Sean was shocked.

He caught up with her, slammed on the brakes and opened the window, looking at her indifferently, “Come on!”

Amber ignored him. Her leg was hit by falling rocks, which made her walk stumblingly and she walked in front of the car. It was the first time she had ignored him so much and she infuriated Sean. He got out of the car, swing the door open, and grabbed Amber by her back collar. Then Amber was dragged to the front of the copilot.

Sean was so rude that her face turned red and coughed several times. Then Sean picked her up like a crazy man and threw her heavily into the seat of his car. Amber still had a fever and Sean had just acted so rudely that she was dazed, even could see the stars.

Amber subconsciously reached out to block it when she saw Sean trying to slam the door and then she just felt the force of a thunderbolt against her arm, which made her hummed and looked paler. Sean slammed the door with a hint of anger but he did not expect Amber to react and throw her arm at the door……

He was stiff suddenly, “You……”

Amber suddenly pushed him out of the way in front of the copilot, “What the hell do you want to do?… I know you want me dead but you should not be in a hurry, do you?”

Sean was going to ask her how she did she get hurt on the elbow but her words made him angry and he clenched his hand in his trouser pocket.

Amber did not think that why did he run around the mountains with her in his arms if he wanted her dead? She would have died within ten minutes if he had left her alone when she was hit by falling rocks at first.

How easy it was!

There was a grievance in his eyes, he said, “I’ll take you to Cindy!”

It was the first time that he had controlled his temper. But Amber sneered, “How could you be so kind?”

Amber insisted on getting out of the car and ignored Sean, “Thanks, but I’ll take a taxi!”

She trembled when Sean hit the door with his fist and she looked at him with a subtle terror in her eyes. Her nerves had already exploded to a tipping point as Cindy was in danger and then there were tears in her eyes.

Sean said, “I have something to do with the kidnapping of your daughter! Otherwise, I’ll leave you alone…Well, let’s go to Cindy first!… Don’t make the hard way, Amber.”

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